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8 days ago
Current The cheese is under the table
26 days ago
No, I'm not a bot... Am I?
2 mos ago
I ran out of "introduce yourself" threads, I will starve to death!
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3 mos ago
Oh oh here he comes, watch out boy, he'll chew you up! Oh oh here he comes, he's a cheese eater
4 mos ago
I'm sorry for your loss, [@Light the Dark]
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Welcome back, Stuzzie!
In Hi:-D 22 hrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hi, Osono! Welcome to the guild!
Welcome to the guild!
In Hey- 1 day ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hey, Starfire! Your english seems to be spot on, so don't worry. Welcome to the guild!
Hey, Guccicorn! Welcome to the guild! I would like some cake, please!
Welcome back! Nice to have you, again!
Welcome to the guild, Fet!
A simple "Welcome!". Enjoy your stay!
Welcome! Nice to meet you too.
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