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The RP Itself:

(Note: I have made a LFRP for this RP before but it is outdated and I'm looking for slightly different things)

The basic idea is that we will RP an adventure wherein our characters start at the bottom, as if they were fresh level 1 characters newly made in the world. Nobody knows who they are, they aren't famous, they aren't champions. They are just a small group of people looking for an adventure. And they will start that adventure in [Insert Starting Zone Here]. It could be Northshire Valley. Perhaps Sunstrider Isle. Whatever the case may be, we will RP this adventure as though our characters are following a logical path of progression. This means that they will go from one hub to the next, one zone to the next, in the proper order as if we were ingame leveling through these zones. At each location they go to, they will be given quests that we make up ourselves (We will not be RPing the already existing quests in the game)

I should make a few things clear:

We will not be RPing actual game mechanics, such as learning abilities, leveling up, or gaining 'loot'.

The starting zone will likely determine the point within the lore we start at. If we start in say, Northshire Valley, then we will be starting the RP during Vanilla. If we were to start in Ammen Vale, or Sunstrider Isle, then we would be starting at the beginning of Burning Crusade.

Certain characters will not appear until they realistically exist within the story. This means that until we progress the RP to the events of Legion, Lightforged Draenei will not be around. Nightborne aren't around until Legion, Kul'tirans are a rare sight on the mainland, Deathknights are most certainly not a welcome sight. So on, so forth.

Things About Me:

1: I speak Fluent English, as I hope this interest check has shown. I'm not perfect by any means, and I make mistakes like anyone else. But I like to think that, for the most part, and my own personal methods of typing some ways aside, I am as fluent as it's going to get.

2: I can post most days, however there will be times that I'm simply not up for RP. There will be other times where I will back and forth with you for as long as you are around. Each day is different for me, be it things going on, or simply interest being high or low.

3: I am available to RP over Discord if that works better for you.

Things I Look For In You:

1: Since I myself am fluent in English, I am looking for a partner who is likewise fluent in English. I don't expect perfection. I'm not going to lose my mind because you make a typo here and there. That being said, we all know that there is a very fine line between making a few mistakes, and actively making a typo every single sentence that you type, completely lacking punctuation, and seeming like you either only speak English as a second language, or like you aren't paying much attention to your typing. This is an instant red flag for me in a RP and can make me lose interest. Please, be grammatically competent. I'm not super strict on grammar... but if it's clear you aren't even trying, that's a problem.

2: I am looking for someone who can be around regularly, even perhaps back and forth with me from time to time. If posts are only done on a daily basis, I will quickly lose interest when come a month down the line, we're still on the first scene because we've both only made a dozen posts each. You don't have to be around every day. You don't even have to post multiple times every day. However, once in a while being able to sit down and just post back and forth, to progress the RP and keep it moving, would be nice.

3: Lastly, just show interest. Obviously if you are messaging me in the first place, you are interested. But often times when people message me, it just feels like they view messaging me about the RP as a chore, like they are just annoyed at the situation or like they couldn't care less. I get excited about RP, I would like a partner who is also excited about it and looking to write something with me, not just come along for the ride because they have nothing better to do!
Bumping this.

I'm looking currently for a version of this RP idea where I play more of a DM role, controlling the NPCs and the like that your characters interact with. I'm looking for someone who will play 2 characters at once journeying across Azeroth.
Has this in my more general LFRP but figured I would make an ad for this specifically since I'd really like to do it:

Two souls, determined to be the greatest adventurers the world has ever seen. Perhaps one wants to become a great Smith. Perhaps another wants to become a great Archaeologist. Whatever their goals, they'll need to travel all across Azeroth and beyond, from town to town, camp to camp, finding all who will give them quests so they may further their experiences, and even delve into deep dungeons to uproot the ill intent of villainous... villains.

Long story short, we'll be playing OCs just, playing the game... except, actually IC. So rather than 'Doing quests for experience and leveling up', they are just going on an adventure and doing odd jobs for people who ask it of them.

We'd play through the 'logical' path of the game, so say our characters start in Elwynn, then work their way into Westfall and Redridge, they'll go into dungeons along the way. But we'll be making up our own storylines, rather than the actual quests of the game itself.

I have a couple characters in mind, so I'm looking for someone willing to play a character who already has a backstory and name. However, if you're really into the RP idea, but are just absolutely against playing a premade character and want your own instead, I can work with that.

PM me with interest, won't respond here so please don't post in this thread!
Luxanna Crownguard, once part of a renowned family in charge of the well being of the royal family of Demacia. These days, she's just a mage on the run... and being a mage in Demacia is, complicated. For her own safety, she left, going on a long journey to try and find a new home. Noxus wasn't the kind of place she ever wanted to go, and the Freljord while she would no doubt find a place that would welcome her, was simply too cold. Ionia would be her ideal choice, but it was so far away... so whether she was going there or not, that left one place she was going to have to go to. Piltover... little did she know, she wasn't going to be leaving any time soon.

Piltover is known for its science, the technology of the city being leagues ahead of the rest of the world. And yet, it has one major issue. A certain criminal who doesn't just rob people, doesn't shoot people in the streets, no... this criminal is known for bringing down entire buildings in an afternoon because she is bored. The local terror, Jinx.

And one day, as she was walking along a rooftop, she noticed a blonde girl roaming the streets... she didn't seem to belong, but then again, neither did Jinx. And so she swooped down... just to see what would happen.


Basically looking for a Lux/Jinx RP filled with craziness, and other characters popping up here and there for fun. It would be fairly smut-driven, though not 100%. I'd say a 50/50 split. The whole idea is Jinx is introducing Lux to new ideas, teaching her how to live free, while Lux is on the other hand, helping Jinx sort of calm down, and see the lighter side of a more 'normal' life, even if neither can ever be truly changed for good.

I don't mind which character I play, however I would prefer that my partner play the female, whoever that ends up being.

Of course, PMs only.
Bump, interested in most anything at the moment.
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