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Lysandra kept her characteristic cool and remained tight-lipped, preferring to let the others vocalise her thoughts to save herself the breath. She was careful not to let her internal excitement break the icy mask that her expression gave her. If what the Baron claimed was true... This could change everything. IF it was true. Lys let her well maintained and painted nails rap on the table in a calculated gesture meant to show that her time was something that could not be wasted. She had no intention of leaving of course, her father had sent her here as a personal gesture of friendship to the Baron, something that Lysandra could not so easily ignore. Regardless, she watched the servant retrieve a crate and place a tablet on the table. Immediately, Elle leapt to her feet and rushed over to it and the younger man. That was just like her. Still, Lys couldn't help but peer over at the tablet as well. It was in Aramaic, at least from what she remembered of her ancient languages, though she couldn't claim to read it very well.

Lysandra mumbled something in German under her breath and sat down. Her cursory glance at the text seemed to agree with what the Baron had claimed. The servant then removed a large skull and placed it on the table. It seemed to be a dinosaur skull, though it looked curiously well preserved if that was the case. Indeed, the Baron confirmed it was a Sauropod skull. However he also said it was a mere fifty years old. Fifty?! That recently? How? Interrupting her thoughts, Lysandra heard the door open and the Butler that had escorted each of them in cleared his throat. He introduced another woman, and Lys glanced over and flashed her least venomous smile, doing her best to make the visibly-nervous newcomer feel a bit less left out in the cold, figuratively and literally.

Back to the skull. Lysandra stood up and strut her way over to skull. Most of her archaeology experience was practical, but still everything seemed to appear legitimate. Plaster bones were fairly easy to tell apart, especially if you had any experience dealing with the real things. The harder fakes were ones comprised of sets of real bones grafted together, or placed in a grave together. However, this was one piece. One very real piece. Lysandra tapped her chin.

"So, we are not only going to find the Garden, but also perhaps... living dinosaurs?"
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Lysandra tsk-tsked in half-curiosity and half-disbelief. The Garden of Eden? In the Congo? Well, she supposed stranger things could happen. Still, it seemed... out there. For now, Lys kept her mouth shut and listened to the lively discussion erupting around her. Though she was educated in history, biblical history and theology were absolutely not her strong suit, and she knew when to let others do the talking. One woman (Lakshmi seemed to be her name) brought up the fact that the Congo was huge and that we would have no idea where to start. An astute observation. Roaming the Congo with no direction was a surefire way to end up dead or in some colonial labour camp. Though there was Lucian, of course. From what Lysandra remembered about him, he had extensive experience in Africa. Indeed, he voiced his concerns as well as his terms and conditions if the Baron was to truly want him on this expedition. Seemed a fair deal. Only sorting the serious patrons from the flights of fancy.

For Lysandra it was slightly different. She did share her companions' doubts but since her father had sent her here, it was all but set in stone that she would be going on this trip. Konrad had told her that this trip meant a lot to the aging Baron and that she was to make sure it would succeed. Not much room for interpretation there. Lys sighed a small sigh and looked around as Elle started to speak, as chipper as ever.

She did raise a good point. All theories she had ever heard placed the Garden in Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and the Euphrates. After all it was known as the 'Cradle of Civilization' for a reason. Still, the Baron must have some ace up his sleeve, some as-of-yet-unseen evidence that opens up this new theory. Otherwise why would he have gathered all of us here? But what could it be? Lysandra mentally pored over what precious little she knew of the Baron Carnack, and what her father had told him. Unfortunately, she came up just as lost as when she walked into the manor. Lysandra would have to wait for the answer to come from the man himself.
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