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I'm officially working on the IC today, here's a Discord for those who like being able to chat real time. I'll be able to answer any questions while writing today and can give you information on how you can start planning and writing your characters. I'll be throwing up a new IntChk in the Casual section shortly before setting up the OOC/IC. My goal for the day is to have the IntChk up and give information for character creation today.
@Gigan Nice to have you!

Hey everyone, in retrospect I shouldn't have tried to promise any news on one of my busiest weeks of the year, Halloween lol. I'll come back with fervency next week, this time I promise lol
Consider my hat to be thrown in as well.

RP Level Preferred: Casual or Advanced. Either/or is fine to me.
Character Age Preferred: Probably somewhere in 15-25 range I guess?
Location Preference: Yeah this one's kinda tough to answer. I suppose we could be absolutely cliche and go with something like New York or L.A. but... I dunno. Depending on how much takes place within Elysium you could probably get away with characters coming from different cities and simply meeting up online. *shrug*
Digimon Familiarity: I've known of and watched Digimon since the days of Adventure and Adventure 02. I will confess however that I only really watched the anime through Frontier at most so just about anything from Savers and beyond is new to me. In terms of the games, I've played a bit of DS games (World and Dawn/Dusk) but not to completion, but I have played all the way through Hacker's Memory (not Cyber Sleuths, though, but Hacker's Memory gave me the gist of it regardless).

If I may also humbly ask something else? Are we going to rely as heavily on the Royal Knights as the Story games do? I guess I'm a little fatigued by all the screen time the Royal Knights always seem to get and it would be nice to show some love to the Demon Lords or Olympus XII.

That's three people right here so RP is a go! I'll be working on it over the weekend and hopefully I'll have an OOC up, likely in Casual, by Monday (don't hold me to that I'm bad at deadlines)

We will NOT be using Royal Knights in this plot, I have a few groups in mind planned for this roleplay, and we'll be seeing quite a bit of the Olympus XII near the end. There's a reason there's Greek locations everywhere haha
@Yankee It's an inbetween-quel and you can play both games completely independent from each other. There are parts in both that are easter eggs for the others but they're two separate stories happening at the exact same time. Though there are significantly more features and digimon in Hacker's Memory
I'm always interested in digimon rps, lol. I'm afraid I'll end up getting disqualified due to my difficulty writing CSs though, but I'll give it a shot anyway. I'm assuming that Elysium is just the American/European version of EDEN, or is it a replacement? Does this take the canon timelines or is it its own separate entity?

RP Level Preferred: As close to Casual as possible, simply because writing fluff to fill out a size requirement is difficult for me. I tend to make concise and to the point posts rather than be grandiose.
Character Age Preferred: Well, based on the multitude of digimon series protagonist ages, I'd say somewhere between 14-24, to give a decent range.
Location Preference: Doesn't matter to me, since I know little of either option even though I live in one, lol. America, I suppose, though either way if it's supposed to be in the real "real world" rather than a constructed one the politics will be interesting.
Digimon Familiarity: I'd guess I'm in the top 10% of digimon fans when it comes to how much they know about digimon. Though I mean that only in the general sense; if it came down to specifically anime knowledge, or knowledge about Xros/Fusion, I'd be much lower. Also, just to put it in terms of the games you mentioned, I've beaten both CS and HM on Vita and have the complete edition which I'm in the process of 100%ing.

Anyway, hope this takes off, even if I don't end up being a part of it when it does.

Awesome! Also, yes you're correct, Elysium would be a near-clone of Eden. The story would take place in a different universe entirely to free up my timeline a bit. As for your CS, don't worry too much about it, I'm going to be looking at creativity and the amount of effort you spend with your character's personality and backstory. I'm not asking for novellas here, but quality characters that work well.
Hello! This will be my first Roleplay back on this website in several (long) years so I figured I'd set up an interest check first before I put in the amount of work that I want to for this game. A little bit about me, I'm a stay-at-home worker in online retail and am constantly online at all times so be sure I am here to provide limitless support to my players! I do a lot of gaming, especially with RPGs and some tabletops like MtG and DnD. My recent ventures into DnD have gotten me itching to do an old school pen and paper on the website that got me started into Roleplay!

For this roleplay I'll be looking for a small but dedicated group of players to keep the story pushing along. I don't want to implement anything such as a posting order or post deadlines, but will if I need to in order to keep the roleplay chugging along smoothly. I want to leave the RP open to both skilled casuals and advanced players, I'll move the OOC for this story into the appropriate section depending on the interest I get.

This roleplay will center around the plot elements present in the Digimon Story games originally released on Ps4 that have recently been re-released onto Switch and PC. For those of you not familiar with these games, I would suggest playing or researching them when joining, but that is not a requirement! I'll go ahead and give a quick summary of the world we'll be playing in. Note, this Roleplay is going to be an AU set in a different country from the Digimon Story games.

In this universe we have two worlds, the real and the digital. They have begun intersecting recently due to the man-made virtual world known as Elysium. Humans have learned how to transform human thought into digital form, allowing full virtual reality simulation inside the world of ELysium. Unlike other virtual realities made popular by media, Elysium is not a game and is a platform very similar to the internet. Complete with forums that avatars can gather at, government URLs, and platforms for businesses to conduct online trade. As of a year ago, mysterious programs known as Digital Monsters, shortened to Digimon or even DM by the even lazier, have begun appearing in the deeper parts of Elysium kept and maintained by hackers, the black market, and some fairly seedy folk.

Nobody knows exactly who created them, or where they came from. However, hackers eventually found ways to capture and manifest Digimon whose forms were adapt at breaking through Firewalls, hosting advanced programs, and carrying out menial tasks for their masters. Hacker groups, organized crime, and even the Government have begun to research into Digimon and how to best use them for their own purposed. The general public, on the otherhand, remains fearful of their presence and have demanded the government keep the threat contained. Those who use or have contact with Digimon for any reason are generally marked as pariahs or those you don't generally mess with. Our characters will find themselves caught up in this underworld of Digital Monsters in Elysium and their decisions will either save Elysium from growing corruption, or doom it to destruction.

If you're interested please let me know ASAP and fill out the following form to help me finalize some details of the roleplay. I would like to note, I will only be accepting 4-5 people, if I have a larger group of interest then I will be accepting/denying based on the quality (not quantity!) of your CS.

RP Level Preferred: Casual, Advanced, or somewhere in between?
Character Age Preferred:
Location Preference: What kind of real world location would you prefer to be set in? Suggestions welcome! (Keep suggestions North American or European)
Digimon Familiarity: What is your familiarity with Digimon in general as well as the Digimon Story (Cybersleuth) games?
uwu We should do the lewds sometime
I fell into a Magic The Gathering trap x'D
Working on my post... now.
Okay yeah. Since this is getting traction again and I don't feel like gaming all night I'll work on a post soon!

I'm also gonna start writing up a roleplay so keep your eyes peeled o3o
Guys I'm certain the RP died anyway.
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