This post is looking for a GM. If you're looking for a GM, feel free to look at my GM4A posts in my profile. I'm an advanced-novella writer with writing samples that I'll be requesting from my readers as well. IRL gender isn't relevant to this prompt.

I've broad broad concepts for this RP, both of which involve, naturally, VAMPIRES. The two scenarios I've got envisioned in my head are quite polar opposites to one another and involve contrary main characters; an Ulrika-like heroine who travels the breadth of the Old World saving cats from trees, saving Brettonians from walking trees and literacy, saving Emperors from inbreeding, all that jazz. It'd be a very heavily swashbuckling adventure story about saving the world, girls kissing girls, girls biting girls, skaven getting their heads ripped off, all that fun stuff.

In the opposite corner we've got what I'm imagining as a newly risen lady from Sylvania, low on the totem pole and focusing more on the diabolical politicking side of things, focusing on the casual loss of life in Sylvania, the witchhunting, economics, warfare -- this is by far the more 'complicated' of the bunch. I'd expect to see a low-level vampiress wage war with a quill, fang, and the blades of her kin alike. I'm imagining them as a pretty pro-living type of gal, insofar as in a way Settra would view all of his subjects as being equally his property.

Kinks vary between these two, but, the former is a service dominant and the latter is a pretty harsh, cruel sort of domme; no extreme kinks. Emphasis on spankings, kissing, WLW, orgasm denial and control, overstimulation, experienced partners / inexperienced partners, eccentricism, intelligent banter, flirting and foreplay . . . mostly a lot of vanilla and lukewarm stuff. I use Discord for OOC chatter.