Samhain, 2020, An Alternate Universe
The Supreme Scottish Witch of the entire world, Emma Muir, has just divined very disturbing news from her magic. The now one thousand and one hundred year old witch is dying. Even her powerful magic is beginning to strain from the entire universe trying to end her life. Her power, which imbalanced the universal forces of Order and Chaos, kept her from dying for one thousand years, secretly prevented the Nazis from overcoming the world in World War II, sealed the Antichrist's ascension for decades, and even directly rivaled deities on occasion, finally began to grow tired after years of over exertion. Behind her enchanted bed room door, she slept comfortably despite the circumstances, assured that Death could not take her. Even in the multitude of problems that come with mortality, she was defiant.

However, even the most brilliant of minds, such as Muir's, can make mistakes. This is where the protagonists have discovered her intentions. Emma Muir, the most powerful witch in the whole world, and the most powerful mortal in the past three hundred years, has her sights on our lives.

Her diary, foolishly opened by her daughter, Emelia, was now being read allowed to the first intended victims. Death would ideally come to the entire Coven in three years from now, on Samhain. Details of each death are graphic and can only be described as "Death by a thousand cuts" and are drawn out as slow and long as possible to absorb the victim's life force, or the "Pleasant" death of being enclosed in ice. Emelia is also targeted, surprisingly enough, her murder is a simple painless absorption of life force.