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Ace Makovich - Salem

Ace stood there as he watched the mutant get up and for the most part ignore him, aside from some snarky remark on his condition. However, the creature was right, Ace didn't feel like fighting nor doing anything for that matter. He was physically exhausted, most likely his body masking the pain.

He clutched at his stomach, where he had been struck by the deathclaws tail. He looked down, and he was slightly bleeding. He took a few steps back and leaned against the wall of the church and slid down, sitting on the ground. The Deathclaws razor sharp tail had slashed his stomach. It wasnt a deep gash, he had lucked out at least.

He leaned his head against the side of the building. and just stared out into the sky and let time slip by. He should make his way inside the clinic but he didn't have the energy to get up. Everyon in town seemed to be busy moving and running around at a quick pace. Soon he saw Frieda coming to the clinic carrying Brandy in her arms.

Ace struggled to get up,but managed to get a hold of a piece of wood and managed to get on his feet. He clutched his stomach in pain, it seemed to burn. He was now starting to feel the pain. His mody was no longer masking the pain. He slowly shuffled as he ran a hand along the wall, making his way inside the clinic.

He slowly made his way over to where Frieda had placed Brandy and looked at her. "How are you Brandy, are you okay? please tell me you're alright." He looked her over and saw how she was bleeding. His one arm was still clutching his stomach, but he didn't care. He looked at Doctor Arthur, "Oh my god... hey doc, is she going to be alirght?"
Ace Makovich - Salem - Noon

Ace groaned as he lay on the ground. He struggled to get up, feeling all of his body hurting. He pushed himself up, as the wood that had fallen on him fell down the sides to the ground. He was on his knees and his vision was slightly blurry but it slowly came back. He looked around to try and gather his bearings, when he saw the dead deathclaw on the ground.

He slowly lifted himself up to his feet and looked behind him. The church wall was still in good condition, it would require some fixing up, just in case. The double door on the other hand were gone aside from that half that had a dead ‘claw slumped over it. Ace slowly walked over to it, all wobbly as he felt some pain. He put his hands behind his back and arched it to try and feel better.

He grabbed the ‘claw’s feet and pulled on it, but soon it caused the rest of the door fell down. He looked over down the street, and saw what looked like the armored super mutant. Ace grabbed his plasma pistol and slowly made his way over and pointed it at the mutie’s head, “Well… who are you and what are your intentions?”

Rick Noel – Salem – Noon

Rick headed towards the museum, where the deathclaw had emerged. It was foolish of him to do so; after all there could be other lingering creatures. Nevertheless, he needed to make sure no more danger emerged from the building. He rounded the corner with his gun ready, thought with a broken stock, and turned into the gaping hole of the old museum. He turned away in disgust, as a foul stench emanated from the building.

He covered his nose with his shirt, but even that was too much. The pack of deathclaws had done a number in there, and it reeked. He leaned against the wall, but from the quick view he got, there was no movement, not that he wanted to double check. However his stomach turned as he say the mutilated super mutant dropped by the deathclaw, with its missing had.

However, the weapon next to it highly interested him. The Gatling laser dropped by this mutie would prove invaluable. After all, this town lacked in defenses and this gun could be converted into a powerful turret to defend the town, or at least an area of it. He went o grab it but the muties hand was tightly wrapped around it.

He tried to loosen its grip but no good. He thought for a bit, and then began to stomp on the hand, over and over again, bones crunched and blood splattered, but soon the weapon was free. He did his best to pick it up but it was heavy. He pulled the fusion core out, and placed that in his pack, and then continued to drag the weapon next to him towards the town. He stopped part way, as he came about a dead mutie holding a combat rifle, with the same stock he used to have. He grabbed it, planning to replace the one on his broken rifle.

The fighting in town had subsided, it sounded as if the turrets in town had been activated. Why they took so long, was another matter. He dragged the gatling laser and placed it next to the diner. He looked at the dead deathclaw that lay there at the old intersection, and rick slowly walked over to it. He checked the rifle he had grabbed from the mutie, and made sure it was loaded as he approached.

He had never seen a deathclaw up front, and this was a rare opportunity to miss. His natural curiosity took hold of him, and he needed to check it out up close. Even as it lay dead on the ground, it possessed a menacing look. He looked at its claw, and squatted to take a closer look. He pushed his glasses and slowly reached for the creature and touched the claw. It was solid, and sharp; felt like sharpened combat knife made of fine steel.

He looked at its horn and how it spiraled up. It sort of reminded him of a drill bit, in this case a highly sharpened drill bit. What terrified him though was its teeth. How many it possessed, all finely sharpened, almost looked like a bunch of knives coming out of its mouth. How in nature such a creature came to be, was beyond him. It seemed like a sick experiment by a twisted scientist, unleashed upon the wastes.

Rick turned towards the diner, when he heard a loud scream. He readied the gun and made his way over but stopped as he saw ace laying in front of church with a pile of wood on top of him, along with the earlier armored mutie he had seen before. He stood there, but decided to check diner first as that’s where screaming came from, it could mean there was another small deathclaw running about. He pushed open the door as it lay on its hinges, and it crumpled to the ground. There stood a short woman, Celeste if he wasn’t mistaken screaming. Rick looked down and there lay a dead young deathclaw, and another man crumpled on the ground.

He looked at Celeste, and made motion for her to quiet down. He went over to the man, Rick looked around and grabbed a piece of broken glass and placed it by the man’s mouth and nose. He watched it fog up, telling him he was still alive. He looked over at Celeste, “we need a plank or something to move him, don’t want to pick him up in case he broke anything.
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Deathclaw Results -

Awoken by the cries of it youngest. The mother deathclaw stared at the young woman that lay before it. As it was about to slash at her, it felt the burning sensation of multiples shots, and being slightly pushed by the force. A woman stood by her with a shotgun, although she seemed familiar, it was too angry with rage to notice whom she was. It swiped at her, but missed.

As its swiped missed, another shot came from behind. This one stung with great pain, as it felt it strike its neck, making it bleed. This made it angrier as it threw its arms into the air and let out a loud roar. A man with a rifle stared it down. It saw him and moved its body from side to side, and its tail slammed into him, throwing him further inside.

As it moved to try and take down its prey, a large creature seeming to wear some sort of armor approached and stopped. It began firing at it, but its shots were erratic. The deathclaw lifted its arms to shield it from the shots. It blocked most but some did find their mark. It lowered its head, and charged at the mountainous creature, hitting it pushing it back. Its armor luckily stopped it from penetrating whatever was inside, and saved it from a serious injury.

The creature lay before it but the deathclaw lost interest as it wanted to kill the one that had harmed its young. As it walked back to its prey a man ran to it, shooting at it with a green blast. It struck its back heel, causing it to drop to one knee. It leaned back, and with a swipe of its hand, threw the man gains the wall from the building (church) where he had come out of. He hit hard, as some wood fell on top of him as he slumped to the ground.

The deathclaw struggled to its feet, seriously wounded from various hits, it was as almost if only one more struck it, it would be done for. It readied its claw to swipe at the young woman to shred her to pieces. When all of a sudden the towns turrets began to whirr in unison, and let out a barrage on the creature. The shots were precise as they centered on it and followed it as it fell to the ground, it’s head landing right in front of the girl.


Barney let out a loud sigh as he leaned back on the chair. The monitors showed the deathclaw dead. If he had taken any longer, Brandy would be dead. He pulled out his pipe and lit it, he had gotten to the turret controls right on time. Perhaps it would be best to rethink policy of turning them off during the day, but that’d require having someone man them full time.

Ace Makovich - Salem - Morning

Ace listened to the doc as he gave his assessment that the ghoul was done for. Ace knew it be so as well, after it had lost a lot of blood and was missing its limbs. Only reason Ace had brought it over, was because it wasn’t feral. He may be disgusted by it, but as sentient being it deserved to live. Ace looked down at his clothes and then back up at the doc, “Do what you must doc.”

“Sorry you wasted your time,” Frieda replied. Ace shrugged his shoulders, knowing that she was right. As he stood there, he straightened up as he heard roaring and thumping. The ground seemed to vibrate as the sounds got louder. He could hear a familiar voice and it was shouting deathclaw, over and over, telling people to run.

Ace’s hand went straight to his gun, but he froze as he saw it had been Brandy yelling a deathclaw following along behind her. He walked over to the door and just stared, but was pulled back as Frieda yelled at him to take cover. He wasn’t sure what to do, last time he had faced a deathclaw, he was with a full brotherhood team, and it had shredded one man’s armor like it was hot knife through butter.

As Ace turned to check on those in the clinic, Frieda and the doc were not to be seen. As h turned back a smaller deathclaw, a juvenile, stared at him. Ace quickly slammed the old church door closed. The young ‘claw slammed on the door and Ace held it shut, struggling. He closed brought down the old wooden bar, to help keep the ‘claw out but it seemed to grow angrier.

Suddenly the old door gave and splinters flew all over the room, pieces both large and small, flying towards Ace. The door burst with so much strength, Ace was thrown down on his back towards the floor. He lifted his head up as the ‘claw walked in through he door. He grabbed his pistol and began to shoot.

The shots struck the ‘claw as it roared in pain, but after multiple shots, it slumped forward and laid on the bottom half of the door that still remained on its hinges. Ace quickly got up and began running towards the bigger deathclaw after Brandy. He ran towards it shooting what round remained on his gun.

I like character @Crimson Paladin
Just want to make sure to see if I do a roll for forge. So that means he’ll attack with Gatling or other mean?

Is gorge attacking the mother claw?
Rick Noel – Salem Outskirts – Morning

Rick stopped as he heard a bellowing roar. Unlike the screams of the super mutants, this sounded deeper and more ferocious. He stood there and faced the museum where the sounds came from, and stepped back as he saw a deathclaw emerge. He froze in place unsure of what just to do. He had read a lot about wasteland creatures, and the entry on deathclaw always scared him.

He could feel his legs frozen to the ground, his mind said move, but his body stood still. As the deathclaw emerged, he noticed a young girl and mutant in front of its path. What happened next, made Rick turned pale, as he saw the it pick up the mutant and kill it in one bite by biting his head off. The mutant was holding a Gatling laser, and as it limp body fell, the gun shot out hitting everything around him.

The girl ran off, and soon the deathclaw was on the chase. Rick’s eyes turned wide open, as she ran in his direction with the monster right behind her. His legs unfroze and he found himself stepping back. He hit a branch and fell backwards. He curled up and covered his head, and he could feel the wind whirl by as the deathclaw ran right by him roaring. It was deafening and Rick couldn’t help but cover his ears.

Rick slowly stood up and was on his knees. He looked over to his side, where he had accidentally dropped his rifle in the confusion. He staggered as he tried to get up and dropped to the ground once again. As his belt was snagged on a branch. As his hands trembled he hastily unfastened his belt, wishing not to waste anytime in case the big one returned.

He got up on his feet, and dusted himself. He walked to his rifle and as he was leaning over to pick his rifle out he felt a powerful push and was thrust forward. He rolled on the ground, over dead leaves and broken branches. He looked over his shoulder and saw a young deathclaw. He fumbled up, and stood almost frozen in place as he stared the young creature down. It roared in a high pitched growl, just beginning to develop its roar.

It charged at Rick and he dropped and rolled to the side. The young claw had run at him at full speed and it slid on the ground as it tried to stop, and soon rolled on the ground, giving out another high pitch roar. Rick took the opportunity and sprinted to his gun and dove forward rolling on the ground, grabbing his ground.

As he turned to face the creature, his hands shook in fear. He let off some shots but they all missed, due to his trembling hands. THe claw was upon him and slashed at him, hitting the gun and causing him to drop it. Rick stepped back, and done dove for the spote between the deathclaws feet, tumbling behind it. He grabbed his gun by the barrel, and did what he could. He used rifle like a bat and hit it right on its face.

The deathclaw shrieked in pain and it moaned. It looked at Rick, causing him to fumble with his gun in order to shoot, but as he got ahold of his rifle's stock, it was busted and broken. THe deathclaw had run off into the distance chasing after the big one. Rick dropped to one knee as he tried to catch his breath and steady his nerves.
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