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23 hrs ago
Current I've requested my account to be banned. But before I log off for the last time, I just wanna say sorry to everyone for causing undue annoyance. Good luck and have fun!
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24 hrs ago
Again sorry y'all. I know people have made it clear in this chat that they don't like me and well I'm not keen on ruining this place for my own selfishness. I've requested my account to be deleted.
24 hrs ago
How'ja deactivate accounts here? Or is that something you ask a mod?
1 day ago
*sigh* I really thought I made a good impression here. Well, not that it matters. Sorry y'all. I don't mean any harm, I'll stop and leave now.
1 day ago
Ok, ouch.


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Ah, I misunderstood.

Well in that case, I request a permanent ban please. I dislike being dramatic, so I want to make this as quick and painless as possible. If I'm not mistaken when an account is banned it puts a message up on their user-page saying "banned and nuked" or something to that effect. That is good as it will quickly alert people to my disappearance.

Either way, if worst comes to the worst and that is not an option, hopefully my last status will still be seen by anyone that checks my user-page. Again, I dread the fact that this will come across as dramatic, but thank y'all everyone for the fun while I was here. Imma log off permanently now and not come back online which should help things here improve. Good luck.

Hey hey!

Welp, I really enjoyed it here, but it became clear to me that I've upset people without intending to. Luckily I know when it's time to stop since I do not want this place to be lowered in standards due to me. So, I guess the right thing to do unfortunately is to delete my account now before I end up upsetting anyone else.

So, how do you delete accounts and all that? Thanks
@Dark Cloud Ah, I understand now! hehe, Thank you!

Welp, it's kinda funny thinking about it now, and not just because it turns out my idea is ridiculously impractical, but I mean to think when I'm up and about, my good friends on here are all getting ready for bed or sleeping. Hmm, well actually I suppose it only seems funny to be because I'm not used to the concept yet.

Anyway, Thank you! hehe. I've learnt something new and have another reason to giggle, since I've made myself look a delightful fool again :P hahaha. I suppose with this new information though it undermines my entire point and makes my first conversation thread obsolete. Soooo, I guess this is the end to this topic. Short and sweet hahahaha. Not really sure how to end this though soo... umm....

@Dark Cloud Oooooooh! I think I get what'cha mean now! I think?

So, if my idea was for whatever reason implemented, it would completely mismatch the time and day/night cycle for half the entire world... or in other words... It would be practically impossible to have one time zone without literally throwing off half the world? And wait? Does that mean when its the dead of night and no-one else is up.... its just local? Like the other side of the planet is getting all that warm good daylight? Like, night and day are more relative than I think?
@Dark Cloud I do not understand? The time-zone idea that I had would make it so that everywhere would have the same time. So when it's dark it would be night-time and when light it would be day-time. I would, if it was up to me, have a time-zone that accounted for that. So the time would match the day/night cycle too! I mean we can't ask people to call it day-time if its dark outside hehehe. Does what I'm saying make sense?

*squeezes you another hug* heheh, you must be all cuddled out but I won't stop muahahah
@Dark Cloud Oh it would only be for a day or two, then they'd adjust to the new time-zone and be able to sleep as normal! It should not affect sleep at all, after-all people naturally sleep during the night anyway and the new time-zone of cause would have night-time match when its dark

Oh, would'ja look at that! I'm Finally starting a conversation thread that's not a questionable 1x1 interest check! Huh, never thought I'd see the day hehehe. Anyway I wanna talk about time-zones because, hehe well despite the fact I'm a shining beacon of positivity and innocence, I do like to complain and vent at times hehe :D

So where I live, which is in wales in case y'all were curious, the time-zone is so different to the majority of people here that during the day it rare that anyone is active and roleplays with me. Ahahahaha and ironically I get most messages when I'm asleep, so I always wake up to like multiple messages when I'm too drowsy be able to answer correctly (Sorry to anyone that gets those drowsy senseless morning messages hehe). But it makes me wonder, why do we in this day and age still have so many different time-zones? Like, I understand why we still have multiple different languages as having everyone conform to one language would be difficult and complex... Buuuut surely having everyone in the year 2022 adopt one international time-zone would be much easier for everyone!

Like its pretty bright outside at the moment, so wouldn't it be easier for the entire world to call this midday and agree on that? I imagine that it would also make travelling and international events easier too if we all had a universal time-zone! I mean sometimes the strange outdated time-zone difference we have even causes funny effects, like some places celebrating new-year hours earlier than other places despite the whole world successfully making a rotation around the sun at once ahahaha.

Still, what do y'all think? Do you think it would be easier for the world to just agree on a single universal time zone or do you think it would have too many political barriers and other issues I've missed that would make it not worth it! OH, and if you've been nice enough to read all this then... *Cuddles*! Thank you :)
Begging for abuse
@Dark Cloud oh, sorry! hehe *hugs you*

Well, I remember reading this poem once about a parent watching their child riding a bicycle, but it was meant to be symbiotic of the child growing up and thus getting further away emotionally too. I also recall many poems that talk about flags, trying to showcase how willingly people kill and die over nothing more than fabric. But I always find poems to strange, just make your point clear... that or I'm a dim dumb dumb hehehe
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