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This may at first appear like a spam-section game, but I decided to post this here because I think this can be useful for RPing and even for your own personal writing.

Once, there was a discussion (more like an argument) between a certain bestselling author and members of a writing forum. The conversation touched on something I know we've all thought about at one point in our lives. I fall back on this thought a lot before I remember this little story. Some of you probably might have heard of this, but for those that haven't: Here we go!

Jim Butcher, the author of the bestselling Dresden Files series, was arguing with other writers about the craft-specifically how important a good or original idea for the central premise of a novel is. One side of the argument claimed that a good enough central premise would make a great book, even if you were a lousy writer. The other side contended that the central concept was far less important than the execution of the story and that the most overused central concept in the world could have life breathed into it by a skilled writer.

The argument got heated, and Mr. Butcher made a bet. He told them to give him the two lamest ideas and he'd publish a novel with it. They chose Lost Roman Legion and Pokemon. He wrote Codex Alera, a 6-book series and all of them bestsellers. That goes to show you don't have to have a groundbreaking idea or concept. You can make something awesome with just basic ideas.

So how about a posting game? Come up with a quick premise from the two boring ideas suggested from the poster above, then leave two lame ideas for the next person. They can be tropes, like Dragon kidnaps princess or more general ideas (like 'revenge', or 'western'). Who knows, one of these might be the inspiration you need! I'll get the ball rolling.

Magic the Gathering and Romeo and Juliet
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A modern day contentious romance between the children of two powerful families.

The two families are represented by one of the colors of the MtG game. Each family owns business, owns various land developments, controls personalities in the arts and media, and more importantly has a secret organization used to deal with less legal matters. While the each main family is one color, e.g. Red vs Blue, the secret organization is the other. Each family and secret organization is therefore a color combination like Red and Black. The fifth color is neutral to the machinations of the families. The characters of each family and organization are personifications of the cards with some abilities of the cards, therefore magical creatures and abilities are present in the world. Being a modern day setting, however, these abilities need to be cloaked under a fa├žade. Regular people should not know about the true capabilities of the families and the people therein.

This rivalry that takes place in the public and in darker places is part of the backdrop of the main story. The main story is of course Romeo and Juliet under this context: forbidden love ultimately ending in tragedy.

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