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A normal high school girl, a mysterious item/place that transports her to a completely different world where she learns that she has been chosen to bear a great power that could either save the local kingdom from their enemies or destroy the entire world. She meets those destined to protect her, goes on a quest, faces enemies who use dastardly tactics, learns about herself, and oftentimes finds love. Sometimes things end happily. Sometimes the protectors meet their deaths in brutal ways. Sometimes the girl returns home, unable to be with her love for the rest of her life. And sometimes, the girl meets with a dreadful fate.

And so it's gone in the world of Relgas as long as anyone can remember it. When the stars align, two of the Four Elemental Embodiments, must grant a portion of their powers to two opposing sides of a human conflict. The other two can either abstain from granting a human their power, or choose to do so, just a much smaller portion. This time, it is the Lord of the Skies, Mercurius' turn. He is still haunted by the unfortunate fate of his last chosen one and is determine to not let it happen again. His options are limited since direct divine intervention is not allowed. But Mercurius is known for being the most capricious and flexible of the Embodiments. He figures that if he can't intervention once he chooses his bearer, he'll just have to change up what kind of bearer he chooses. After all, there's plenty of other women who fit the requirements that aren't high-schoolers.

A young college student from another world who was a tourist stopping by an old well while visiting a friend in Japan over the summer between semesters should do nicely.

What this isn't:
-A modern person brings a gun into a a pre-industrial setting and dominates every fight
-A mean spirited parody of the genre or its characters
-An edgy retelling/subversion of the genre
-A modern person fixes all the problems of said setting
-A completely meta adventure. There will probably be some lampshading, but it won't be a constant thing.
-A romance with the protagonist. Probably breaking a cardinal rule of the genre, but I think other types of relationships would be more interesting to explore.
-A power fantasy

What this is:
-A fun romp in a setting typical to the genre. There will be tweaks, of course, but everything should still feel familiar
-A focus on the synergy and relationships of the main characters; no one just fades into the background after their discovery episode
-Facing opponents who aren't 100% evil (the "opposing" group is a typical portal genre style protagonist group who has been told that you are the baddies)

Kinds of players I'm looking for:
-A small group of no more than four
-18+ (more for comfort reasons than anything else)
-Communicative: It's all right if small talk isn't your thing, just be willing to discuss things like plots and characters and keep others in the loop if replies are going to be held up for a while on your end
-Willingness to play NPCs (ie the "opposing" group. I don't mind playing the NPCs myself, but trying to keep up with at least six NPCs might be a bit much for my abilities). The technicalities of this can be discussed if anyone has a better solution.
-All the usual RP courtesy things

Kinds of characters:
-Preferably over 18 years old, but anything above 16 is fine
-Any gender
-Some fighting knowledge. They don't have to be a warrior, but they at least need to know how to wield a weapon of some type

Some suggested roles the characters can play:
-The brother/best friend figure (I have some ideas for this one, but they're not set in stone)
-The royal
-The scholar/sage/priest
-The outlaw/outcast
-The healer/doctor
-The warrior/soldier
-The strong one/tank
-Any other idea you might have. These are just suggestions.

And one last small favor. Please send a brief writing sample. It's less the length I'm concerned with and more of the style and flow. I've never run a group rp before so I want to make sure things don't clash too much. And to be fair, here are some samples from me.

If any of this interests you or you have questions (or even suggestions) please let me know through PM or here. If enough express interest, I'll set a thread up.
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Color me intrigued. Especially for a healer/doctor role. I can DM a writing sample if you'd like, I'm pretty versatile!
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I'm interested in dropping an app for the Outlaw/Outcast.

Here is my sample

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Another bump. I'll start setting up the ooc and character app stuff next week most likely.
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