Hi I been working on a story. My partner has not responded in 2 months and fear they won’t ever at this point. So I have taken up the task of keeping working on the story. It a romance story about a supernatural male king marrying a female human as part of the peace treaty. My oc the human girl cones from a dark background. But it how they fall in love and the trials an obstacles of beliefs and court and there pasts and etc. i have have the story in my notes. I will send them in pm or if i find a way to link it here. This is romance slice of life /high fantasy. This will not have horror or gore in it unless my partner desires it. Im willing to alter the story in any way to suite my partner.

What i can offer

Multiple paragraphs. 1-4

Years of Experience

Lore and story available

Very active daily

Willing to wait.

Playing side characters

Willing to guide story if needed.


What I seek

Male supernatural king - Dom

Kings court

Multiple paragraphs

Fairly active ( like don’t make me wait a month without communication.)


Im willing to make this a group if enough people are interested.
Comment or pm if interested.
Must be 18 or older and able to fade to black in order to rp and be active.