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Ace Makovich - Diner - Sunrise

Ace groggily opened his eyes. It was pitch dark, he tried turning but he felt Brandy’s arm around him as she slept. He carefully lifted her arm and freed himself. He looked at the old digital clock he had on his nightstand and it read 5 AM. He sat on the edge of the bad, with his head down staring at the ground. He was tired but needed to get up. He quietly got up and grabbed a pair of jeans and a white undershirt. He put socks and his boots and carefully left the room.

He went over to where the freezers where, and he could hear the ham radio beeping. It was Morse code, letting him know his package was about to be delivered. He grabbed an olive green jacket and headed for the cellar door. He gently opened it, and stepped outside into the frigid Salem fall morning. He shuddered as he could feel the cold coastal breeze, and rubbed his hands to warm them up.

He made his way over to the coastline, and he could see the sun, slowly rising over the sea. He stood there gazing, when he heard the whirring sound of a vertibird, approaching from a distance. It was flying low, as it looked like it was carrying something. He clasped his hands together, and blew into them to warm them up, and began heading to one of the apartment buildings in the town center behind the church. He made his way up to the top and waited for the vertibird to get closer as he waved his arms. He shut the turrets down to prevent them from targeting the vertibird, and lit up a flare showing his location.

As the vertibird grew closer so did the whirring sound of the blades, and the brotherhood logo became visible. He hoped no one would try and shoot at it, he had forgotten to tell anyone they were coming. He could see the fusion generator dangling from chains underneath the vertibird. He smiled as he looked at it, this generator would power the whole town and more.

The vertibird doors slid open, and two ropes were dangled from the opening and two Brotherhood scribes rappelled down. They guided the vertibird to position so that the generator would be right up against a wall; once it’s placed it will be near damn impossible to move without a vertibird. It had been agreed this building would house it, as the roof had been strengthened and its foundation was solid.

Once it was position just right, they signaled the vertibird and it released the clamps, allowing the chains to fall down, and freeing itself of its load. The vertibird, hovered there for a bit before it turned and headed west away from town, leaving the two scribes behind to help set up the generator. Ace smiled as he looked at it, soon they’d have power.

Rick Noel – Diner – Night
Rick sat there staring at his cup, maybe he had said too much. He nodded as she left, raising his hand giving her a light wave. He finished the cup and departed, it seemed the waitress girl wanted to get everyone out so that she could close up. He stood outside the diner and stared at the sky, mesmerized by glistening stars. He had never really seen a night sky.
He stood there and then he could feel cold night chill aided by the cold sea breeze. He grabbed the rolled up jacket on his pack and put it on.  He was going to head out to the wall and check the progress they were making, but he was tired and his body ached for a soft and warm bed.

Rick made his way to Mary’s home but it seemed she wasn’t in. He checked the robots and it seemed they were charged. He unplugged them, didn’t want to risk the contraptions overheating and sparking a fire while they slept. Rick chuckled as he thought back at his time in the Institute studying these crude creations.

He stretched his arms and let out a yawn. His eyes grew weary. He grabbed his things and headed up. Usually that’s where sleeping quarters were located in these old homes. He headed up the dark stairs dimly light by moonlight from a window. He looked into a room that seemed small with a small bed and simple bookshelf. It seemed like it would be guest quarters. Hopefully he wasn’t intruding. He placed his bag in a chair and hit in the bed and laid there slowly falling asleep.
Ace Makovich – Diner - Night

“Thanks for what?” Brandy asked venomously, she looked from Betty to Ace before her glare landed on Betty again. She looked at Ace, “Can I have a key to the cellar door?” Ace reached into his pocket and handed her a key and Brandy got up, “I’ll be back, I need to go home and grab a couple of things.” She stormed off across the street to her house.

“Well, looks like brandy wasn’t too pleased with what you said Betty…please try not to pester her.” Ace said as he turned to Betty. He got up and headed for the hatch, stretching and yawning, “Do you mind locking up? I’m gonna head down. After you close up head over to the inn, and tell Celeste to send me the bill, and you can stay there.”

Ace made his way down and over to his bed, he undressed, and got under sheets as he lay on his back. He picked up Reggie’s picture and stared at it for a bit. He just laid there quietly longingly looking at it. He head the cellar door open and then close with a thud. He placed the picture frame back on the nightstand, facing down.

Brandy peeked and stared at him, hiding behind the door frame. She slowly made her way in side, wearing a long white, doctors’ coat. She sheepishly started to unbutton the coat, “Does someone nee a…” Her ankle rolled in the heels and she stumbled several steps and hit the wall. “OOPS,” she brushed her hair back and stood up straight, pushing the coat with her hands back to her hips revealing her red undergarments.

She gave Ace a sly smile and took a step her ankle wobbled and she kicked off the heels. She looked at her wrist. Brandy blushed and walked over to the bed and let the coat slide off her arms. Getting on the bed and straddling Ace, she eased down, “I tried to be sexy and irresistible, but…um…the heels, I’ve never wore them before, I’m sorry.”

“No…umm…that’s fine…your little comedy act, really brightened up my day.” Ace said with a smile as he tried to hold back from laughing. She looked disappointed, Ace sat up and pulled her closer to him, “I’m sorry…come on lets have some fun and get some sleep. I have to get up early in the morning.
@SantosGabriel77 we always have room

Rachel Wilson – Commonwealth

The cold, wet hallway echoed with her running footsteps and her hard breathing. The lights flickering as darkness crept in, the further she went, and farther and farther apart the working lights came. She arrived to a T and stopped not knowing which way to go. She had been running from floor to floor, trying to find an exit, and now it seemed she was trapped in the basement. She panted as she caught her breath and turned right. She stopped just to listen as she heard a voice.

“Come out; come out, wherever you are?” An angry raider shouted, as he banged a nearby pipe with the barrel of his shotgun. “Come on puppet, we won’t hurt you…much… I swear we’ll be gentle…”

Fear crept up on her, and she shivered, she started to run again. But she tripped on the broken up floor and fell forward slamming to the ground. She screamed in pain realizing she had twisted her ankle. She held her hands to her mouth hoping they hadn’t heard her. Tears were streaming down her face. She struggled to get up as she clawed away at the wall slowly made her way up, however the running steps were coming closer and closer.


Rachel slung her pack over her shoulder; she had been wandering the Commonwealth for a while now. There was lots of good loot available if you knew where to look. It had been a while since she had a good bounty, the Minutemen were pretty much taking up all the good jobs. She was always one step behind them. She regretted leaving them; after all it had been steady pay and work.

She had turned to scavenging in the past few weeks, traders always looking for one thing or another. It kept her well fed, but she wanted more, she wanted to settle down somewhere, lay some roots as they say. She looked through her other pack and took out a smaller bag filled with circuit boards. She showed it to the tin man, and he signaled for the gate to be opened. The door slowly moved on its track as it shifted from its position towards the right.

The Brotherhood had been a force to be reckoned with, but the Railroad planted a bomb on the airship, and it was destroyed. At least that was the official record, some say there had been a malfunction aboard or another group had destroyed it. They say the Railroad was blamed just so that they would have an excuse to destroy them. She didn’t care either way; she wasn’t a fan of those that loved synths.

Egret Tours Marina had become their only outpost in the Commonwealth. No one knew why they remained, but at least they brought some sort of stability to the area. Plus, they kept the Gunner’s from leaving their Plaza and reinforcing their forces up north. She walked inside the compound and went over to a line leading to a storefront, where the Brotherhood exchanged certain items for caps. They loved circuit boards, and she had made sure to always grab them when she came across them; no idea as to why they needed them.

As she waited in line, A vertibird soared above the compound and started to hover as it readied to land. It slowly descended and out came three fully armored Paladins, with two scribes carrying a woman in a stretcher. The Vertibird took off as an officer and medics ran towards the stretcher. It seemed one of the officers had asked why they had returned.

The one paladin removed her helmet, “Found her over at Milton General Hospital. We airdropped by hospital, and Dan must have landed on weak spot as he went through the ground into the maintenance tunnels. She had a broken foot, and there were a few raiders that were beating her and almost raped her. We sent them to hell. Got our gauntlets bloodied. They weren’t worth wasting bullets on.”

Rachel overheard them as they spoke. That girl had been lucky, and they even brought her via Vertibird, she had always wanted to ride one, they fascinated her how they stayed afloat. He moved forward as she was next in line, and handed the bag with circuit boards to the scribe standing behind the counter. She waited, and soon was handed a bag with caps, rolled up. The Brotherhood were trustworthy, but out of habit she ran her finger through the rolls counting the caps and making sure they were all there.

She had her caps, and stepped out of the line. She stepped through the open gate and looked behind her at the compound with its tall walls and strong gate. She wished she could join them, but as he had been told before, they weren’t recruiting at the moment. Had they been recruiting, she would’ve had to go to the Capital Wasteland for training.

She gripped her blade, and slung her SMG’s strap over her shoulder. Even though the Brotherhood had a presence here, the road was still treacherous. Especially since this are wasn’t patrolled by the Minutemen. She made her way north along a road that led to the train tracks. She followed the tracks for a while. She passed quite a few feral beasts, but they hadn’t taken notice to her. The yao guai was too busy attacking a Radstag to see her. The second one he had seen was busy chasing some feral dogs.

She soon found herself near Vault 81, she had an urge to go there, but needed to go down to the dock and see if there were any barges. To her luck there were three moored there. She approached the dock master, handing him some caps, and if there was one headed for Taffington Boathouse. He looked at his clipboard and pointed to the one headed there, to her luck it was departing now. She gave a crew hand some caps and made her way aboard. She found herself a spot, and leaned back to take a nap.

She was woken up when they were reaching the boathouse. The barge pulled to the dock, passing multiple water purifiers that had been setup, along with a pump house and bottling plant. She grabbed her stuff and got off the boat as it was docking, the crew hated when you did that. They rather you wait till it’s docked. Something about falling and being crushed.

She went inside the renovated house, and bought a 2lt bottle of water from a merchant. She made her way to the gate but a large caravan was arriving from Starlight City, looks like they were here to pick up water barrels, as the city grew, it needed more and more purified water, and the groundwater they were pumping wasn’t enough. The black clad Starlight City guards stepped off the caravan and they started to load barrels on their caravans. There was a rumor that their armor design was based off of that of Institute coursers. She had encountered one when she along with the rest of the Minutemen stormed the institute with the General, she was sure she was dead, but Colonel Preston had save her.

She looked at the guards, and the rumors were true, after all the design was menacing. The only discernible difference between an Institute courser uniform and one from Starlight city was the yellow Star of Bethlehem on their backs, along with two yellow stripes that ran along the side of the pants. Luckily, the guards themselves were friendly and not stuck up like those from Diamond City.

As she waited for the caravan to move out of the gate she overheard the guards talking to an officer. The officer was smoking a cigarette, “Covenant has buckled; they and their little Compound have joined Starlight City.”

The guard looked at the officer quizzically, “What do we need Covenant for? It’s a small settlement.”

“Well that small settlement is heavily guarded, and by chance there’s a pipeline that leads from underneath Starlight City to there, and it is intact. They discovered it, while they were preparing ground for some of the towers. This means we can build a pipeline from here to Covenant, which will connect to the city, and we can pump water.” He replied as he leaned against a cart.

“Why not just attack it and take it over?” Rachel asked as she walked closer.

The officer gave her a once over, “Because of their defenses. Any attack would’ve been costly. Besides they are controlled by a group called the Compound; bunch of scientists or something. Those eggheads are valuable. After all, some of the rumors are that Sanctuary Hills had some Institute scientist join them. So Mayor Goodall has made creating a scientific community within Starlight one of his priorities. Alright boys, enough blabbering, get back to work… Ma’am.”

Rachel nodded as they walked away. She hadn’t visited Covenant; hear they were pricks when it came to allowing people entrance to their community. She looked at her map, and decided to make her way to Greentop Nursery. It wasn’t that far from Taffington, only about an hour. There she could spend the night before she headed west.

Greentop Nursery was noticeable from other settlements, due to its wall being made up of scrapped cars. There wasn’t much of interest here aside from its farm. The Farm was one of the biggest producers of corn and gourds in the area. There was an inn that was built next to a pre-war house. She paid the caps for her room, and called it a day as she got on the bed, tired, her nap had made her more tired than rested.
Rick Noel – Diner (being interrogated) – Night

Lorelei finished her shake and leaned back in her seat before outstretching her arms across the outline of her booth cushion. “Hmm,” she mumbled, which seemed both insightful and satirical all at once. With that, Lorelei humorously bit her lip and folded both her arms and her legs. “Well, well, well. You’ve got manners on you...real ones...not just half-assed rituals that come with the standard-issue wasteland human. What universe are you from? Will you ever be able to get home?”

Rick looked at her quizzically, not fully grasping what she meant, not understanding that she was joking. “Well astronomy has never been my forte, but if I had to say home, we share the same home don’t we. If I remember correctly, we are in Salem, located in the commonwealth, located on Earth. Which in turn is in the Solar system, located in the Orion arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Which is in the Virgo cluster, within the Virgo Supercluster within the observable universe. “

After pursing her lips and perusing the diner, she narrowed her brow. “What’s your deal, Rick? Scholar? Or did you loot those glasses off a dead guy?”

Rick borrowed his brow, almost mimicking Lorelei, “What do you mean that I took my glasses from a dead guy? Wearing prescription glasses that were made for another will harm your eyes. I would advise against it. As for my deal, I have no deal, I am who I am. Just because the world went to hell in a hand basket, doesn’t mean everyone gave up on society.”

“Sure a vast majority chose anarchy and pursuit of self-pleasures. Some of us decided that we should continue living as humans always have. There’s no species no more capable of adaptability than humans; which is why we survived a devastating war. So excuse me, for wishing to be educated in a world where strength and cunning are revered as the main evolutionary traits all perceive as greatest. So to answer your question, I’m just a person living life as we truly should, rather than waste it on nothingness.”
Ace Makovich - Diner - Night

“...Hold on a minute folks...Just received another report...It is estimated that a large number of Gunners escaped, and were headed north. Folks living in the northern parts of the commonwealth are advised to be careful, and if you see anyone strange, report them to authorities. If we receive any other news, we'll be sure to let you know.”

Ace listened to report and let out a loud sigh, "Shit, Minutemen sure ran them off. "

"Do...Do you think...Do you think they'll come here?" Betty asked as she leaned on the counter with her arms crossed. For once, Betty wasn't her "charming" self, she seemed worried.

"I could sugr coat it and tell you they'll most likely avoid us, but I can't. We are a new settlement, not well established at the moment..."Ace looked at her and she looked even more worried. Ace gave her a hug to comfort her, and stepped back, "Look, we'll be fine. Barney will do a good job keeping us safe, and we'll all have to be extra vigilant. Don't worry, I'll protect you, kiddo."

Betty smiled and thanked Ace. Ace looked outside, and it was getting dark. Things were too hectic, as everyone was pretty much just drinking and not eating. He pulled a cup and poured himself some of the moonshine. He took the cup and headed outside, he drank some of the shine, and it had quite a kick but the taste sure came about and mellowed as it made its way down his throat.

He lit a cigarette and started at the sky, and the stunning sunset. The orange and reddish hues in the sky as it slowly grew darker, and the light faded to nothingness. He took a gulp of his drink and followed it with a drag of his cig. He leaned his head back against the building and closed his eyes, he could feel himself mellowing out as a buzz was starting to develop.

He heard running feet and he turned his head to see what was making the sound. Brandy was running headed for his diner door. He looked puzzled, wondering why she was running. Before he could say anything she saw him, placed her basket down and threw herself on him, putting her arms around him. She buried her head in his chest, “I was so worried about you. The gunshots again, I'm so glad that you're alright.” She reached up and put her hands on his cheeks and kissed him.

"Of course I'm alright, why wouldn't I be? Do you mean due to those shots a while back? I think it was outside of town." Ace replied as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

“We should go inside, we'd be more safe in there with everyone.” she looked through the windows at the busy diner.

He looked through the window, "Yeah why not." He opened the door and followed her inside. She took a seat on the counter, and went to the other side and poured her a drink of her moonshine, "Gotta say this stuff is real good. You said it's your pops secret recipe? Better watch out, I may try and get recipe from you." Ace smiled and laughed as he said that.

Betty came up by him and placed her hand on his shoulder, "Well...if it isn't miss sunshine."

Ace shook his head, he patted her hand, "Be nice, Brandy was just worked up before. Just let her passion get to her."

"Whateves... thanks for before Ace. Really put me at ease." Betty replied as she rolled her and then giving Ace a smile.
Rick Noel - Diner - Nightfall

Rick stared at his drink as he listened to the report. From the sounds of it, the Minutemen had done their job. However, Rick hated them, for they were the tool used by the devil to destroy his home and drive his people into exile. He gripped his cup firmly wanting to smash it but he controlled himself. He felt famished, starving, after all he had emptied his stomach. It wasnt smart to drink, luckily he had only had a sip.

He pulled two nutrient bars and wolfed one down. The second one he slowly ate. To a surfacer it would like a granola bar, which begged the question if surfacers knew what granola was.He shrugged his shoulders not caring. As he sat there slowly taking small bites, one of the women that was sitting at the bar sat in his booth, across from him. She stood out wearing an overcoat, a pale complexion and unkept hair.

Her eyes studied him up-and-down, “I don’t recognize you.”

Rick looked at her and adjusted his glasses. He kept silent and took a sip of his drink and abit of the nutrient bar. He put them down, like his lip, and patted them with a handkerchief to remove any crumbs. He was looking at his hands unsure what to say, but he kept his cool. He raised his eyes and looked at her over his glasses, "When one presents themselves before others, courtesy dictates one should first state their name."

He adjusted his glasses and lifted his face to look at her, "I do not recognize you either. For I have never seen you before. Therefore you wouldn't recognize me. However, if you must know whom am I, well my name is Rick, Rick Noel. I arrived to this town today. If you are with the welcome comittee, along with that Ace fellow, who offered me this drink, tahnk you for your kindness." He lifted his glass an took a big gulp before placing it down again.
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