A collection of sentences or pictures or very basic plot ideas which I will be constantly editing as I come across ideas or things I like but have yet to flesh fully. I am looking for people capable of posting from three paragraphs and upwards. I can play either gender and enjoy doubling. I can do fandoms or original plots. These ideas are mostly for original settings with original characters but if you and I can pinpoint a fandom we like from something here, by all means. These will be sorted into pictures and words. None of the pictures below are mine, I haven't made them but nor have I touched them in any way. All credit and rights below to the proper artist. Some of the words may be parts of a song or something harmless such as that. If you are interested, post here or PM me with what you're interested in and why, what comes to your mind. If you can't communicate your interests then there's no point in us brainstorming. I want someone who is creative and passionate and literate.

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Computer Daze


Candy and Toys

Trapped Beyond This

After School

Snow Meadow

Nature Travels

A Mystic Forest

Explosion of Academics

Winds Blue

Fallen Fantasy

School of Green

Above the Rules



"There in the valley, under the moonlight."

"You said you were happy being sad."

"Running through the black night, going over a thought that I would die."

"All these streets look different."

"You're wearing my coat while you're sleeping and it feels like I'm coming home."

"We can't sail without the wind in this town."

"Things that flew but never soared."

"A prank-war gone wrong, ended our juvenile friendship and sparked something so much more."

"It was love or at least the closest I've got."

"And you, i just put up with you, couldn't stay cause you wouldn't leave."

"The gas, the plane, the interstate live the ones you don't have to know."

"If you talk you better walk, you better back your shit up with more than good looks while you're all under the gun."

"In a different time, different place."

"Some far away, some search for gold, some dragon to slay."

"I met someone by accident, who blew me away."

"There's a hole in my heart where you used to be and it will never never never be filled."

"So there we were back home, from somewhere inside my head."

"And just to lay with you, there's nothing that I wouldn't do. So I lay my rifle down."

"And we are vagabonds, we travel without seat belts on, we live this close to death."

"We traveled through time, just to be together, if that's not love, show me what is."

"We're all victims of ourselves."