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@soren That was very informative, thanks!
Yes I like better this idea, It will be fun :D
Yeah I am sure they do.
You mean I have to read it in order to appreciate the story wholly or in order to RP?
No, I've only seen the movies
Who is Mr D? I have no clue of what you are talking about :p
@soren Aight cap'n that's cool
Well I don't mind it since I haven't even started :P
Happy new year guys and get well in no time
I guess my CS is accepted? :S
@The Wyrm Yes thats exactly what I meant, you're very handy :p
More can come I guess
Well why can't we raise it back up on its feet? I've seen super dead RPs revive after really long time, so I think its totally possible to bring this one up, what do you think?
Is my CS accepted? I really look forward to RPing, I used to do it all the time but I took a break for 4-5 years and now im back on the run!
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