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Yeah, like, ban and anonymous thingy please! Completely delete. Thanks, goodbye :D :(
Hey hey hey! :D

Remember me, well I didn't hahaha! I've been trying to get in this for months but forgot my password and stuff! Kinda past the roleplay phase and now I finally guessed my old password correct... Cans you please do the thingy you've done for others? Can you delete and ban my account please? Like make it like those that have asked for da anonymous stuff where everything is wiped? Please and thank you! You know, so my account shows nothing and says "banned" then loads of numbers? Thank you :D
Bump time, yay
Bump: I choose you
Bump time

I'm not sure if this is even something that can be changed by the mods on this site, but on the off-chance it can be I wanted to raise the issue. While using my mobile data when I'm out and about my service provider determines the site to be "unsafe" and this blocks access unless I can find WiFi. I was wondering if anything can be done so that I can access this site without needing WiFi

Thanks in advance,
I love this site and its mods
Take care, Ralts
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