Not gonna post much at all, just throwing out a hook and seeing who catches. I might write an essay if I don't get enough attention, but whatever.

Looking for someone with poetic writing who knows how to be very descriptive. I'd love it if you could create compelling and original characters that really feel human. I hope you can come up with some good story elements as well because I currently don't have a full-fledged plot lined out.

What this is about is I want to play a young (teenage or young adult) male "kid" who was the victim of a hit-n-run two months ago and permanently disabled from the waist down and thus goes around in a wheelchair.

He is returning to High-School or College in his wheelchair and is having trouble getting around, not to mention his social awkwardness and dorky disposition.

Was hoping to get romantic, but not straight sexual. The latter might happen eventually, but for the most part the closest you will get is half-naked cuddling.

PM me that you're interested and we will talk about possible plot lines,