The island of Shizuyama has always resisted the yokai.

While the rest of Zipangu placated or even worshipped the monsters, the people of Shizuyama defied them. Our ancestors drove the yokai off the island many ages ago and established a haven for humans to live in, a land to call their own without the presence of a monster looming over them, a home where they could truly be free.

This had been so for Shizuyama since time immemorial, even after The Great Change. Even when alliances shifted and the lands around them remade, the island stood by its traditions. Unwavering and unbreakable.

But now, a fleet of war sails from the horizon. And with them, a challenge that will shake the traditions that Shizuyama holds dear.


Ruled by Clan Oja, the island of Shizuyama is one of the few islands in Zipangu that wholly rejects yokai. Ever since its founding, Shizuyama boasts of having no trace of yokai its land for thousands of years. Known for specializing in repelling yokai and monsters, Shizuyama upholds these traditions by training its most talented and skilled people into effective anti-monster warriors and agents who will then be lent out to any allies that need such services.

After the Great Change, however, their effectiveness had waned considerably. Even so, Shizuyama still has their reputation intact and no yokai had stepped foot on the island even today.

As an anti-monster faction, Clan Oja and Shizuyama has maintained relations with The Order, a religious organization spanning most of humanity that also rejects monsters, for many generations. But recently, The Order and its members are embroiled in a decade-long war with a breakaway human kingdom known as Ortus and their pure Dwarven allies.

Representatives from Varjo, a dark and wicked kingdom that holds a considerable position in The Order, had been making frequent visits to Shizuyama as of late. Lady Kyouko, a Ryu yokai who is oddly fixated on Shizuyama after establishing herself on a small island called Akamagaseki, has grown very worried at this prospect and has hastily put together a team to investigate the reasons for these visits and help out Shizuyama if trouble arises.

And time is of the essence, for the Varjan representatives this time had now come with a large fleet armed for war.


Hello again, Roleplayer Guild! I am once again starting a monster girl roleplay set in Kenkou Cross' (in)famous series, Monster Girl Enyclopedia. Specifically, this concerns an anti-monster island in Zipangu (MGE Japan) about to be invaded by its supposed allies.

However, the players are not expected to be locals of Shizuyama. Instead, their characters would be part of a taskforce recruited by a powerful Ryu yokai tasked with investigating as to why these anti-monster humans are fighting each other.

'Hold on, PaulHaynek, don't you already have Tales Of Shizuyama up and running?' Right you are, reader! However, I received some... more interest in it that I cannot accommodate in the original. Which is why I'm starting a new iteration of the RP (with some notable differences to the original, try and find them~).

I'll post the Character Sheet here too so potential players can begin constructing their character. However, DO NOT post your characters yet. Let's save that for the OOC.