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This place really sucks. It's so dead here. If there was a way to terminate my account, i would. This place would have been better the way it was. Shut down. It used to be such a great website. See ya suckers.
amberstrike said
is there anybody out there?
is there anybody out there?
Raising her eyebrows at his bold tactics, Rasca felt the need to not react negatively to his sudden urge to come into contact with her. Instead she pressed against his side lightly, when he unhooked his arm from her shoulders. If anyone were to see it, it would look like she had bumped Leon's hip with her own. Fortunately in her case, nobody was focused on them, so she became a bit more relaxed and answered him without any further questions. "Okay, sounds fun to me. I'm sure if i faint from boredom, you can always catch me." Rasca teased him, pointing out to Leon in a rather subtle way that she had taken notice of his lack of concern for their personal space. 'Can't say i mind though. It's nice to be on easy-going terms with my best friend.'
There was far too much going on in her mind to be noticing how Leon acted when she asked him questions. To a fault, she ignored the signs that something could have been wrong, and merely became angered at seeing Terry again. She had a knack for showing up at the wrong times. Though now was safe enough, Rasca still kept her senses wary of anymore chance meetings with the witch.

When Leon put on his dramatic act, Rasca couldn't help but play along with him. "I don't know how you stayed alive for so long! Truly you are a genius to not be bored to death itself in the plague of dust and pokemon bones!" She flexed her arms as a gesture of her strength, trying to look noble and brave as she placed a hand over her heart, and raised her leg as if it was perched on one of the many boulders. Rasca resumed her natural pose when Leon began walking off. "Makes a person wonder why you wanted to see them at all. Couldn't have been much more interesting close up and outside of your books for once." She gave him a sidelong glance, stuffing her hands in her pockets casually. Her hopes was that he had a good time, and that nothing else would bother either of them. Her mind was set at ease however, nobody too crazy usually visited the pokecenters.

"Maybe we can go visit the less boring sites you wanna see, and maybe we'll both enjoy the time we spend there." Business as usual, things tended to be a bit better when Leon was around.
"Leon?! What happened to you, and why are all your pokemon out?" Her pokemon were nowhere to be seen, and seeing Leon's pokemon out and about made her wary. She held a hand onto her pokeballs, as if thinking about whether or not to take them out. Rasca settled for a bit once she saw his smiling face, and merely rested her hand on her hip. "Oh me? I was just getting destroyed by a friend of yours. I think her brother might be here too as well. I hope you didn't have to meet up with him without me."

'Not that my pokemon would have been any help.' Rasca crinkled her nose up and glanced down in distaste at the pokeballs she held. Her eyesight quickly returned to Leon again, trying to make herself seem more relaxed than she wanted to. "I got a few good items but i need to go back in to get some awakening potions."

Her thin lipped grimace turned into a curled up smile as she asked him another question. "Did you enjoy all your dust and relics? You sure ran over here in a hurry to be enjoying yourself so much." She commented almost teasingly, wondering if he would get the jibe she was throwing at him.
Terry let out an unbridled horse laugh, similar sounding to what Rasca would do, if she were in a laughing mood. "Seriously, you're actually going to put human sized sunglasses on your pokemon? What a novice." Rasca grunted in reply, watching as Terry's Diglett sand attack whipped off her shades from Bulbasaur's face. It turned to glance at her, the look on it's gave was one of disgust.

Bulbasaur growled when he focused his attention back on the enemy, causing the Diglett to scurry back a few paces. While the Diglett was recovering from the growl, Rasca called out her first command. "Go for Tackle!" He did as she wanted, and with a fast enough speed to carry him forward before Diglett could attack. He head butted the other pokemon with such ferocity, that it's whole body snapped backwards. On the rebound, Terry sent out her command as well. It was obvious what her move would be, so Rasca made Bulbasaur come back away from the hole that seemed vacant.

"Sure you don't wanna run over to your stupid glasses and put em back on your dumb pokemon? I'm it'll thank you for it!" Terry jeered at her, though Rasca was undaunted. Instead of replying to her, she merely motioned for Bulbasaur to step out of the way of Diglett's next attack. However, the pokemon was confused and ending up stepping right into the pulverizing dig move that shook him to his core.

He tottered on his feet for a bit, and tried tackling again. His attack only did a minimal amount of damage though, causing Diglett to get another hit in at Bulbasaur. Soon enough he was finished off, and Rasca returned him to one of the pokeballs. "This isn't quite over yet you witch. Just wait until Superior comes up, then i'll send you packing."

Terry looked amusedly at the sleeping pokemon, and Rasca felt a hint of shame course through her. For now, her threat was merely nothing, and Terry let her feel the full blast of her scorn for the lazy Nidoran. Just as Diglett was returned back to Terry, Nidoran lept up and charged straight into her. She was taken off guard for a moment, while her water pokemon- a staryu, jumped in his path. They both collided heavily, and tumbled before returning to their trainers sides.

"Your pokemon cheated! He was just faking sleep, and you let him battle anyways." Terry crinkled her nose in distaste of Superior's ultimately bad move, especially since he had been after knocking his poisoned horn into her legs. "You won't even get the satisfaction of coming close to beating me, if i let you." She pulsed Staryu back into her pokeball, and turned on her heel, away from Rasca. "This match is over."

Once Terry had left into the city, Rasca yelled out, "Hopefully you get that water stone out of your butt long enough to evolve it! Otherwise you'd have lost dearly!" She sighed heavily and leaned against a boulder for support. Superior waddled over to her with a proud look on his face, which melted away once Rasca glared at him. "You should have waited for me to call you out. Now look what you did!" Dejected, she pulled out a second pokeball and pulled him in as well. His features were almost forlorn looking to her, but she ignored it.

"Time to go to that item shop, and get Bulbasaur healed up."
"Psh. As if i'd go and beat him without you. I'm not that selfish." She shifted her attention to Leon, offering him a playfully hurt face. Rasca was up for less confrontational means of entertainment at this point. She had enough of people for a while. Not that Leon had been a pest to her, she just didn't feel like dealing with problems any longer. And that meant taking time to spend with her pokemon. As soon as they woke up.

'Was there anything about taking care of pokemon, that included waking them up before they wanted to?' Rasca wondered, almost blaming Leon for leaving just when she could think of a question that actually mattered. "Ugh! Shows how well my timing is." Her previous playfulness left and was replaced by a feeling of resignation. 'I don't need him to hold my hand for everything. I'm more than capable of doing things myself.' She stood up and faced the direction of where they had come, shaking a furious fist at where Yellow's house used to be, before they left. "And i don't need you to tell me that either, miss always a hermit!"

Instead of the mysterious colorful leader popping out of the woods to defend herself, it was none other than the girl who picked on Leon. She had a brother, but he wasn't with her at this time. It made Rasca wonder where the little twerp was. Both to her misfortune, and happiness, she would only have to deal with the sister, Terry.

"Oh, so you've taken to talking to yourself huh? I thought you left that to Mister Poke-dipweed." Terry smiled at her own genius, flicking a few leaves off of her clothes before walking towards Rasca. "Trust me Terry-fyingly ugly, Leon has ten times more intelligence than your increasingly small head." Rasca flipped her the bird and bent over slightly to rouse the pokemon from their rest. Superior merely rolled over with a grunt, while Bulbasaur rubbed his eyes with one vine.

Terry took this moment to whip out a few pokemon of her own, releasing their catches immediately. One was a water type, and the other was a diglett. "I'll beat you so badly, your pokemon won't even breathe out of their disgusting mouths. Then we'll see who's truly the terryfying one!"

Bulbasaur was the first one to wake up, he stretched and got up to see his trainer looking down at him, in a concerned manner. He peeked over her shoulder to see the fighting stance of two other pokemon, and readied himself for battle. Superior was of no help, pretending to be asleep until he was actually needed. Superior wanted to be the star of the show, and he was willing to wait just to see it happen.

"Alright prissy pants, I'll fight you. But if you lay a finger on my pokemon i drive you into the dirt faster than you can tell diglett to dig." Rasca stood behind Bulbasaur, tossing her shades off and onto his face. That would protect him for a short while.
Ready was not the word she would have used to describe herself when it came to gym battling. More like, unprepared. But since Leon wanted to go yawn at his boring dirt pokemon, Rasca decided it was high time she tailed it to the poke mart. There was always cool things to buy there. Of course window shopping was probably more appropriate at this point. She might even be lucky enough to come across some old person who would be willing to pay a kid to do some meager chores. Her pokemon could help out as well. "Sure, you go your way, and i'll go scope out the locals." She went about preparing to wake up her pokemon from their nap, and waved Leon off so he could do his own museum thing.
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