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~Name: Ivy
~Age: 20
~Godly parent: Dionysus

~Background: Ivy is the offspring of Dionysus, and an alcoholic woman who happened to attend an edgy Dionysean party. She grew up to her early teenage years with her mother, and the complete absence of a father. When her mother's body failed her due to chronic abuse with alcohol and occasional drug use she found herself alone in a shithole. Her mom's death was a liberation to Ivy. She grew up essentially on her own, often taking care of her passed out mother who abused her throughout her childhood. As a rebellious teen, the thirst for wine and partying was neverending as if it was an inherent trait, and soon she found out that it was, when at a late night party Dionysus himself decided to join his daughter and share their joy of drinking and dancing. Since then she learned the truth about her parent, and he would occasionally join her to drink wine and dance to ecstatic music that he taught her how to play. Ivy herself had found a meaning behind it all and was having fun often dangerously. Dionysus himself, as much as he loved getting on edge, he also had love for his daughter and he was rather happy that they could have fun together and share the same joy, thus he blessed Ivy with strong organs that could take alcohol and so he ensured her mother's fate wouldn't fall on Ivy too. She in her turn, was still very confused about her mother and alcoholism and the very different approaches to the drink that she had known. Sometimes she hated herself for doing what killed her mother, other times she would enjoy it more than anything alongside her godly father who made every sinister deed seem heavenly. Balance is a lesson she has yet to learn.
Religious Ecstasy: Her wine, music and ecstatic dance free her companions from self-conscious fear and care, and subvert the oppressive restraints of the powerful.
~Weapon or gifts from godly parent: A golden cup of blessed wine that never empties.
Hi everyone! May I apply? Is there a need for specific characters? i.e. cops, criminals, boys girls etc
I was thinking for a geisha who escaped korea and travelled to Korea, is that okay?
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