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2 yrs ago
Current I...can't...keep...up... This is the death of the guild greeter. I had a good run.
2 yrs ago
Oh dude... I got a new job and haven't had time for the introductions noooo
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3 yrs ago
255 posts in 255 days... Perfection.
3 yrs ago
Oh oh here he comes, watch out boy, he'll chew you up! Oh oh here he comes, he's a cheese eater
3 yrs ago
I'm sorry for your loss, [@Light the Dark]
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I'm just the unofficial guild greeter.
If you joined the forum after me, there is a 90% chance I was there to welcome you. If not, send me a pm so we can fix that!
I do not roleplay, yet.
Why do I exist in this guild? I do not know. Maybe I'm just an AI created just to welcome people here. Maybe the admins created me. Maybe I saw light inside and I entered.

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Hello there! I hope you enjoy being in the guild!
Welcome back, X-Rae!
Good decision! Welcome!
Nice to have you back!
Welcome to the guild!
Hello there! Welcome!
Welcome, totally-not-a-bot! Enjoy the guild.
You have a cool friend! Welcome.
Welcome back welcome! Welreturn!
Welcome, Alex!
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