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2/9/14: My schedule is pretty full, so for now, I'm no longer looking for partners.

First off, let me start by saying that I'm currently going to school and my major keeps me pretty busy with homework and such. This means that, at most, you can expect me to reply 2-3 times a week. Also I haven't done a lot of 1x1, but I do have some roleplaying experience under my belt. With those disclaimers out of the way...

I can do freeform roleplaying and just go with the flow, but I also like planning out major plot points too. Mostly I'm comfortable with roleplays that have an ending in sight. This relieves the pressure of forcing a neverending story. Of course, we can always have a part two if we want the roleplay to continue.

Now regarding post length, I usually write about 1-3 paragraphs depending on the pacing of the scene. I won't expect any more than that in return, but no less either. There's no max on post length, but I do prefer quality over quantity. Also, I hope I don't have to say this, but just in case: No one-liners and no huge spelling/grammar typos. Plain and simple.

Lastly, I'm not looking for romance to be a major plot point in our story. In fact, I'm more than fine without it being there at all. But if it does develop...we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I can play either male or female, and I won't know which I'll play until we start talking. Since I'm not looking for romance, expect relationships to be platonic, especially if we're both the same gender. I just honestly don't know how to roleplay f/f or m/m.
Most of my rp ideas will involve violence, so expect graphic details and mature content. Also, I'm cool with any level of gore and profanity so don't worry about holding back. On the other hand I'm not usually excessive when it comes to being graphic, but if you start to feel uncomfortable at any point, please let me know and I'll dial it back for you.

Stuff I Wanna Roleplay!!!
Elder Scrolls
Pretty much anything in this universe will strike my fancy. I've played Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, so I've got a pretty decent knowledge of Elder Scroll lore. Anything I don't know I can always research. Also, I'd rather not play canon characters, but we can have them as NPC's if we want some guest stars along the way.
Ideas so far:
A story parallel to that of the main hero of one of the last three games. Hero is going about his business, one or both of us encounter him/hear about him while we're doing our smaller part to save Tamriel. Or maybe we're just on some other kind of adventure while history is taking place.
Or...exploring an event that's been mentioned but not fully fleshed out, that way we could have some freedom with the details.

Spooky Stuff
I love haunted houses and creepy/spooky stuff. This doesn't have to be super dark or anything though. It can just be two kids in a haunted house/asylum or maybe a Halloween fun house/maze gone wrong (they get lost and find rooms that are actually dangerous or play tricks on their minds.)

Now I've done typical zombie roleplays before with the running through the city fighting for survival, which are always cool, but this one I'm up for doing something unconventional. Usually people start after the virus is widespread and the uninfected are few and far, yet there happens to be a group of young adults surviving within three blocks of each other who have never met. I don't have a whole lot of ideas yet, but it might be cool to flip it and start with either the beginning or end of the virus. Also, I'm good with having the tone of the story be serious and dark, funny, or anything in between. Maybe have some mutated zombie kids and dogs running around, or we're stuck in some underground Fallout style lab watching the virus escape. Or maybe we could be living in a small community where we're on the verge of a cure but something goes wrong (doctor goes missing, research gets stolen, etc.) On a side note, expect some graphic violence if we do this one.

Always down for some good ol' medieval sword swinging, spell casting action. This one would definitely be more plot specific. I'm looking to do a dungeon exploration with our two characters with a specific goal in mind (find the treasure, rescue the knights, kill the monster, etc.) Now what happens when we're down there/why we're together in the first place is up for discussion.

Sorry that was so long. If you're still with me and something stroke your fancy, please shoot me a pm. I'll be online daily to check my messages.
Feel free to ask any questions you might have below or through pm. =)
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I am interested in the Zombie idea you slapped down. I am in the mood for some serious violence. I do like the idea of zombie dogs/animals that are tearing into the human race like wet tissue paper. Our characters are in a small community where the vets/doctors are nearly solving the riddle. Then the lab/clinic mysteriously burns down taking all the notes and research with it. (Unknown to the general population, the doctor that set the fire was trying to stop the spread of what s/he thought was a cure but was really allowing the virus jump to the human race.) It is up to the plotters to use that option or have it destroyed in the fire.

Now our characters are stuck in the middle of rural USA (or whatever country) and the ammo and food is running out. Now the slimming community has to figure out what to do next.

Perhaps the Dungeon one. I love that sort of thing. I play WoW far too much and enjoy the dungeons and clash of personalities in the group. I am bouncing from one idea to another on this one. I am not sure what which one I like more. Finding treasure that isn't really there or set to rescue a knight that had been toast for days. Yea, I am evil. That is how I roll.

Anyway, the real reason I am interested in writing with you is the fact you are not into romance. All I have written always have revolved around that simple idea. I want to play a hardcore warrior that doesn't have to show his/her soft side. (Unless I feel like it. lol)
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I'm interested in the spooky stuff one. I started something similar to this with a good friend and school has officially consumed his life. Shoot me a PM and lets talk when you have a chance. :)
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PMed both of you. =)
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