Seattle is a city where every resident thinks it would be a better place if half of the people in it stopped existing. Which half? Now that is something no one can agree on, and that is why the city has so many grudges that need settling. This type of anger isn’t the thing that goes off half-cocked, it’s the kind that simmers slowly, building up and making elaborate plans while taking every precaution to avoid tipping anyone off before its time. That’s the way things are in the Seattle that lurks in darkness, the deep currents that flow underneath and drive the city the average citizen knows, only rarely seeping up to the surface.

The vampires are the most numerous of the nightfolk in Seattle, and have the most elaborate history and society in the area. The Camarilla’s grip is tight, controlling most of the region, but not without areas of weakness. Challenges are mounting from the rebellious Anarchs of Seattle proper and the growing, violent bands of the Sabbat in Renton, in addition to the smaller factions with their own agendas. The local Werewolf packs are seeing a growing rift between the urban dwellers among them and those who hide in the wilds surrounding the city, rejecting the trappings of modern civilization. The aerospace and tech industries have given the Technocracy a strong powerbase in their war against the mages of the Traditions, who struggle to survive and hide in a city they see changing around them. All of this is inseparable, woven together like a grand tapestry. Just like a tapestry, all it takes to unravel is for someone fed up with it all to find one thread and never stop pulling. No one knows who that person will be. No one knows what Seattle will look like after them.