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3 yrs ago
Kind of miss this place
5 yrs ago
Feels like I was last here a lifetime ago.
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I probably like roleplaying.

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Taurus is open. Unmarked are open.

I could take it further. I do have restraint. See, I don't always have to be a complete killjoy.
Ainmire thinks the signs are bullshit. As reliable as using first names or hair colour.
@Rika That's not even fair. I distinctly recall saying I would try to be a part of this, but I might not be able to because of school. I also wouldn't want to be the person dragging others down. So I'll do whatever is best. For myself and the roleplay.

You're free to try to kill me, snotweasel.

I'll at least try to get three replies in a day.


If this is going to be moving so quickly I'll have to withdraw, dear. School starts tomorrow for me and I am certain I won't even be able to post once a day.
Yep. I usually start with several rough character ideas and then it's the one I find the best picture(s)* for that I go with. This is especially the case for using real face claims.

*exceptions being where I say "fuck it" and use a written description. I used to almost only use written descriptions in actual people required roleplays because of difficulty with pictures.
3. Since i'm super picky

I'm there with you.
Hesitantly reserving Sagittarius.
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