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With his blazing movements somehow not connecting in the least, the mouse was unable to use the second kick-off he'd planned to immediately bounce back.
Unable to change his midair momentum, his small body simply soared overhead, the erupting flash dimming behind him as, gradually, his speed slowed, and his body flickered back into visibility.
As this occurred, his toes touched down, and he quickly bounced to allow some distance between them (around six or so meters), before skidding and whirling around.

While he did this, he managed to catch just the briefest of glimpses of a small rock slamming down into the earth quite some distance behind him.
The mouse whipped his tail around, not yet realizing that it was the man before him controlling the earth.

"Come on, guy, stand up!" the mouse called, cupping his hands around his mouth.
He didn't intend to attack a man while he was down, or the back of his head turned to him.
Well...not in the first round, anyhow -- it just wasn't good sportsmanship.
With the man looking prepared, the mouse shot towards him, swiftly swinging his leg around in the process so that his body would accelerate into an angled spin.
The stranger would begin to take a step back, but, against the mouse's own speed, it would hardly be enough:

In less than a blink the mouse was gone, and within the second he would be before the man's face; before the man's toes would even have the chance to connect with the floor, much less swing the cup-shaped rock his way, in an instant the mouse's own foot would be connecting with his schnoz, offering up that aforementioned human kick, more than six hundred and eighty kilograms of force.

At such a distance of ten human footsteps, and so low a weight as twenty-four grams, the mouse had to be moving so fast that even a small burst of sound could be heard the second he lifted off, and in a split second it would be accompanied by the crack of a martial artist's spinning back kick to the nose.
Not only that, but his body temperature would rise so suddenly, that he would be forced to expel it into his trademark flames; at the same time his foot would connect, the air around his body would burst out into what could be termed an explosion, flames flaring out and turning him into a veritable living wheel of fire, while a force equal to that of a boxer's punch slammed his opponent's face head-on.

If his foot did connect, his other foot would immediately kick out as well, offering up a second kick to the nose that would be aimed to hit at the same time as the burning explosion from his body would punch out, adding to the overall force for what could equate, in the end, to one as powerful as the very first kick; both of these simultaneous moves would additionally propel him backwards, hopefully well out of the way of any close-quarters counter-attack.
As this would be done, the flames already around his body would spread outwards as the heat produced from such an extreme attack was dispelled, possibly burning his opponent's face in the process, had the man not been knocked out of the way, or the initial explosion having done so already.

If all went well, the mouse would gracefully land back where he'd originally been standing, and it would be almost as though he hadn't moved at all, with only the thunderous boom, a flash of cracking light, and his foe's reaction visible to the average naked eye.
The mouse would offer up a flourish and a grin to whatever audience may, in fact, be watching their duel, although his ears and eyes would not leave the ring, remaining on high alert for any retaliation that was sure to come.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 22 May 2017 10:15 Forum: News
@NuttsnBolts mentioned bringing one of my suggestions from another topic over to this one.

To quote:
some way for all users to download entire private conversations and public topics, certain sections (such as only "characters", "IC", or "OOC"), or a specific page range in various formats (HTML, RTF, TXT)

This could also be accomplished by offering a simplified view of a topic, where all the posts of a single section are laid out in their entirely, although I think some sort of a compressed download would be far more efficient and less load-intensive (I could be wrong in this, however).
The ability for the original poster to change a topic's (and private conversation's) title, to move their own topics to a different category, to moderate the posts of other users in their topics;
post templates, whether through a specialized BBCode, or allowing HTML and CSS in posts;
altering your username: a display name for specific topics or posts, in addition to being able to change it permanently;
and some way for all users to download entire private conversations and public topics, certain sections (such as only "characters", "IC", or "OOC"), or a specific page range in various formats (HTML, RTF, TXT).

The post I would like deleted is here:…
As the mouse fell back to the hard ground, he saw a flash of light, and soon after someone was stepping out from the cylinder.
His tail flicked expectantly as he waited for the stranger to take heed and come his way.

It was another of those giants, perhaps even one he'd only glanced over upon his arrival into the challengers' lobby.
He was a rather old-looking human, but all the equipment he was carrying already spoke of his strength.
The mouse excitedly began rubbing his hands together.

When the man stopped but a couple meters away, the mouse's head tilted back to take in the stranger's full size.
He had the faint suspicion that he might end up having to fight several of these guys, so he better get used to their stature now.

A nod and a friendly wave was given as the question was offered to him, the mouse speaking up with a cheery, "Sure am!
You must be Rindheart."
He lashed his tail backwards, already taking up a relaxed fighting stance; rising onto two legs and spreading them apart somewhat, he held up his arms at an easy distance from his body.
If one looked hard enough at his small form, it could even be recognizable as the typical stance a kickboxer might take.

"Promise I won't go easy!
Good luck to ya!"
After giving the man a chance to respond and prepare himself, the mouse would immediately bounce up towards his opponent's face, kicking out with one of his feet.
Should the foot connect, it would give out a force equal to that of the average human fighter, enough to at least knock the man back, assuming he didn't possess an exceptionally sturdy defense.

He wasn't one to just sit around waiting to observe his opponents, after all; always best to get right on it: kick 'em fast and punch 'em hard!
Having leaped first into the teleporter, the mouse found himself falling flat on his face upon arrival, spine curling up against the wall of the cylinder.
He stood himself up fast, bouncing out of the tube and looking around.

Well, this was a cheery-looking place.
He'd sort of assumed he'd be arriving in the arena, or another just like it, which the lobby's window had been facing.

The mouse scratched his chin, watching as what appeared to be distant volcanoes spit lava and smoke into the air.
As his tail wound about him, he noted that the rocky ground was pocketed with a variety of holes, but he had no time to go exploring: there was a fight to be won here!

But where was his opponent?
Surely he hadn't been disqualified so soon?
He could see the teleporter on the opposite end of the stony barrens.

Hopping high into the air, the mouse cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, loud as he could: "HEY, RINDHEART!
The mouse wasted no time in frittering about; the second the match was called, he was off.
He didn't have a clue who his opponent, "Rindheart", was, but it hardly mattered; he would soon meet the guy in the ring.

Recalling some of the instructions he'd been offered at his initial arrival to the odd locale ("When your matchup is called, go into one of the glowing silver cylinders."), the mouse took a brief moment to glance over the room.
Everything was so big, and a lot of things were silver, so it was a bit difficult to tell what was what.
When he saw one of the strangers stand and disappear into one of several tall tube objects, however, he figured out that those must be a door of some sorts.

Running along the windowsill, he took a flying leap into one of the cylinders, and was promptly gone.
Thank you.
Pumpkin had never before in his life seen a place such as this one.
It was the fanciest-looking setting for a tournament that he never could have imagined.
Enormous white halls as far as the eye could see, spick and span to the point that not even the tiniest mote of dust could be found on his way through them, their seamless walls decorated with strange etchings and embedded lights.
Though, they seemed a bit lacking in people and their voices.

Walking at a decent pace while gaping at all the new sights, the mouse held up the map he'd been given, a simple drawing on a tiny piece of parchment, showing a simplified layout with a line that he was supposed to follow.
One last turn and he'd be where he needed to be.

His ears tilted forward, picking up a noise as he came to the end of the hall, marked by a tall sheet of metal.
The sound behind it was booming and electronic, and the words it spoke clued him in that this had to be the announcer.
Oh, no!
Were they about to start the tournament without him?

His eyes fell to the floor below the metal, where a small opening left just enough room for him to slip through.
With how wide the opening was, he was sure it must lead to some big room filled with a mingling crowd; after the announcer's voice, he could pick up a few more words, though not as much as he would expect from dozens of teasing challengers and the visitors passing them by.

Squeezing under the hole, he found himself in the challenger's lobby; it was big, indeed, filled with big people, too!
His head tilted back as he stared up at the other challengers, tall, muscular, all looking just about the same to him --well, except for that one furry fella over there, looking, or at least trying to, was how he took it, about as mean as they come.
Were they observers, or the people he was supposed to be fighting?

His gaze was drawn to the big window seated to one side of the room, and a small gasp escaped his lips.
Dropping the map in his paws, he ran over that way, bouncing to the top of its sill as he pressed both nose and paws against the glass.

There sat a view of the arena, ringed by rows of seats filled with throngs of colorful giants, and another glass viewing area, high up on the opposite side, where he could faintly make out some silhouettes getting comfortable behind it.
His tail began to twitch excitedly, focus absorbed as he waited expectantly for the next announcement to be made.
Expanded information on the fire ability.
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