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1 mo ago
Current It's been a week since I watched 365 DNI and recorded a podcast episode on it but I'm still having nightmares where dude walks up behind me and goes "are you lost bby gurl" in his Gru voice. #SendHelp
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3 mos ago
I'm a 28 year old woman & you bet your butts I'll be reading Midnight Sun on August 4th. Twilight was my YA gateway as a teen & I'm not ashamed to say I like them, despite how poorly written they are
5 mos ago
I don't understand why my library is not closing when county court and neighboring county governments are shutting down. My director would rather serve the germy public than protect his employees
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8 mos ago
I watched all of The Witcher yesterday. Casting for Geralt and Yennifer were amazing and honestly, Jaskier is fantastic as well. Definitely a little campy but it works. I enjoyed it.
8 mos ago
Definitely Parent Trap. I prefer the Jodie Foster Freaky Friday, and the Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap is amazing.
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