While I did post this in the casual category (because of the intro's short length), I am a literate to advanced literate roleplayer, and so I can do both, and enjoy both.

"A world where dreams and nightmares collide, the Dreamveil hosts an immense variety of inhabitants for you to meet, and locations for you to explore. From elves straight out of fantasy books, to bizarre creatures you could only ever dream of, the Dreamveil is as welcoming as it is dangerous. Come to Alasta, the biggest city in all realms, where you can find a bustling society, and easily find your way to wherever else you wish to be going. Beware. The night realm, for it is said that a powerful coven of witches is growing stronger by the day, with dark schemes waiting to unfold. With a little luck, the Eclipse Carnival will find its way to you, where you can enjoy a variety of games, or spectate the popular circus show led by the mysterious ringmaster that goes by the name of Moon. Find yourself in the Realm of Monsters, where you can quest to fight the legendary Medusa, or visit the mighty city of the elves. Let's not forget about the rumored Realm of the Stars, said to hold all of Dreamveil's secrets. So much more awaits you, come one, come all to the Dreamveil. (Instructions on the back of this letter)"
-The Showmaker

If you have any more questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Looking forward to roleplaying with you!