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uwu We should do the lewds sometime
I fell into a Magic The Gathering trap x'D
Working on my post... now.
Okay yeah. Since this is getting traction again and I don't feel like gaming all night I'll work on a post soon!

I'm also gonna start writing up a roleplay so keep your eyes peeled o3o
Guys I'm certain the RP died anyway.
We're a thing again? I'll get a post up this weekend maybe
Tohru best dragon.
I'm seeing a lot of people myself included not looking at the room charts.

Gerald perked up and turned around to see a floating little pixie talking to him. A big smile spread across his face and eyes lit up. His roommate floats around just like he does oh goody! She could probably go wherever he went which meant he had someone to go on floats with! Oh my gods wouldn't that be absolutely fantastic. He started to reply but squinted a little harder at her. She didn't have a soul? No that's not right. He turned around really fast and then looked up and around. He saw the spirit of her real form and waved at it. "Hi there! I can see souls, personal illusions aren't great with me." He said, sounding very apologetic, like he was in the wrong for having such an ability. "I... can't actually see you right now though, just your little spirit light, nice work! Really never seen anything like it." He said through his smile. He probably seemed rather annoyingly positive and was about to elaborate on the fact he was a ghost when someone else walked into the bedroom.

"Hell...o...?" Gerald responded to the girl with slight confusion. She seemed very disinterested... and wasn't this a two person bedroom? Gerald looked at the pixie girl and shrugged before he floated to the wall and phased into the next room, looking around and seeing nobody in it. He phased his head through the wall to where the two girls were at. "I think the fourth person in our dorm is supposed to be a guy. Since you two are over here I think it's fair the girls get this bedroom how about it?" He said with a smile, phasing a and through for a thumbs up. As long as his entire body wasn't engulfed in matter he could stay half phased forever. He just hoped his other roommate didn't walk into the bedroom with his butt just sort of hanging out of the wall.

In his head he began to theorize what sort of person would have the name Sultan... that's what the paper said right? Did that mean he was mid-eastern? Maybe he'd have an adorable accent! Much unlike Gerald who's slight drawl would be a tell of the southern US almost anywhere people were educated of his culture. Not that a slight drawl couldn't be adorable. As long as he didn't start talking with slang it was sort of hard to tell how southern he was, which wasn't much at all. Whether he sounded cute or not he hoped his roommate was at least pleasant to look at and talk to. At least one of his dorm mates seemed friendly but he didn't think a girl would want to room with him.

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Sounds like a good time. She's not going to be like that all the time. Ghislaine at least

In what world is a gay man comfortable around lesbian porn xD

I came here for a good time and honestly I'm feeling like I walked in on lesbian soft porn.
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