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@LunarWe are still going.

Liked your CS, approved
Rick Noel - Salem

Arthur lit up as heard Rick mention the nearby safehouse. "Excellent. That could be just what we need. Supplies and weapons we could use to help defend the town and perhaps even a secure way to contact our superiors. We'll have to come up with a good excuse as to how we procured the supplies of course...but we can worry about that later." the doctor exclaimed.

Rick nodded in agreement, "Yeah, it would all come down to how we ask and what we ask for. I can see them granting some inconspicuous weapons and supplies. I mean wastelanders have gotten their hands on our weapons, but I'd feel less exposed if we asked for excess wasteland weapons... This does make me wonder if they'll want anything in exchange?"

As Rick spoke out loud, the doctor seemed deep in thought as he paced. Before he could speak up, the doctor muttered and then look at Rick speaking up louder, "Alright, we shouldn't waste any time. Would you be able to lead me to the shelter right away? The sooner we pursue this, the better I feel."

"Yes, agreed doctor. It hasnt been used for some time, but should be well supplied. After all, it was part of the contingency plan should anything go wrong. Let just hope we fin the hatch leading down to the safeho..." As Rick spoke his gaze turned toward the super mutant that was coming towards them. He didn't look like that other super mutant the town had.

Before he could even reach for his gun, the mutant spoke up showing some sort of intelligence like Rook, “Doctor I'm about to leave to check and see if there are still supplies where my caravan got hit. Is there any medical supplies you need specifically that I can get for you?”

Rick looked up at the mutant, and he found it hard to look for words, but managed to compose himself. "Well...I'm sure the good doctor is in short supply of pretty much any and all medicine... I'm sorry, I don't believe we have met, name is Rick..."

As Rick introduced himself, Barney intterupted them, "Wanted to let you all know thattonight we'll have a town meeting. I think much needs to be discussed, considering todays events...I think the Inn is a good place, two hours from now."
@Kouropalates you haven’t missed much. Just the town being attacked by the deathclaw and it’s offspring. Barney going around telling all that a town meeting will be taking place
Ace Makovich - Clinic - Mid Afternoon

He stood next to Brandy and listened to the mutant as he continued with his story. He was knowledgeable and many of his statements were true, there was no reason to doubt the story he told. Steve stood to leave, which was a bit foolhardy considering he had been thrown, and could possibly still be injured.

As he left he did make talk to Ace, and mentioned perhaps having a town meeting. It made sense, a lot had happened and lot could still occur. Being better prepared would be vital, and everyone needed to be ready for anything else that could happen.

Brandy moved a bit and spoke up. He turned his gaze to her, she seemed to still be dazed and bit out of it. She told him she loved him. He was a bit taken a back, perhaps it was the drugs she was on speaking. He wasn’t sure what his reply should be in this situation. He just smiled for a bit as he pondered a response.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead, “ love ya too, kiddo.” He held her hand and patted it as he looked at her. Before he could say anything, Barney walked in to the clinic and cleared his throat, drawing Ace’s attention. he motioned for Ace. Ace nodded, and he leaned down and gave Brandy another kiss.

He walked over to Barney, “Well old timer, you sure took your time to get to those turrets. Old age must be catching up with you.”

“Smart ass... So hows the kid doing” Barney said as he nodded towards brandy as he lit a cigarette.

“I think she’ll be okay. Took a beating, but she’s strong. Though a bit out of it due to the drugs the doc gave her. So, Steve was here, he mentioned having a town meeting, which honestly isn’t half a bad idea.” Ace replied as he began walking towards the door and staring at the downed mother deathclaw.

“Yeah, good idea. I’ll make the rounds and inform people. I’ll ask Celeste if she’d be willing to host it at the inn, big enough place to have it.” Barne y said as he scratched his face, agreeing with Ace. Ace turned as Barney left, and headed back to Brandy. He took a stool that was sitting against a wall, and placed it by Brandy, keeping her company.
Rick Noel - Diner - Mid Afternoon

Rick grabbed a broom and swept the broken glass and wood pieces to one corner of the diner. There was so much broken debris, that it seemed pointless, but it at least gave him something to do, rather than just stand around. As he cleaned up, it made him miss the safety of the institute, and of the new vault. An attack like this would’ve never occurred there.

As he swept, doctor walked inside the diner. He remarked on the deathclaw and stopped himself as Betty walked nearby. Rick nodded in agreement, as to not wishing to see one of the creatures again. He looked outside to the big one, “But they are remarkable. Just take a look at that one, Doctor Arthur. It’s bigger than a regular one... its evolved.”

The doctor one again remarked on the need to request aid from The Directorate. Rick nodded in agreement that aid would be beneficial. He looked around to ensure no one was listening to them. He leaned in closer to the doctor, “I had given some thought to that as well. See...I did something I shouldn’t have and brought a copy of my terminal in a encrypted holodisk.”

He spoke in a quieter tone, “I knew there was a location of an old SRB hideout around this area. It’s nearby, in fact its located across the way, in the old building. Per the specs, there should be a terminal, supplies, maybe a few guns, and security shutters. It was meant as a safe house for back when we had non-synth research patrols.”

damn, gorge is a big fella
Rick Noel - Diner

Rick looked around the diner, it was a mess, but one that could be cleaned and repaired. Celeste left, headed for the inn, and the waitress grabbed a broom and started to sweep, while cursing under her breath. Rick stood by the door and looked over to where the body of the large deathclaw was. Some other folk, whom he hadn’t seen nor met, were cutting into the creature. Were they planning to cook it?

The thought itself both disgusted and intrigued him. What does it taste like, would it be full of nutrients and other properties? He would recommend to Doctor Arthur to study the meat, at least to see how it compares to “regular” animals. He looked back at the diner, and decided he would make himself useful and help out in doing some cleaning.

He was careful with the broken glass from the front window. It would be hard getting an intact replacement. He knocked some of the dangling glass down and crashing on the floor. He turned back to face Betty, who without saying anything just threw him another broom. He brought an empty garbage can from outside and started to gather and throw away the broken glass.

Ace Makovich – Clinic – Afternoon
Ace sat on the chair holding the rag to his wound. He had found a sewing kit on the table and started to suture, his slash. It wasn’t bad, but this would help the wound close faster. He focused on his work but kept an eye on that mutant that walked back in. He was wary of the creature, but Ace was not in fighting conditions at the moment o do anything.

He listened to the creature as it gave its story on how it acquired those tags, It made him angry to know that this creature would even consider itself an equal to the brotherhood. Had the Midwest Brotherhood become so corrupt as to allow a super mutant amongst its ranks? It seemed ludicrous and absurd.

However, what truly angered him was the fact that this creature exiled itself and kept its tags, while Ace was stripped of his by his once family. He clenched his fist, but controlled his emotions. There was no need to do anything too hasty at the moment. He listened as Steve tried to make sense of what the creature spoke.

He shook his head, “The Brotherhood never rebelled from the Enclave, Steve. In fact the two are bitter enemies, but where never one organization… This mutant would have never served with the New California Brotherhood, if anything it would be the Midwest chapter… a misguided group if anything…”

Ace finished stitching, and again pressed the rag on the wound. He walked over to Brandy and held her hand, “Don’t worry kid, I’m here for you.”
I am, just been sick with no energy to write
Ace Makovich - Salem

Ace stood there as he watched the mutant get up and for the most part ignore him, aside from some snarky remark on his condition. However, the creature was right, Ace didn't feel like fighting nor doing anything for that matter. He was physically exhausted, most likely his body masking the pain.

He clutched at his stomach, where he had been struck by the deathclaws tail. He looked down, and he was slightly bleeding. He took a few steps back and leaned against the wall of the church and slid down, sitting on the ground. The Deathclaws razor sharp tail had slashed his stomach. It wasnt a deep gash, he had lucked out at least.

He leaned his head against the side of the building. and just stared out into the sky and let time slip by. He should make his way inside the clinic but he didn't have the energy to get up. Everyon in town seemed to be busy moving and running around at a quick pace. Soon he saw Frieda coming to the clinic carrying Brandy in her arms.

Ace struggled to get up,but managed to get a hold of a piece of wood and managed to get on his feet. He clutched his stomach in pain, it seemed to burn. He was now starting to feel the pain. His mody was no longer masking the pain. He slowly shuffled as he ran a hand along the wall, making his way inside the clinic.

He slowly made his way over to where Frieda had placed Brandy and looked at her. "How are you Brandy, are you okay? please tell me you're alright." He looked her over and saw how she was bleeding. His one arm was still clutching his stomach, but he didn't care. He looked at Doctor Arthur, "Oh my god... hey doc, is she going to be alirght?"
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