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Hello everyone! I'm always_confused and am always confused, so please go easy on me.

Found out about this site through a 4 year old comment on someone's userpage on another site. Reason I decided to investigate was they said while it might be harder to get a group going here, there was less chance of people power-gaming. Which sounds right up my alley! Not really sure what else to add, so I'll take a leaf out of the pinned topic and go from there. :)

Roleplaying career: I'm in several PbP roleplays atm but all of them I've joined in the past 3 months or so. Still very new to all this. All of them are fairly freeform or use a lite-layering of rules to prevent the worst offenses. I've been trying to get into DnD 5e, which I've heard is focused more on group-play and is easy to pick up, to get into the more rules oriented RPGs, but I think rules-lite would likely be my preference.

Roleplaying preferences: Group roleplays for sure. That said, to use MMO terms, PvE all day over PvP. I like having to work together to survive whatever world the RP takes place in. In terms of Genre, not really sure. As long as the premise sounds interesting?

One sub-genre, if you can call it that, of RPs I really like are crossovers or rather RPs where the player is an out-of-context addition to an established universe. Like for example, take a look at the TV show 'Arrow' and the various other DC-TV shows out there. Maybe the players are inserted into that shared universe and (un)intentionally end up derailing plot points. etc. etc. Just Multiversal and crossover stuff in general I really like.

Hopefully that should be enough info. I'll take a look around the site and see if there's anything that tickles my fancy. That said, if any GM is willing to give a complete beginner a chance, feel free to throw me an invite. :)
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