So I have this RP idea that I've been doing with a very good friend of mine. We've fleshed out the world, the laws and such so I wanna see if there is any interest out there. You can help me flesh out more 'Laws of Nature' or whatever we may need. I am also willing to accept doubling up. I am choosing to play the role of a male but I am quite capable and willing to play the role of a female. If you guys are wanting to help me flesh it out more, if you want to just 1x1 with me we can, if you want to actually group roleplay it, let me know. I am planning on turning this plot into an actual book, so no worries if no one bites.

Location: North America
Time Period: Modern
Generalized Plot but not limited to: A wealthy young lady grew up with a secret friend, a little boy who would sneak into her room at night to play... innocently. He vanishes around 12/14 years old and doesn't come back for 4 years. When he does come back, he sneaks into her room at night like he used to.. only to find out she is sick. She has a terminal illness that will kill her. He knows he could change her to save her life, but he also knows it is completely against the laws to change a human without prior permission. Does he admit that he is a vampire or not? And if he does, will he break the Vampiric Council laws about changing a human? Does he let her remain human and help her live the best life possible before her illness takes her? Does he become a fugitive of the Council and change her into a vampire?

For any of those interested, but not wanting to be having a melancholy rp, fear not! I want to focus on their adventures trying to complete her 'bucket list' before she passes. The risks of leading a rebel lifestyle under the Council's noses. Falling in love. Relationship building for both couples. Then if he so chooses to change her, what grand adventures they have together afterwards. We can have multiple groups going on, like Nixon becoming unlikely friends with a werewolf who in turn falls in love with a succubus or changeling. The group grows as they travel the world, running from the Council and various other dangers. I'd like to focus on the good, the bad, and the scary.

My preferred Character: Nixon Richards

Currently seeking:
Human Direct Descendant OG Male: (Human preferably, bodyguard to Young Lady, eventual spouse for Nixon)
Human Direct Descendant BF OG Male: (Human preferably, Young Lady)

Vampire Mentor: Nixon Richards
Vampire Charge: (Young lad who falls for Trinity, that Nixon is mentoring)

Species allowed for friends of main four:
Succubi/ Incubus/ Demon/Soul eater