Raven Squad is a variant on an RP idea I've had for years, focussing on a military / spy-fi RP that takes influence from a range of sources. It's bombastic, over the top, ridiculous...and definitely an RP that lends itself to not being too serious while having a teeny bit of grounding. Trying to save the world isn't ever going to look totally realistic, right?

This is a rebooted RP, based on a few variants of the RP that have come before and is open to new applicants- the new IC and OOC is LIVE!


Taking influence from everything from an awful lot of video games and films- Titanfall to MGS, Rainbow Six to Arma and Bad Company among many others- with a sprinkle of a little insanity on top and a teeny bit of grounding to set up a near-future foe, this RP isn't exactly focussed on absolute tactical precision nor complete fantastical elements. It's hard to describe but if you're somewhere between The Expendables, MGS, Overwatch and Rainbow Six, it's roughly that with around the right amount of silly and serious and a dynamic team of elite misfits.

Interested? Read on and the setup and all the details are below.


The Setup:

Raven Squad (RS) is a mysterious task force, working against the forces of global terrorist groups in the near future (roughly 20 or 30 years from now) who often who are armed with quite advanced technology- or nefarious political aims. Al-Qaeda it isn't, so in come our operatives. In a world where mechs are prototypes, exoskeletons, jump-packs, optical cloaking and various other technologies are around the corner, the tide of warfare is changing...and Raven is there to stop the worst happening.

Raven Squad have access to that technology, and six of the most elite operatives that made it through a gruelling process to counter the threat. With different specialists allowing the team to have everything from a scalpel-like precision to brute force with heavy firepower, they act as a counterbalance.

Where an SF team cannot penetrate, Raven Squad come in. When a politician needs to go, they come in. When you have ten foot mechs trying to breach a high-security Gulag and you need those fuckers removed, they come in. Raven Squad are the people that stop the world ending as we know it. Problem is, they're a little dysfunctional- and well, they're not all the most....professional of soldiers, or spies, or agents, or well, anyone who is capable of getting the job done.


The Story So Far....

Quite a wild ride!

Raven are fighting against Artemis Group- a anarchic paramilitary serving a global elite's neo-Malthusian dream. Or in a nutshell, really bad guys wanting to do lots of bad.

Raven have been involved in rescuing data from a Austrian mountain site, hunted an Artemis HVT, before moving onto disrupting an arms deal containing nuclear rods- not before getting hit themselves. They have bounced back on a mission worthy of James Bond in Singapore to take down a tech CEO, and figure out how they got attacked- before then responding in turn. That has led to their current operation - hitting two of Artemis's super-weapons in the jungles of Colombia and the mountain peaks of Chilean Patagonia.

Things are never that simple though, and the team's real enemy still needs to be seen dead in the eye.



Post your interest below if you're up for this!