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@Drifting Pollen


Also, I'm interested.

So what am I doing with my sheet?


I'll get around to that since I haven't made a sheet for her since...

...the last time...

...maybe tomorrow...
How dare you.

Just let me in since you know I'll be using Chiaki and know everything she does already.

All you'd have to do is put me in the bracket.
A somber moon peers down tonight
through its mask of eerie clouds
upon domiciles frozen by fright
of the reaper adorned in shrouds
who prowls the streets for kids
for they possess souls pristine
and repentance the hunger forbids
so earning death from the Queen
whose emissary has long arrived
learning of the butcheries past
as well as the motives derived
hence it's known what bait best
to lure the prey into the nest

Therefore a child wanders the street
and such a pretty little thing she is
adorned in rags hugging self for heat
her bright eyes surely a fancy of his
in a perfect contrast to filthy skin
awhile she shivers in a summer chill
whispering for mother in shaking din
assuming she's next he's soon to kill
so bold as to call for Dad quite loud
still like a statue for a wanted reply
she swallows and sobs with head bowed
alone in the dark where a monster lie
with none to help when he soon appear
to claim the prize he holds so dear
Four days too late.

Oh, well.
I'll work on a few sheets. Are Canon characters OK?
Are you still accepting?
@Wayward About a week. Or less. Depending.

I'm going over some sheets today.

I know you only make these tournaments as a means to draw me out.

You may consider it a mission accomplished.
I shall enter this.
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