Greetings and Salutations!

Hello! Humans of the earthly plane and any ethereal gods or goddesses that wish to grace my presence too, welcome to my ideas for roleplays that I've had stewing in my head for a while and have been craving to do but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested! I try to keep things open ended because I love collaborating and make lore for our characters but some do have to fit a sort of storyline in order to make sense for the way they are going.

My Requirements for You
{I'm not too strict on these but some do have to be met.}

  • No one liners please! I would like at least a minimum of a paragraph because I will match what you write or write a little longer depending on if inspiration hits because I can become a chatter box.
  • No extreme god-modding please, only a little can be allowed if a certain action needs to take place or we talk about it first.
  • Please be at least 18+ years of age because I am a 22 year old and I really don't feel comfortable roleplaying with people underage, it doesn't sit well with me. I do cover some adult themes and make dirty jokes but I'm not a smut enthusiast.
  • Ghosting, I am very guilty of but sometimes it happens. Life will either get in the way or you don't want to do an rp because you don't feel the inspiration you once had when you started and that's okay honestly.
  • Please be an adult about things or asking about certain things because I don't need someone throwing a tantrum because they didn't get what they wanted in that moment in an rp or if I didn't reply quick enough. I have a job that sucks ass but I do it and do it well so sorry I can't sit at home all day like I wish I could and work from home but I work retail, so that's not happening.
  • Don't push for smut to happen because it's not going to happen with me. Romantic and cute shit is fine but please be okay with fade to black as that will happen or at least the scenario will be ended and a time skip of like a few hours or so will happen.
  • I am not expecting perfect grammar because I can suck at it sometimes, just make sure to punctuate and capitalize your sentences.
  • Please be LGBTQIA+ friendly but if your character(s) have hating them as part of their personality, don't rp with me. I know not everyone accepts it but please try to be nice as to some of the themes we cover when roleplaying.
  • If you can roleplay multiple characters or at least some background characters that would just be an added bonus.

My Ideas

Will be adding more but this is just a starter!

Edit: Just added a few more ideas and hope they spark some joy for you!