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7 mos ago
Current The status bar makes me wish I had an unlimited supply of Jager.
7 mos ago
Wow, lots of great foreign rps about university! #canwedoemailverificationyet?
7 mos ago
Still wish that maturity check test for internet access was still a thing. Lots of sites would lose users xD
7 mos ago
Everyone's playing the new Zelda game and I'm just making a Link themed wallet xD Gotta admit though, it looks pretty awesome <3
7 mos ago
Day 16 of only xfinity Wi-Fi and phone data. This constant struggle for device connection supremacy is driving me mad. 4 days remaining.


No need to explain since I'm not going to be here much longer. Sorry!

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When push comes to shove... oh well. Good to know where loyalties lie. Hope you all had fun!
Lol I see my earlier gripe was confirmed.
All I know about Berserk is that it's too violent for me. XD not my cup of tea
Breaking from whatever is going on above me:

It's like mental maturity went out the window recently. Both online and off, I fear that stupidity is the new norm. This is why I'm an introvert -.-
@Shoryu Magami

Ok, I'll play :p

Is there an 'E'?
I see what the others are getting at. I can't exactly give an argument for either doing it or not just because I haven't really played any scenario in any depth that uses that. Sure, I've played a little of the 999 series, but not enough to fully understand how the voting thing works.

I'll just say that I don't think we should vote. I feel like I'm being lame and not contributing when I just say that I don't want to do it. But honestly, I don't see any good points made about it. The others have made good arguments against voting and I can't really add much more to that. Sorry, I feel stupid for not having anything smart to add to this conversation.
I realize they're already banned and nuked but yeah, just look at the thought put into that name!

*slow clap* What a wonderfully creative username!
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