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I'm still here.

Shai had a lot to think about. She made her way back down into the cargo hold, past where Woo'rah was doing... whatever it is she Woo'rahs do in cargo holds, and back to her makeshift bed. She touched her pocket to make sure she felt the two halves of her lightsaber and laid down once more. If the Captain wanted absolutely no trace of the war on his ship, well he would have to take her lightsaber from her. And her boots. And also cut off her lekku or otherwise remove her tattoos. Not that she thought he had seen them, or even would know what they were if he had seen them. Either way, her mind was made up. She pulled her hood over her face and sank into it's comforting texture.

Shai Rivelia was jerked awake by the ship coming out of hyperspace rather abruptly. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. No one had killed her in her sleep, which was always good. She checked her tunic and the wrappings that covered her tchun-tchin. As she was making sure her boots were on tight, a burst of static came from the intercom. Shai froze and listened. It was the trandoshan, Baarsuth, he seemed to want everyone on the bridge. The twi'lek swung her feet off the bed and briskly made her way up to where the rest of the crew were already waiting. It was cramped and Shai had to wedge herself uncomfortably close between two others to fit into the bridge. They had picked up a distress signal. The smaller twi'lek listened silently to the Captain and Woo'rah. Woo'rah seemed to believe it was a trap. Shai was generally in agreement. The positioning seemed too convenient and deliberate to be an accident. Shairi'velia tapped her lower lip in thought before opening her mouth, "It's pirates, like as not. I suggest we check it out anyway. If it's pirates, we kill them, take whatever they have hoarded away, save anyone they have locked up." She paused a moment before continuing, "We get whatever they have, some spacers are in our debt, and we get to take the ship and crew on a trial run. Seems simple to me." She crossed her arms as she finished, letting her plan hang in the cramped air of the bridge.
I'm still here.

The slow rumble of the engines started up and Shai heard a noise behind her. She tensed up as she spun on her heels reflexively, relaxing once she saw it was only Woo'rah (who was not where Shai had left her) emerging from behind her cave or whatever was behind her curtain. It sounded like she was smashing something. However the smaller twi'lek did not feel too particularly inclined to pry into others' business and decided to let the mysterious noise pass. The taller twi'lek gave no expression as she dryly reported that she was squared away for the most part. A part of Shai wanted to call it even and just leave at that. After all, her job was done. All she had to do was turn in the checklist and make her report. It was a very big part of her. It wanted so much to cling to duty and routine. But there was another part of her. A smaller part, sure, but nonetheless holding more power over her psyche. It told her to stay.

So Shairi'velia stayed in the cargo hold. She watched passively as Woo'rah danced around the hold for her own mysterious reasons that Shai couldn't even begin to guess at. She also watched as Woo'rah came darting back in front of the shorter twi'lek.

"Was that it, missie? The sweet little thing was just coming in to check up on me?"

Though Shai was doing her best to contain her emotions, she had to admit this kind of... interaction was a bit agitating. It had been some time since she had interacted at length with almost anyone, let alone like this. It would take some time to get used to. In the mean time, the Twi'lek Exile looked up at Woo'rah blankly and said nothing. She felt her mind start to wander for a moment before she was yanked back into reality by Woo'rah's voice yet again. Shai Rivelia's eyes refocused on the present and looked back up at Woo'rah.

"What is such a shy little munchkin doing out in the bantha's end of space, anyway?"

Munchkin. She had never been called that before. Or shy for that matter. Was... Was she being flirted with? The thought bounced around in Shai's head as she struggled to pull words together in response. Her mind was a fog, even more so in this state of agitation. It was so hard to focus. Things seemed to always pull her in one direction, her brain.. unable to let go of the past.

"I came all the way just to inspect this ship." Shai said with the hint of smile on her face, gesturing with the dataslate she had been given. A thought passed through Shai's head.

"Would you mind if I stayed here for now? It's so... crowded up there. Everyone talks too much." The Exile looked down at the dataslate for a moment and tapped a few times and entered the OK signal into the log. Her inspection was over. If the Dug needed her further, he could come find her.
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Patience is a virtue :)

The Lady Dare strode out into the courtyard, clad in a well-fitting black leather doublet baring her family's sigil in blue, her sword on her hip, and flanked by two of her household guard. The courtyard was a scene of training. Practice swords clashed against each other, men grunted and Nobles and Knights alike watched and called out advice or jeers. Venus scanned the crowd and spotted a few faces from her men. However she wasn't here for training, or even to inspect her guard. She had a matter to discuss between a few of the Nobles. The Lady gestured to her guards that they could be at ease and do as they pleased. She hadn't been here for all that long compared to some of the others, so she had yet to learn the Nobles by face. What she had learned was that there were two Nobles in Camelot at this moment aside from Venus herself; A Lady of whom Venus did not know much about, and a Du Lac who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps he was a recently legitimised bastard. Either way she needed to find them.

Lady Dare gracefully crossed the practice grounds, hearing a small commotion and seeing a well-groomed woman observing. Silently, she took a place at the other woman's side and watched two soldiers squabble for a moment. Then, putting on her most respectful tone she began to inquire, "Excuse me my lady, you don't appear to be a common Knight. I'm Lady Venus Dare and I would much like to speak with you in private as soon as you are free." Venus rested her hand on the ornate handle of her sword and idly watched an inky-haired knight (noble perhaps?) attempt to break up the argument. Tensions were high it seemed. She could hardly blame them. The Black Banners had stepped up night raids and deprived much of the garrison of sleep. If one were to observe Venus however, she seemed hardly bothered by the dire state of affairs. She wore her typical easy smirk on her porcelain skin and her hair in a long braid adorned with cuffs of silver and bronze along its length. Some might call it disrespectful or in bad taste considering the situation, but Venus would disagree. There was never an excuse for looking badly.

'If the enemy has scared you into not taking care of yourself, they have already won' is what her Father would tell her. He was a veteran Knight and nothing shook him. He would tell her of battles where before dawn you could hear the enemies' horns and the drums of their march and yet he would still rise every morning like he always did and eat and shave. 'Never go to battle on an empty stomach, Venus' he would repeat morning after morning during breakfast before they began their training sessions. It was ingrained into her at this point. Some might call her vain but she didn't care. People would find a way to think poorly of anything you did no matter how pious or noble it might seem. No use worrying about what they thought.

Venus put her hand to her chin and leaned slightly closer to the other woman, "Who is that man?" she asked, gesturing to the man mediating the dispute.
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