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My biography, huh? Well, there isn't much to tell on my behalf. I'll say this, though: I'm a guy with several hobbies. Writing being one of them. I don't like to divulge too much info about myself. We live in odd times nowadays. It's good to be cautious both online and off.

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Yeah. A neverending cycle.
Peace and tranquility won through violence?
What's that saying? "Old habits never die hard." I guess he can't get it out of his system.
Another NoW already?
Raptorman said
Due to difficulties and a very busy weekend schedule I want to ask if I can have another day or two to post. School is being a pain in the ass right now

It seems to be a reoccuring thing with you, Raptorman. Why join a group activity when you're constantly swamped with school work?
Alrighty. I don't know if I should enter as Cloud again or some other character.
Oh wow. Another NoW tournament.

I could give it another go.
On his swift advance towards Xukhezur, the ex-SOLDIER notices something. It was a slew of objects, possibly no bigger than an orange, taking flight. He's uncertain as to what they are, let alone their nature or properties. But it's to be assumed that whatever Xukhezur's tossing before him is destructive. In light of the unknown, Kuraudo changes his direction by veering left posthaste. Afterwards, he brings the First Tsurugi over to his left side, contrasting its position.

As his path bows, Kuraudo twists the rotation clip with his right thumb and forefinger. It's located beneath the base of the handguard; responsible for unlocking the fusion swords and bestowing offhand swordplay. In addition, it serves as an auto-locking mechanism when an auxiliary brand is inserted. Now that the swords have been unlatched, the ex-SOLDIER veils them with spiritual energy. They leap from the facets and surrounds Kuraudo to fortify his defenses.

By the time he set out a bastion of swords, a number of explosions occurs. It--the shockwaves--breaks the flow of his run but only temporarily. Kuraudo takes one staggering step after another, pressing onward to resume his approach. If it weren't for the swords, shielding him from the blast, the outcome would've been grave.
Sorry for the delay, man. Had some stuff going on.
The less-than-graceful counterassault worked in Kuraudo's favor. From more than ten yards away (31 ft.), the ex-SOLDIER can barely see the results of his efforts. Xukhezur sustained heavy damage but was able to recoup from his woes. Kuraudo, like before, charges at his blood-soaked adversary. He arranges the First Tsurugi similarly to his previous dash. Its florid haft is gripped firmly, held rightmost to its wielder. Spiky hair wavering, black cloak whipping to the beat of impetus, it was like deja vu. Though when the situation emerges, will Kuraudo make the same foolish mistake?
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