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Giving this a bump! Looking for a few more people to roleplay with still! :)
Hi, my name is Aaru! I am currently on a bit of a hunt for some new people to roleplay with, as my long term partner has had to take an indefinite break due to real life things. Bellow I am going to list some stuff about myself before you jump too far ahead. Don't be afraid to ask questions, I usually don't mind answering! This is also more than a little messy, I apologize.

  • I am over 18 and I ask that my partners are as well.

  • I can write anywhere from a solid 3 paragraphs per character to 7, comfortably. Sometimes I write more. It is not often I write less, though. I do not do one-liners and I expect partners don't either. I tend to mirror what I am given, so keep that in mind.

  • Grammar is important but sometimes spelling and words are hard. I completely understand and I don't expect complete flawlessness, but I do, at the least, expect something legible. I will, of course, do my best to return this favor. If I am unable, I will definitely inform you that I am struggling and unable to reply for a short while!

  • I play both genders of character. My partner does not have to, but keep in mind I only play same-sex pairs unless the characters have *really* good chemistry. That doesn't mean trying to force an MxF right off that bat- I simply will not go for it.

  • My own gender is not anyone's business, so do not ask. You can refer to me by whatever you want though. I don't care!

  • I like fandom RP, but I do not do anything with canon characters. I feel I can never get their personalities right and I am kind of uncomfortable if someone tries to play as a canon character as well. So OC's only!

  • I like my roleplays to be vibrant with life- I often have more than one character with a fleshed out story/history. I don't require it of my partner but I wouldn't mind if you have another character or two as well so I simply am not carrying the plot along by myself. It gets old real fast.

  • Communication is a big key for me. I sometimes get confused, I always have questions, and I love talking about the characters, plot, and everything else inbetween. We don't have to talk extensively if that isn't your thing, but I do require that we can at least talk often about the roleplay itself. I feel its an important thing in any long lasting rp that there is communication. Plus, chatting is a real important part for building the world, the characters, and the alike. If we aren't talking much, just how much are we missing? Just how much have we left out?

  • I don't have any hard limits, mature is fine with me. I like a bit of everything and I'll attempt anything at least once. I only ask you are understanding if I tell you it isn't something that interests me at this time or something I simply have discovered that I do not like. Sexual things must be taken to PM or fade to black; I don't like having it just for the sake of it being there OR for it to be the main focus. If you have any hard limits, or anything you are uncomfortable, mention it! How am I supposed to know if I am not told?

  • My ability to post replies varies greatly. Sometimes I can reply multiple times a day, sometimes I can only reply every other day, other times I can only reply once a week. This does not reflect against my ability to reply OOC; I can generally reply all throughout the day unless I've suddenly decided to sleep for 15 hours or something. Its rare, but it happens sometimes when medication goes a little wonky!

Well, if you are still here after all of that, here are a few hiders with things I am interested in, some possible plot/character ideas, etc. Please take note, I dont mind mixing these things together! It doesn't have to be one solid RP based off this one thing- it could have multiple or even ones not listed. Just ask! I am not going to list any pairings, but if you have any thoughts on them, just pass the idea along.

Please PM me instead of replying here!

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