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So, I am Xombii. I've been role playing mostly on table top, however had A good run with the LOTGD scenes. I've extensively made all my roles if playing multiple places/tables as the same primary character and have I feel got the hang of certain races.

Drow: 10 years experience, feel comfortable as a Drow character.

Vampire; 5 Years experience, considering taking it up again at some point.

Dwarf: 1 year, looking to extend my experience. Only in DnD and primarily will be holding this as my roleplay focus.

I aim to give as good as i get in my posts in roleplay and am fairly active as a player to respond if interest is garnered.

So hi, hello, how goes? Hope to one day cross paths.
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Welcome to the jungle! We have fun and games! Rawr~
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Ello, ello, ello, and welcome to the chaos
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