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Octavia skidded into a crouched firing position and brought her rifle up to bear. Her slide had left marks in the ash and dirt and blew up a cloud of particulates that would have obscured a lesser warrior's vision. However, Octavia's killer instinct was almost primal at this point into the battle, she smelled blood and could practically see the red liquid coursing in the other men's veins. She whipped her lascarbine up and rapidly squeezed off a burst of rounds. The first missed and dinged off of a pile of wreckage. The second found its mark and scorched half of a helmeted man's face into a slag of melted flesh and bone which fell with a thwump into a pile of dirt, dust and blood. The third blast took the other man's arm off in a spray of half-misted blood. His rifle in his severed hand, kicking off lances of crimson as it twitched its last moves, tumbled through the air until it landed on the ground. The crippled man screamed as he flopped down and died.

Octavia stood up with a satisfied look on her face and scanned the arena for the remaining few squads. Her rifle radiated heat and the metallic tang of blood. She looked back at her squad; the pale doctor looked like he took a hit but was still standing, the former enforcer seemed shaken but was still able to fight, and finally the PDF soldier seemed fairly steady as far as PDF soldiers went. The rest of the squad was out of her sight at the moment, although she could hear the crazed man's shouting so she assumed he was still 'fine.' The veteran motioned for the rest of the squad to fall in behind her; the hard part was over, it was just clean up by this point. The rest of the squads were likely to be in shambles and would be easy prey for a full strength squad like the Eighth.

Octavia looked back over the battlefield and scanned again for any signs of life. Any sounds were for the most part drown out by dying screams and moans. No lasfire could be seen either. Curious, the enemy must be too frightened to come out. Octavia took a knee and removed her helmet, brushing her hand over her short cropped hair and wiping some sweat that had pooled on one of her forehead scars. Killing was tiring work. Leading a squad AND killing was downright exhausting.
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The woman was clearly intrigued by Nee's half answer and introduced herself as Acheri. She also did something very unusual. She offered some warmer attire to the clearly underdressed Neaera. Nee gratefully accepted the winter clothing and immediately slipped the mittens and hat over her head. Feeling warmer already, Nee thanked Acheri profusely and rubbed her still chilled hands together. The gloves helped but her hands had already been touched by the cold.

"Thank you so much! I suppose you could tell how cold I really was. My name is Neaera-", she continued, practically cutting herself off, "-most people just call me Nee." She hesitated, if only slightly before the next sentence, "I.. probably should not tell you this, but you seem so nice. I'm looking for the Saints!" She lowered her voice for the last phrase but it's excited tone could not be hushed. "I wish to join them! Her smiled beamed for a moment before she looked around, embarrassed. "I met a Saint, and he told me their headquarters was somewhere in Red Harbour. He was light on the details which has left me, well lost." Nee tittered softly at the absurdity of the situation. Here she was, prowling around in one of the most dangerous boroughs of the city, after midnight, in the freezing cold, looking for... something. Not a situation the average nineteen-year-old girl would think to find themselves in. But.. Neaera was not the average 19 year old girl. Which is why she found herself trying to join a superhero group which honestly may or may not exist. Nee was still determined to get to the bottom of it. If they did exist, she would join them. If they did not, well.. she'd cross that bridge when she came to it.
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Suppressing a laugh at the cook comment, Srin added, "I wouldn't have it any other way. No one else gets to blow so much stuff up so regularly!" After hearing the man nicknamed Tube's response, Jinxie nodded to the air in acknowledgement and watched Edward leap to his feet and dart across the open field. Guess that's why they wanted him on point. Srin took a big gulp of air and prepared herself. Holding her helmet to prevent it from moving and obscuring her vision with her right hand and grasping her rifle in her other, Pfc. Chéreau took off after the Pointman. She wasn't as fast, mostly being weighed down by the copious amount of explosives she was lugging around, the extra encumbrance caused her to slide nearly into the wall.

The Sapper adjusted her helmet and looked over the wall tentatively. The outpost looked half constructed. The inner defences looked fairly complete, but the outer ones were sorely lacking. Srin guessed they had been attacked halfway through construction. It was always best to start in and work your way out when it came to constructing defences, so you have a place to fall back to in cases like this. Looks like that policy may have saved some lives. Jinxie tapped her cheek in thought, Eddie was right. This IS the place for a minefield, but the rest of the outer defences looked half built. The wall was too small and there was no concertina wire. An idea popped into her head.

Jinxie started talking, almost babbling, as fast as thoughts could form in her head. "Standard UNSC protocol is to mark minefields on the battlenet so all ground units can be aware of where they are-" Jinxie tapped frantically on her gauntlet datapad, "-unfortunately nothing is marked here. Whiiiich could mean they either never got around to setting the mines or that they set them but never got the chance to tag the minefield." Srin hopped over the wall and continued, "I don't carry a metal detector which means there's only one way to do this. The old fashioned way!" Landing on the damp dirt of the other side of the wall, Jinxie drew her knife with a flourish and began to carefully slide it into the dirt at set intervals every foot or so. It was slow-going but it beat getting maimed by a mine.

After fifteen or so minutes, she was about halfway done. This was obviously the part of being a demo expert that was the most boring. Aside from maybe defusing explosives. What fun is a bomb that doesn't even explode anymore? Edward made a comment about the base being smaller than he expected. "Yeah, looks like they were interrupted during construction. I wonder if any of my platoon is in here."

Finally after thirty or forty (Srin had lost track) minutes of poking holes in the dirt, one after the other, they arrived at the inner wall. Srin stood up, stretched her back, brushed the dirt off of her knife and put it back with a spin. "Guess they didn't get to the mines. We can always put those in later." Srin patted her pack full of explosives and flashed Eddie a devious grin. "Now, what's our next move?"
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"You alright, kid?"

A voice. Nee snapped out of her cold and fatigue induced stupor and looked towards the sound. It was a woman. A friendly looking one. She was about the same height and weight as Nee, although she looked considerably warmer. Nee smiled and nodded at the newcomer. How did Neaera miss her? She must have been too caught up in her disappointment. It was the second night with no sign of the Saints at all. Nee didn't even know what she was looking for in all honesty. Her searching was more like aimless wandering and her mother saw fit to let her know every time she came home. However Nee was not one to get discouraged, after all what kind of hero would she be if she gave up after two nights of no leads? A bad one, that's what kind.

"Yes, I think I am. Just a little cold is all."

A few moments passed. Nee picked at the burnt sleeves of her jacket, and watched as ashen cloth floated on the chilly wind that swept through the deserted street.

”Red Harbor’s not the safest this time of night. What’s got you out here this late?” A pause, and Acheri gave a friendly smile. ”Doesn’t really matter, I suppose. Would you mind if stayed until you got on the bus? Don't like leaving people alone in this part of town.”

Neaera nodded again.

"Yes, that is alright with me. Actually, I was looking for something... but I'm not really sure what it is."

As soon as she said it Nee realised how strange that sounded. It was the truth however, and she hoped this lady didn't think she was too crazy.
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