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Physical Characteristics

Name: Yamazaki Shiori

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Nationality: Japanese

Birth Date: May 5th, 1819

Age: 28

Height: 5’7’’

Weight: 120 lbs

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Auburn


Early life was unkind to Shiori and her younger sister, Miaka. A violence-ridden Japan was no stranger to creating orphans and these two were no exceptions to the tragedy; having lost their parents to bandits at age five and four, respectively, they made due thru thievery, cons and taking up residence in farmhouses or otherwise abandoned property.

This changed when they met their last mark for dishonest deeds, a woman named Kiyomi; wiser than the rest, she saw thru their ploy but did not turn them in. Instead she offered more worthwhile results and a future among her family of fellow orphans. Unbeknownst to them Kiyomi had fostered many children and fashioned them into arguably better individuals.

So the pair was taken in and taught the ways of honor, appropriate speech, writing, the arts and all other things befitting self-reliant people; that is, save for the clandestine operations beneath the roof.

In truth the orphanage is means to satisfy her obsession for sons and daughters as well as cover for Kiyomi to facilitate her family's organization of professional killers; however their duty was not to take trivial bounties but locate and eradicate the truly despicable from the earth, those worthy of death no other would touch. The two girls quickly embraced this new life and mission but of all members none took the pledge more seriously than Shiori.

Forsaking the simpler fancies, Shiori buried herself in martial arts, meditation and spiritual training; from eight years old she spent the next two decades practicing the sword as her religion, fully dedicated to her duty and ability to protect her family from any threat.

So obsessed was she that no amount of unfavorable weather would disturb her daily rituals and while sword training in a rainstorm she was struck by lightning; ridden by guilt at this near fatal oversight, Kiyomi spared no expense in fashioning various electricity-proof accouterments for all her children.

Nevertheless Shiori didn't miss a beat and the brush with death only steeled her determination. The result is a mind, spirit and sword so strong to award the cherished moniker bestowed by her beloved mother: Chikara -- To demonstrate strength.

To this day she continues to pursue increasing altitudes of self-created strength and acts as Kiyomi's personal bodyguard.



A simple instrument made of hard wood for the purpose of training in Japanese swordsmanship; it bears no special traits.


The iconic weapon of the Japanese warrior; although forged and fashioned thru masterful craftsmanship it also harbors nothing noteworthy.


A gorgeous katana crafted from Shiori's very spirit, The Light of Justice is capable of creating, controlling and manipulating properties of photons within a wide area. Its blade may transform her spirit energy into light and absorb existing photons to empower itself; the light’s properties are identical to the sun. Thus she may create luminous works such as solar flares, flashes and waves of UV heat from the blade or ambient spirit energy.

Shiori may manifest the weapon at will and is impervious to its effects; as a superconductor of spirit energy it amplifies what is put into it to yield exponential results.

Electite Necklace

A keepsake bestowed by her foster mother; it possesses a magical mineral which produces a field around the wearer for 10 feet that attracts and absorbs incoming electrical energy.

Shiori’s clothing is ordinary save for flame-retardant fabric.


Body and Mind

A religion of sword training has bestowed Shiori with a physique leagues above an average female; she possesses a high threshold to pain and only the most exerting of tasks may exhaust her.

Due to her shatterproof focus and grounding on logical probability Shiori is difficult to deceive by means of illusion or other trickery; always questioning motives and how to remain at the upper hand within or without combat. She is able to delete thought from the equation and allow her body to move by instinct and muscle memory.

Shiori is able to feel and see the spirit energy of others if released or broadcast; an extreme sensitivity allows inference of the spirit’s power output, character and mood and she may extend her vision and grasp of the surrounding area via meditation.

Sword and Soul

Shiori holds a mastery of spirit energy, the energy of the soul.

The energy flourishes from her body outwardly and its properties are under her complete control; invisible to the natural senses it is otherwise perceptible by its wind, pressure and heat. She may project it through her voice in sonic blastwaves, as a physical barrier to brunt impact and to pour it into the ground will cause it to tremor, become superheated and crack; intensity of effects increase proportionally to amount generated and its intensity.

In exchange for a proportional amount of stamina she may draw from a large pool of spirit energy. Shiori’s training and experience permits much to be gathered and used within a short period; only in extreme exertion of spirit will she be winded or exhausted. She may use it to heal injury, dismemberment if the limb is still available and cure diseases as well as destroy other bodily invaders.

Shiori may use her sword as a conduit to store spirit energy for later use, increase its durability and amplify its cutting edge; how it is released will be proportional the amount unleashed and the reaction she has in mind. For example a straightened blade may release in a concentrated beam or ray of superheated energy or it may peel off in an arc from a sword stroke. Any ambient energy will eventually evaporate but meanwhile may be used at whim using focused thought.

Limit Breaker

Shiori’s drive for improvement disallows contentment with her current strength and motivates her cleavage of all obstacles to transcendence; the sheer will to refuse defeat against a stronger adversary or crush someone threatening those important is prone to result in a shatter of her current spiritual energy and physical limits. Hence she unlocks a gargantuan reservoir of new physical and spiritual prowess.

Once the energy is exhausted Shiori’s body must recover for an appropriate amount of time; she is unable to use spirit energy or take any strenuous physical actions until she gains a second wind of stamina. Although able to break her limits again the strain allows only a brief window of energy use and the resulting exhaustion will be doubled.

While Shiori may develop new techniques or swords as a result of a broken limit it is only thru training that may she truly understand and harness the strength at will.

Non-Player Characters

Shiori is often in the company of one or more combat-ready allies intended to be treated as entirely separate characters carrying their own kits.

These will be added at a later date.
How daring a hunter to seek prey within eventide hours; one so experienced should know a monster is at their strongest when the sun’s blasted light vanishes over the horizon and plunges the world into lovely darkness. Yet here she is wandering within the hot, humid building where the reputed reaper resides whether by happenstance or fate; long have the workers left and only the metallic thud of her footsteps fills the otherwise silent smithy. It appears derelict while abandoned work is left to smolder in the fire pits and exude a steely odor so strong it rusts the tongue.

Surely the woman feels the hateful negativity permeating the air and increasing with each step but she proceeds boldly, eager to deliver the justice so deserved; with the kind of fearlessness and self-styled sense of responsibility which has killed so many similarly seeking warriors.

Then the awful metal shriek drags across the silence from behind one of the leftward stations ten feet away to announce arrival; perhaps one has stubbornly remained behind to finish their project, even more dauntless than the knight. A notion dismissed when the female figure emerges in sideways view with slow, shrilling steps: long, unkept black hair; crimson silk kimono and simple, clapping sandals as her frowning face remains sunken like a shamed child. They appear ignorant of the hunter as they tug their katana by the frayed cord of its handle: a brand made an ugly brown with corrosion and neglect while it carves hungrily into the floor. It’s not until the declaration comes that the entity stops.

“Justice has come for you, monster.”

She turns her beautiful Japanese face enough to reveal an awed opal eye. The surprise vanishes in a blink and rightward cant of the head as they turn fully toward what will become dinner; the other eye is patched by raven locks she glares with thirsty, excited gleam and yanks their sword into proper, level hold, idle at their right side and pointed forward.

Reply comes flatly in a deep, velvety, deceptively gentle lilt. “Well, Ms. Justice…” A challenging smirk. “Come for me…”
Let's go.
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A somber moon peers down tonight
through its mask of eerie clouds
upon domiciles frozen by fright
of the reaper adorned in shrouds
who prowls the streets for kids
for they possess souls pristine
and repentance the hunger forbids
so earning death from the Queen
whose emissary has long arrived
learning of the butcheries past
as well as the motives derived
hence it's known what bait best
to lure the prey into the nest

Therefore a child wanders the street
and such a pretty little thing she is
adorned in rags hugging self for heat
her bright eyes surely a fancy of his
in a perfect contrast to filthy skin
awhile she shivers in a summer chill
whispering for mother in shaking din
assuming she's next he's soon to kill
so bold as to call for Dad quite loud
still like a statue for a wanted reply
she swallows and sobs with head bowed
alone in the dark where a monster lie
with none to help when he soon appear
to claim the prize he holds so dear
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