Mythic madness

relating to or resembling myth.
"we explain spiritual forces in mythic language"
exaggerated or idealized.
"he was a national hero of mythic proportions"
(Mythics, Plural)
Mystical creature living in modern day
"On the street you will see few mythics"
-Salman's Dictionary 1987

The year is 1999, marking the 99 year anniversary of Mythics being discovered. Since that time close to one thousand mythic species have been documented, with about triple that if you count subspecies. By definition a mythic is a Mystical creature living in modern day, whether they were from a legend first told thousands of years ago, or a mysterious living rock from space, even a mammoth technically counts as a mythic. Gods, angels, demons, mysterious beings called EVILs, yep all mythics. Things can get pretty crazy without MCARs
As I said before, next year is the hundred year anniversary of mythics, meaning trouble is most definitely coming. You work as a MCAR (mythic capturing and re-training) unit. It is you and your trusty mythic's job to capture and arrest rouge mythics. But something bad is going to happen, that's obvious. Mists have rolled up on the bays of almost all major coastal cities. EVIL numbers are rising. Now it's up to you to figure out what's going wrong and fix it before midnight on December 31st.

1No god-modding (playing as another character)
2Nothing R rated, keep it appropriate enough for all ages.
3Keep posts at least 2 paragraphs long, they can be shorter if you are in a conversation, but I expect at least to paragraphs worth of writing by the next GM post.

Character sheet:

Personality: (1 good trait and 1 bad trait at least)
History: (At least one paragraph)
Owned mythic: (Species, name, gender, appearance)

Mythic (if you wish to be a mythic you must be sentient and humanoid, your partner will be a mythic as well)

Owned mythic: (Species, name, gender, appearance)

More on Mythics:
Danger Classes:
Evil-Will torture and kill you for fun, it knows the outcome is it winning
Mortus-Will actively hunt you
Periculo-Will attack if it sees you
Territor-Will attack if you get close
Neutrom-Will attack if attacked first
Passiva-Will not attack
Terridus-Will run no matter what

All sentient mythics are considered Neutrom or Passiva, except for gods or EVILs but you can't play as these. Owned mythics can go up to Mortus.

Size Classes:
Puddle (water), Pebble(land), Cloud(sky): 1 inch-2 feet
Wave, Ground, Rain: 2 feet-4 feet
Riptide, Sinkhole, Thunder: 4 feet-10 feet
Whirlpool, Earthquake, Tornado: 10 feet-40 feet
Tsunami, Volcano, Hurricane: 40 feet-200 feet
Leviathan, Behemoth, Dragon: 200 feet-1,000 feet

All sentient mythics are between WGR and RST, except for gods or EVILs but you can't play as these. Owned mythics can go up to TVH.