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I added more to my last post. I think it will be easier to respond.

Travis nodded, his mind turning with the information. His body finally stilling. He slowly a finger on his chin as she spoke.

The mention of cooking overa fire always interested him, Earth had no pleasure camping he had heard in history classes. If a person wanted to do those types of things, they join the military.

Coming to Pandora made those types of thoughts come to mind. Fear of creatures hidden in the vegetation was dug deep into his soul.

When Olivia began pacing, he frowned catching her last words. The scope of their particular problem loomed in his mind. Food and water were the source of his worries. If they were not able to find something soon for the few that remains, they will be eating rations before starvation.

He really didn't want that sort of blood on his hands.

"The fruits you mention do not grow all season and we are not the only ones who favor them." He pointed sky ward. "A whole flock of mean birds knows we plant them and always eats them before they are fully ripe. Now, without security we can kiss those plants goodbye."

He rubbed his hands over his face and sighed. "I think a good sleep is called for. How about we meet up in the garden after breakfast?"

After a lousy eight hours in his bunk, Travis bypassed breakfast and readied the link machine. Once it was primed he rolled into the bed and closed the coffin.

A few moments he opened his eyes in the Avatar bunk house. Slowly he rose from the bed running the back of his neck out of habit.

Taking a deep breath he walked to the garden. He grown at the hole in the fence and half eaten plants. He knelt beside it and attempted to close the gap.
Still looking for rp'ers. Jump aboard this lollipop train.
Me too. I will get to a reply this evening. My health is not so good today. Sorry about the delay.

Did you get your vampire thread going yet?

I could continue to advertise and we could hold off until more. It is up to you. I am okay either way.
Travis jumped, shifted in his seat and blinked at the youth before him. He remembered the face, the name escaped him. He ran a hand through his hair and straightened in his seat. "Yes," he said with a nod. He was indeed Travis, that much he was certain of at the moment. "Culture," he rubbed his fingers over the stubble over his chin. Then it hit. "Oliva," he snapped his fingers and pointed to her like she had been keeping her identity a secret. "Yes, I remember now. I believe I saw you when you first arrived."

Travis leaned back in his chair, that seemed to be a lifetime ago. Twenty years he had been on Pandora, both as himself and his Avatar. "There is not much to do at the moment. Some of the plants will be needing to be harvest soon. You are the one with the avatar, correct?" He nodded and eased his body off the chair. "Yes you are, that other joker had one, too. I think he had flushed his brain down the toilet before arriving here." He shook his head, staring at the counter, getting lost in the fake granite design.

He turned to Olivia once more. "Forgive me, I do ramble on. I think we will take the avatars out tomorrow morning," he stretched his arms above his head and stood on his toes, a few faint pops resulted. "If that is alright? We can go over some of the plants." He folded his arms in front of him and leaned on the counter beside him. "You know eating and food is always a huge part of culture. I am curious if you had any luck finding out what sort of things the Na'vi eat or how they are prepared." He chuckled again, adjusting his glasses. "I mean I know they eat what they can scavenge or hunt."

Travis wondered why he was so fidgety. Was it this young girl that made him so? He took a breath and let it out, putting his emotional weirdness in check. People around here had been so busy up to this point to give him much mind.
I have never written in a steampunk genre. I read some stuff on it. It seems a little overwhelming. So, in the sake of your sanity I am going to decline.

I hope you find some partners that are deeply in that genr.
How they came to Pandora:

Doesn't need to be much, just a plausible concept of why the character is on Pandora and how they stayed. As for personality I am hoping all of that will come out in the writing.

Name: Olivia
Nickname: V
Race: Human
Background: Oliva traveled to Pandora when she was only 18. She had just graduated high school when she received an invitation to study the life of the indigenous people on Pandora. Growing up she learned about the of the strange planet during school. She loved hearing about the bioluminescent plants that glowed at night and the strange people that still fought with bows and arrows. V was invited by her high school anthropology teacher to travel through space to study the Na’vi and hopefully win them over to the humans cause. They took some of her blood and mixed with with the DNA of a Na’vi to create her own Avatar. Once they landed on Pandora, she was assigned to Grace’s team to help learn about the people’s ways. V grew close to them, even fell in love with a warrior. She was amazed at the connection the people had with their planet and with each other. It was nothing like Earth had. After years of studying and befriending them, she was devastated when she learned of the plan to attack Hometree. She was one of the fighters, she tried to stop the attack, but was locked away in a separate cell. It wasn’t until the fighting was over was she released. Upon hearing that her warrior love was dead and Hometree destroyed she broke down in tears and refused to speak to anyone for several days. They almost sent her back to Earth, but she begged them to let her stay. She no longer had a life back on Earth; at least here she could help the Na’vi rebuild their lives. Now at 22 years of age, she has been allowed to remain on Pandora as human to help with the rebuilding of their lives. Occasionally she will use her Avatar to help with the lifting of heavy objects and just to feel the world around her, but she mostly keeps to herself, still hurt by the events leading up to their current situation.

*I couldn't find a picture of a real person that looked like what I wanted her to look like. If the anime pic bothers you too much I can always describe her.
No, anime doesn't bother me. I like how you brought her to Pandora.

@Sierra I know I am confusing for asking such a question and not adding of what had interested me. I didn't want to rattle on about what piqued my interest to find out I wasn't what you wanted in a writing partner. I know that you might still say nay, I will continue forward.

The Frontier is not your playground: I was thinking of playing some sort of pilot or low grade smuggler captain. Would that be acceptable? Someone who just lost a few crew members maybe and desperately searching to replace. What sort of races are possible? Just human?

Vengeance has consumed you: is this a time period piece?

Imminent system failure: Would I be primarily running the civilization's government and my MC in this one?
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