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Formula D: Sunset City

Variety is the spice of life and no place on Earth exemplifies this saying more than Sunset City. A bustling metropolis known for being a seamless melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities with a general acceptance of everyone’s differences. The city would be pretty idyllic if not for the dangerous plague that washes over the city come nightfall.

The warm glow of our star is replaced with the erratic, artificial headlights from the cities multitude of street racers looking to carve out their own legend. Some race for money, some for glory, and some race just to pass the time but the end goal is always the same; hordes of speed freaks slamming their pedals to the metal in an attempt to be the best.

Howdy folks, I’m looking to do a slice-of-life sandbox street-racing RP paired with the board game Formula D (what a mouth full!). My plan is to give the character’s free reign to write stories about their character’s escapades in Sunset City and help flesh out the location while I help carry out their storylines with them and maybe drop some story threads for people to pick up if they want. Ideally I’ll be pretty hands off in the more personal-side of stories but if you want me running an NPC for you let me know and we can hash something out.

Taking place at the same time as the slice-of-life stuff, I’ll be running the board game side of things (I’ll be providing a little rule booklet on how to play the game) in the character tab. I’ll post a picture of the track and update positions as rounds go on in order to clear up confusion. We’ll also probably limit races to smaller stints of the tracks in order to make sure no race goes on too long. Playing tabletops on forums is always a little slow and I’d like to keep locations interesting (that being said, if we’re powering through races then I’m fully ok with using the whole track and even going multiple laps if people want to).

Here's the rule booklet for you to look over plus a bunch of custom maps that I'll probably draw from for our street races (credit to Peter Löhlein). Glad you checked to see if the game is your cup of tea and if not thanks for reading this far!
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