Outside of this website I like to write Flemish stories. I hope to get one published someday, but in the 11-12 years I have been writing I have never been able to finish one due to being too much of a perfectionist. I feel extremely insecure when I read about writers publishing one book after the other at a pace of like one book a year or something. I roleplay to keep myself motivated to write and that helps.

Now I had the idea to write an English story together with a critique partner in the hope that it keeps me motivated for my current Flemish story. This would mean that while I write my novel, you write yours. We help each other to not give up basically.

We can decide together on the minimum amount of words we would write each time and what the deadlines are each time. We can read the parts we send each other, talk about what we think about it.

I am looking for an adult, since the English story I want to write is a dark and mature story inspired by the kid show Miraculous. Please tell me beforehand if there are dark themes that you can't handle and which they are.

Hopefully someone is interested. Let me know if you are :)