You all need to-


My radio isn't-


(clears throat) Sorry, my radio wasn't working. I figured if anyone didn't know what was going on by now I'd fill them in. If you don't know, three days ago the beams hit. It started in Europe and worked it's way around the world, and by the time it hit japan I had heard enough news reports to find out the basics of what was going on.

One night, the moon shone brighter then ever before. So bright people thought it was the sun, but when they went outside... Anyways, UFO sightings went through the roof, and people started to act strange. By the second day people were getting burns from the moonlight, and authorities said to stay indoors. By the third day the transformations had begun.

If you're hearing this you're in the USA, most probably in a Luna-zone. I don't know how much longer we have until the signal cuts, but I'll tell you everything I think you need to know right now, including all the monsters that now plague our world.

The visitors first reached earth 1903, over a hundred years ago. They attacked the town of Van Meter, although were sealed in a mineshaft and killed off. Now they're back, and more dangerous then ever. They are six to nine feet tall, and resemble a pteranodon/bat/human mix. They are highly aggressive and will attack whatever they see. Your only hope is to hide from the moon-rays emiting from it's horn, that way you don't burn. If you get caught in it's beak or claws, it's game over.

Like the visitors Pukwudgies have been around for a while. Although previously they hid in swamps, now they are worldwide. It is not uncommon to see a Pukwudgies riding on the back of a visitor, often aiming the horn to shine moonlight on humans. Pukwudgies are all under three feet tall, but weight a whopping 95 lbs. At first they resemble porcupines, but if you look closer you will see a small troll like creature. They use balls of moonlight to lure survivors away from shelter into the night, so if you see one, never follow it!

Whiplashers are the most dangerous of the bunch. They don't even rely on any type of moonlight, and can kill you far quicker then any other monster here. They can be from seven to ten feet tall, and tower over most survivors. Ten out of the eleven limbs on Whiplashers end in points (4 arms, 6 legs, one tail) and they have no problem running you through with one. They can replicate human voice, so be careful.

Even the moon itself is far more dangerous then it once was. Here are the main effects of it on humans.

Moon burn: 2nd to 3rd degree burn. When it starts heals it looks silvery until it's gone. This has no effects on animals.
Moon madness: Makes humans and animals go crazy and be determined to kill themselves and those around them by reviling themselves to the moonlings.

That about sums it up. Remember they're not your family. Not your friends. They're your hunters. wait... NO DON'T OPEN THAT WINDOW!



(Heavy stomping)


Day four, day two in the Americas. The setting is in a 'red zone' meaning it hasn't been cleared and is still very dangerous. The red zone you're in is known as Alpha. It was once known as Atlanta GA, but now, there's practically no coke or braves, meaning a lot has changed. You live in the Suburbs, nowhere near a big city, or invasion site. This means that during the day there are little to no Moonlings prowling the streets. Most of the people in the neighborhood are dead, almost all the food is gone, and there are barely any weapons of supplies remaining.

No Smut
No godmodding
No power playing

What I allow/don't allow for survival

Guns: Pistols only, you live in the suburbs
Water: Rain catchers can be built later
Food: A small chicken coop is the max for animal farming, I allow small gardens
Security: A metal gate is probably the best you'll get

Former occupation: (No army/police/fire arms user)