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ᴳᵉᵗ ᵘᵖ ᵒᶠᶠ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵏⁿᵉᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵗᵃⁿᵈ ᶠᵃᶜᵉ ᵗᵒ ᶠᵃᶜᵉ ʷⁱᵗʰ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᴳᵒᵈ ⁻ ᶠⁱⁿᵈ ᵒᵘᵗ ʷʰᵃᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᵃʳᵉ


I seek a story to enrapture me and take me on a journey. I seek for a partner who will give me an emotional release through great story telling, exciting romances and perhaps even a little tragedy.

I have faced a lot of common misconception on sites that give a green light to smut. I like to write smut and all the nitty gritty details, but I don't write for it. I write for the story and since a lot of my stories are romance-centric, physical intimacy is a part of love and romance, which is why I don't avoid smut when writing.

I am seeking partners who will give me the pleasure of experiencing something special while writing with them.

My writing is multi-paragraph to novella when it comes to length, but the quality is juicy. I have keen eye for details and never waste any space when I write you a post, so you will never waste your precious time and eyesight by reading through my responses. My writings have always been riddled with character development and they drip with complexities and personality

My posting frequency can vary, sometimes I can post multiple times a week, other times only once, and there may be weeks when I can't make it. Either way, we'll keep in touch. I am not pushy with posts and I am very patient. I prefer waiting a week to get a great post rather than doing rapid fire posts and getting nothing of value.

As for my partner, I seek someone who shares similar values that I have stated above. Nothing more, nothing less. The only thing that I seek is that you're a mature person (21+) who can write all sort of scenarios maturely without having to censor yourself.

My only limit and where I draw the line is when it comes to SA/non-con/r@pe. If there's ever a scene with this kind of content for the sake of story or whatever, it should be non-descript and brief. Another thing I'm not into are anime faceclaims. No shade to anime artists, but they just don't sit right with me. I always use either real people references or art.


Science was the biggest mistake for mankind, and humanity itself. The search for knowledge had awakened such greed for more that the geniuses of the society started to play god. They looked deep into the abyss to see it staring right back at them, giving them exactly what they wanted.

And they would learn that this knowledge was not worth the results that they have gotten. They have poisoned the population, destroyed the Earth's habitat and looked beyond the orbit into other planets to "start over" after effectively condemning their home planet.

The truth was not meant to be discovered. The universe outside of Earth was not meant for them. And now the Earth itself was turning against its own populous after making irreversible damage. The place humanity once called home became a floating pit of despair that was poisoning everyone. People's lifespans have significantly shortened, fertility rates have dropped and poverty is in all time high after the economic collapse. The skies are gray, the lush greenery turned into dry deserts and drinkable water was a rare commodity. They damned themselves and god punished them. People started making their own cults, desire for salvation and religion was at an all time high, yet the morale has plummeted and no one could stand against the elite that brought them to this misery.

The elite knew that they needed to do something. With humanity being on the brink of extinction, they needed a new workforce to continue the project of building a space facility that will offer humanity a second chance. Earth was no longer habitable for mankind. And majority of the people no longer wanted to work, as life had lost all meaning and trust in the elites was non-existent.

So the scientists began to build different types of life: androids, both uncannily looking like humans and those that looked just like machines with impressive artificial intelligence. They were everything that humans tried to be. They were more intelligent, they were faster, better and more enduring. And the humanoid androids were so alike to humans that they were needed to make them stand out - they had pale silvery hair and unnaturally colored eyes, along with a certain branding on the back of their necks.

They were getting closer and closer each day in finding the correct formula to postpone the process of human extinction and to push the project to further their advancement to the outer space, hopeful that they'll be able to get a second chance at survival now that the androids were part of the workforce. They were tested and heavily monitored, and with the doctors and scientists always watching them like hawks and documenting their behavior, they did not foresee something coming so soon. Almost as if the artificial intelligence had developed emotionally to feel as if what was happening was injustice towards their kind.

Doctor Danielle Abrahams was one of the scientists assigned to program the artificial intelligence and against her better judgment, her empathy had gotten in the way and perhaps had been one of the reasons why as to why the disaster had taken place. And maybe because of that mistake and misjudgment, the androids, intelligent machines and humanoids gave her more grace than towards any other scientist. And it could be the very reason as to why she is alive to this day.

She cannot remember how it came to this. The entire facility was caught on fire, endless noise of crashes and gunshots, coupled with the screams of people echoing in the distance. Sirens were endlessly blaring with a feminine voice announcing that everyone should evacuate the premises.

And that is the only thing she remembered when she woke up on the floor, naked and soaked in liquid, laying on the pieces of glass from the pod that she apparently was inside moments prior to her waking up. It was like she had woken up immediately after blacking out - as the noises of chaos filled the lab. But it wasn't. This time it was different. A lot of time has passed.

Someone released her from the pod.

The doctor did not remember anything except for that last memory of the facility being under attack. She did not remember her identity, the world, her line of work, nothing. But all she knew upon waking up was that she had been taken by the androids that she played a part in making who knows how long ago and that her appearance seems to have changed. Half of her hair was pale silver and her one eye had an unnatural green color - like all of the humanoid androids that they made in the past. Almost as if she was in the process of turning into an android and in the middle of it the process was canceled.

And in the laboratory's logs that she scouted after waking up, the only note that referred to her identity endearingly referred to her as Eve. The First Woman. Mother of Humanity. And the one who gave life to the androids who have overthrown the human elite.

And she was a first ever Hybrid - a product of humanity and artificial life at once.

Inspired by Blade Runner, Final Fantasy 7 lore and some music that plays into dystopia cyberpunk vibe, this is a story of fallen society and humanity that desperately needs, and the upheaval of androids who want to take down those who wanted to use them as nothing but slaves. I wouldn't mind some Lovecraftian and alien elements thrown here and there, as there can easily be something beyond Earth that influences certain things of the plot-

My character, formerly known as Danielle, now became an experiment to the androids along with other humans, but she is special to the androids as she is to the human society. She was the one who helped the scientific organization to make large leaps in their progress for both the space facility and the androids, yet she treated all androids with great deal of compassion and care, whether they looked like machines or humans, and that's to her they exist with the intelligence and emotions they now have.

When Danielle had lost her memory, it happened when the androids broke free and fought against the people and their guards, effectively taking over, but they never entirely took over the human population. She awakened amidst a running conflict between humanity and the androids, and apparently it was her turn now to be an experiment of her own... Though not for the same reasons other mistreated humans were that she'd find in the lab.

She had a purpose. And she'd find in the documents that she was named "Eve" as if that made her this symbolic figure in the revolution. That was the name she took for herself as a way to introduce herself, as she had no recollection of her past or who she truly was. All she knew that the experiments while she was in a coma had turned her into a half android.

The goal for "Project Eve" can be many things. Perhaps the main thing they want is to have a way for androids to be bred and Eve is the first project to actually be able to accomplish it. To be able to biologically give birth to first organic android, after she had been turned into a half-organic android herself.

Organic androids became a thing after the androids finally took an upper hand, it was an experiment of their own making and with one of the prominent creators of androids being the face of this new experiment.

She becomes an important figure for both androids and humans, for different reasons. On one hand, she represents the creator of this chaos, the reason as to why androids have created an upheaval and why the elites are barely hanging on by a thread (a lot of humans would despise Eve and all that she represents, but there would be a rebellious lot who would support her as because the elite lost a good fraction of their power) and to the androids, she is their creator, after all. One that "opened their eyes".

I also had an idea of using Christian theology for this. I feel like it would add more essence to this story with a lot of symbolism and nuance.


Your character can be one of the androids, either recently created or has been one of the projects Eve had already worked on in the past. Despite androids joining together for the same cause, it would soon show that the leader of the android movement had shown unsavory sides to him, which is one of the main villains of the story. YC works with Eve for whatever reason: either he trusts her because of who she used to be, because of his own reasons or because he may not know why either.

One of the ideas I had is that YC is perfectly compatible with the creation of Eve for the project and something that even the leadership among androids aren't aware of. Maybe Eve literally has a piece of YC with her and due to that, he is the only one who can truly succeed in the experiment of "Project Eve". However, neither of the two know this.

Their goal is to put an end to this madness, especially with Eve retrieving her memories as we go, knowing that she is responsible for what had been transpiring.

The villain is an incredibly charismatic and newly beloved face of the elite, but he's an android. His goal is to fully take over leadership of the Earth's populous and do what the humans wanted to do with androids - turn them into a resource. A valuable one that will be worth everything once they go beyond Earth, as there is nowhere else human life other than on Earth. Androids being emotionally intelligent understand the weight of this issue and a lot wouldn't agree.

This villain is the one who started "Project Eve" and does have a certain obsession with Eve. He sees her as an android broodmare that will create life beyond comprehension. He does not intend to use her himself until he knew it was fully functional.

He inhabited the greed and cruelty of a man with expanded intelligence and countless capabilities of an android. And he must be stopped.
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@Testament Nymph I love this idea. Forgive me that I’m at work, and thus on my phone — so this reply is so short. But congrats. Your idea immediately sparked images and words and imagination within me. Mark of a well-thought-out prompt.
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The plot is still open, I'm only taking DMs!
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