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Ace Makovich - Diner

“Some of us would like to eat before we starve to death,” Barney said as he puffed on his pipe waiting for his food.

“I’m pretty sure Father time will get to you before you starve,” Ace quipped as he stirred a large pot of radstag meat and various vegetables.

As they talked, there was a loud bang as the door to diner slammed open. Ace turned around to see what was happening but before he knew it, he was pushed out of the way as an armed man barged into the open kitchen. He opened the window and pointed his gun to what looked like to be a mutant.

“What the hell is going on here?” Barney asked as he stood up and prepped his rifle.

“I tell you what’s going on,” Tom said as he shut off the loud jukebox. As he turned it off, the sound of chopping wood and clattering could be heard coming from behind the diner. “You got a greenskin behind here readying for an attack!”

“You nearly gave me a heart attack. That there mutant is friendly and means no harm,” Barney replied. As he was talking, a customer walked in as he talked to one of the caravan guards.

Ace turned to the man in his kitchen area and glared at him, “Do you mind? I’d like to finish cooking and you’re in my way.”

The new man walked up to the counter “speaking of which Ace isn’t it? God only knows when it last ate or what it eats so what do you have for sale? Start with the Vegetables.... Any Melons or carrots? Bound to have something it likes...”

Ace leaned over and looked out the window, seeing the creature outside, “That’s a horse. They are extremely rare… What is one doing out east? I only ever saw one out west and it was dying.” He squatted and grabbed a box of vegetables; he grabbed the carrots and handed them to the man, “Carrots ought to work, 5 caps each.”

As he talked a woman walked into the diner, “Calm yourselves. The mutant is not hostile. His name is ‘Rook’ and he’s harvesting materials to help build a barrier. I watched him work this afternoon, myself.” She glared at Tom, and pushed past the rest of the group. She sat down on one of the barstools and locked eyes with Ace.

Lorelei turned her head slightly sideways and furrowed her brow at Ace. “What does a girl have to do around here to get her hands on a strawberry milkshake?” She peered over at Steve and Barney and lazily bowed her head in greeting. "Nice place you've got, by the way."

“I don’t have strawberries, hard to get out here. But I do have plenty of Mutfruits, I can make a shake out of that for 20 caps.” Ace said as he walked over to the fridge and grabbed milk and the fruit. He heard her say 15, he rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders in agreement.

“So Barney, I take it I’m going to have to add this particular mutant to the targeting computer as a friendly? Won’t be easy considering almost all those freaks look similar.” Ace said as he started to prepare the ingredients. He walked over to the blender and put some milk chopped murtfruit, a little ice into a blender. He opened a cupboard and pulled out a blackened container. Inside of it was a finely granulated substance that once went by the name of sugar. It was a rare substance, and he didn’t want others seeing it so he kept it hidden.

He made sure to block it from everyone’s view and added a small scoop of it to the shake. he turned on the old blender and mixed up the ingredients. The old blender had been a pain to fix, especially sharpening the small blades.

He grabbed a clean cup and poured the contents of the blender into it, with plenty left for another 2 shakes. He handed her the drink, and went back to stirring the stew. As he stirred he heard Tom approach the woman, he leaned on the counter and tipped his hat at her, “Well hello young lady. Name is Thomas Beauregard Sykes the III, entrepreneur extraordinary, purveyor of wares far and wide. What might your lovely name be?”
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Tom Sykes – Road to Salem

“Let’s go you fat beast, you’re slowing me down,” Tom shouted at his Brahmin as it followed alongside him pulling on a large wagon. The Brahmin mooed almost as if it was responding to him. He faced it, “What do you mean I’m slowing you down? I ain’t getting older, ya fat cow.”

His caravan guards laughed as the old man and the Brahmin argued. They were less tense now, after all they passed the crater and where not hassled by the Children of atom. They had reached the museum of witchcraft, when one of the guards put up his arm and motioned to hold position.

Tom took out a pair of binoculars, and looked in the direction the guard pointed. He could see what looked like a super mutant at the fork in the road leading to the diner. The two guards were now on full alert, “Let’s carefully go up the left coast that seems to be clear. Let see if we can find Barney, before we head into a firefight.”

They headed up the left coast very slowly and carefully, keeping an eye on the mutant at all times. It seemed he was doing something to the trees in the area. They made it to the convalescence home, and they hadn’t been spotted yet. Once there they quickly headed up the road and made their way to rooks home, but it was empty.

He knew that Barney spent a lot of time over by the church, and they made their way there soon. They saw him sitting in the diner, and he burst inside. One of the guards pushed Ace out of the way and opened a window and pointed his rifle at the mutant. The other guard was outside, and crouched around the corner taking is position.

“What the hell is going on here?” Barney asked as he stood up and prepped his rifle.

“I tell you what’s going on,” Tom said as he shut off the loud jukebox. As he turned it off, the sound of chopping wood and clattering could be heard coming from behind the diner. “You got a greenskin behind here readying for an attack!”
Ace Makovich – Salem

The doctor asked Ace to have a seat as he put on a new pair of rubber gloves. Ace found that strange, as it was rare for a wasteland doctors to take time to do such a thing. However, Ace disregarded it, and was happy to be before a doctor concerned with hygiene.

The doctor then spent the next hour or so cleaning and dressing Ace's head wound, and wrapping it in a clean bandage. He then checked Ace’s coordination by having him walk in a straight line and had him repeat tongue twisters. He also, checked his sensitivity to light by flashing a light on his eyes.

Next, the doctor had Ace remove his shirt and thoroughly checked him out for other injuries. It had been a long time since Ace had had a proper physical. Last time was in Hidden Valley after the Brotherhood had been routed from Helios One. As he was reminiscing about his former life, he noticed the doctor become fixated on his left arm. A chill ran down his spine, he had forgotten of the tattoo he had gotten when he finished his training as a young man.

The doctor was finished examining him, and Ace quickly began to put on his shirt. He was too worried about the tattoo to notice or pay attention to what the doctor had said. Ace walked backwards to the stairs as he attempted to list to the doctor.

Ace clasped his hands and nodded, “Well doc, its been a pleasure. Please come down to the diner when you get a chance so I can pay for your services and offer you a free meal.”

Ace turned around and headed down. He had always kept his background secret, not even Barney knew of it. The Easter Brotherhood had done an awful job making friends in the commonwealth, and most wastelanders wouldn’t be able to comprehend that he once belonged to a different faction.

He lit a cigarette and headed for the diner. He unlocked the door, and headed for the cellar and brought some of the meat upstairs to the prep area. He then went p the main switch and turned on all the lights and the jukebox playing Diamond City radio.

He finished smoking and started prepping the food. As he was paring some of the radstag meat, Barney came into the diner and took a seat on stool at the counter. “About time you opened up. Damn place is more often closed than opened,” Barney grumbled as he lit his pipe. Ace rolled his eyes and got back to work.

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Ace Makovich – Salem Clinic

Ace waited by the stairs, waiting for the doc to finish with his current patient. He had only been in the old church building once, and that was to run a diagnostic of the turrets for Barney. With all these new people around, we’ll have to expand the parameters of the targeting computers. They would need to add new profiles for all the newcomers; otherwise they would get shot at night when turrets are put on alert.

As he waited, the doctor turned to him, "I believe you said something about a head injury correct? And your name?"

“Name’s Ace Makovich, I run the diner in town. Not used to seeing so many people about, so I am sorry for barging in,” Ace said as he extended his arm to shake the doctor’s hand.

“As I was saying before, I went hunting and may have had a bit too much and a radstag showed up. It slammed me into a tree. Doesn’t seem I broke anything, but my head hit the rough bark and I was bleeding.” Ace lowered his head to show the doctor the top of his head, “Figured I’d get checked out just to be safe.”
Sam Littlehorn – Vault 21

“Let me tell you this Pontiff, 3 mile island is the site of a once great nuclear power plant. I’m sure you and your followers will be able to dwell in Atom’s glow there. One of the reactors remains undamaged, and working to bring it online and direct power to our cities. The other reactors is down and leaking.” Sam said as she sipped on a glass of wine handed to her by one of the waiters.

She leaned back on her chair and looked around the room before returning her gaze to Cromwell, “You provide us access to this tech you speak off, and I will assure you and your followers have a safe haven, and can happily pursue Atom’s glow in the safety of our nation. Please consider this offer carefully.”

Sherman Smith –

Sherman was impressed by the proposal from the Most Serene Republic. He was still apprehensive of committing Pennsylvania’s Military to potential conflict. However, the upside is that others would commit their militaries to their aid in case of war. With a neighbor like the cult, that could be inevitable.

“I must say, this agreement seems to be more than agreeable. However, I myself lack the authority of signing this agreement. Our dear governor could sign it, but until our congress ratifies it, we would not be able to participate in it.” Sherman said as Bartholomew finished reading the document. Sherman grabbed a pipe form his pocket, and packed it with tobacco and lit it.

As he took a puff, another representative arrived, this time from the far reaches of Alaska. Her demeanor showed she was more soldier than diplomat. Rough around the edges, very rough, “Well, not everything can be dictated by war. Civilized people should strive for peace, and rebuilding. Our commonwealth of Pennsylvania seeks a future for its citizens. To recreate the safety of the world before it all fell apart.”

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though the faction of COA at the lighthouse are very violent in nature, as opposed perhaps to the craters COA, I'll leave their persona up to you, but they are mistrusted/
Ace Makovich – Returning To Salem

On his way back to town, Ace had come across another doe. Luckily he was sober enough and managed to take it down in a few shots with no damage to himself. He snagged up a couple molerats as well, and was dragging the carcasses on the tarp he had brought along. He had been gone for about a day, but now he should be stocked up for a while. He had plenty of mirelurk meat, but he would need to diversify his menu, can’t serve same thing every day.

He stopped for a bit to take a break. He needed to stretch and gain some feeling back to his shoulders. He pulled out a cigarette, lit it, and took a long drag from it. It’s times like this he wished things like cars worked. You’d think that by now there’d be vehicles or some mode of transportation.

He picked up the rope he had tied around tarp, and started pulling on the tarp. As he walked by the Witchcraft Museum, he heard a low growl sound come from within. He knew better than to check it out, that place was dangerous. He hear gun shots from town, seemed as if something was going down. I’m sure Barney has it handled, if it was something serious the turrets would be going off.

As he rounded the corner to the street leading to his diner, he saw Barney standing there with a woman and what looked like a super mutant. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and shook his head. I must be suffering from heat exhaustion.

He grabbed his key from pocket, and unlocked the door. He stepped into the dinner and once again shut the door locking it. He opened the cellar door and carried his kill with him. He had field dressed the kills, so they should last for a while. He was just glad he had working freezers to store the meat in. It had taken him a while to fix them, but it was worth it.

Lucky for him the diner had a spacious cellar. He used half for storage and the other half as his modest living space. He went over the bathroom and took a cold shower, still couldn’t get water heater to work. He washed the blood off himself, some of it from animals, a lot of it his own. His chest and back were badly bruised but doesn’t seem like he broke anything, he would need to get checked out by a doctor. Perhaps Doc Weathers may visit soon, but even then he was dubious of the good ‘docs’ skills.

He got dressed and headed upstairs. He saw Barney leaning against the wall. “Slacking off Barney? If you got time to lean, you have time to patrol.” Ace said as he opened the door to the diner.

“Yeah, well I’ll be sure to be on patrol when someone lights up your diner due to your smart ass remarks.” Barney replied as he lit a cigarette. “While you were on your little vacation, some new folk arrived to town. Got us some women, a doctor, some sketchy looking fellas, and even a greenskin.”

“That blow from the radstag must have gotten to me, I thought I heard you say greenskin,” ace said as he tried to clear his ears.

“Nope, got us a genuine, bona fide, friendly mutie. Just like that Vault dweller did. People from all around gonna come to see that fella. So I recommend yo carry at all times, cause not all of them will be friendly.” Barney said as he took a drag from his cig.

“ Yeah, well if you aren’t armed at all times then you are an idiot. Well if I hear you correctly, you said we have a new medic, where is he? I need a check up,” Ace said as he locked the door of the diner.

Barney smirked, “I said we have a new doctor not a vet. But he may make an exception, he on the second floor of the church.”

Ace flipped him the finger as he walked towards the church, “Your mother.”

Ace walked to the church and saw the white coat of a doctor on the second floor. As he walked up the stairs he started talking to the doctor, “Hey doc need a checkup got slammed by a radstag into a tree, and head was bleeding pretty bad before… Sorry, didn’t see you were with someone.”
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