It was 5 May 2025. The morning didn't seem any different from normal, until you looked into your bedroom mirror. Your eyes gazed upon an unknown body. Your first thought was that it must be a dream, so you followed your morning routine assuming that at some point you have to wake up. Right before leaving your house to go to work, you turn on the morning news. It wasn't a dream. Several people woke up into different bodies that morning. You weren't the only one. Most people commented that the victims were delusional, but as one of the victims yourself you believed everything you heard.

People not only woke up as different people, but as people opposite from themselves. Athletes woke up in wheelchairs. Nurses woke up in jail as felons convicted for ending lifes. The rich celebrities woke up as people who couldn't even afford food. The most arrogant people who had never felt anxiety before suddenly couldn't feel anything else anymore. It was chaos.

It looked similar as reincarnation, but at the same time it didn't. You weren't reborn as babies, you as an adult woke up in the body of another adult, someone completely unfamiliar. In order to make yourself feel at ease, you tried to go to your old home. You were craving for something familiar, something you knew and liked. To your surprise, someone else was living at your house. Your neighbours had never even heard of you.

The first couple of days you spent in complete solitude. Hoping, wishing, praying that the dream, the nightmare, would end. It didn't. At some point you decided that returning to your old life wasn't an option anymore, so you might as well get to know your new life. You put all of your effort in getting to know your new family, friends, partners. You tried to hide that you were one of the victims, that you had no idea who they were, because you didn't want them to think you were crazy.

You thought that you would get the hang of it after a while, but the contrast between your old life and your new life was too high to simply get used of it. You reached such a low point that you thought about contacting the other victims. However, someone else seemed to have the same idea sooner, because a letter ended up in your mailbox, a letter without a return adress and without stamps. For a moment you wondered how they got your adress. It didn't have any stamps, so that lust mean that they came to your house.

You wanted to ignore the letter. It didn't seem trustworthy that another victim just happened to have your adress, because you hadn't told anything about your situation to the media. The letter was a red flag meant to be ignored. But how could you ignore a chance at talking to other victims who might be able to help you get out of that deep, dark pit you were in? You couldn't.

That's why you went to the meeting place at the specified time, hoping to talk to the other victims, kind of like an AA meeting. However, you were right to have doubts. In a matter of seconds, you get blindfolded and locked up.