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She was a little stunned he said that his family was run out here because they might have magic. Her kind had built their society on magic and so few of them could use magic that it was considered a blessing have such power. When one of them started to show their ability to use magic they were immediately put under an experienced spellcaster so they could learn to control their powers. Wren didn't possess such powers herself, in fact, her family hadn't had a Spellcaster in the family for fifteen generations until her little sister was born.
She was concerned about the name of the town that he had said, from what she had been told, flying around Rapid falls was asking to be shot or even killed. Not to mention the bandits who could make a base of operations and not be deserted. Too far out from the capital of the kingdom to have any funding from the state and close enough to a lot of resources to steal from unsuspecting supply wagons and shipment back into town. It also didn't help that she lost her stuff to one of these groups. The bag and other things were replaceable but one thing was not a map. It was a map of several thousand square miles of the forbidden kingdom. If it found its way into the hands of someone who could read it and wanted to use it to nefarious acts against her people, all they'ed need is the backing of the crown.
She was considering whether to come clean on what she was, unaware that he already knew she wasn't human, to try to convince him to see if he could somehow to get it before something bad happened or hope that the bandits destroyed it in some way or it never makes its way into the wrong hands.
She knew that the humans called her people's homeland the forbidden kingdom but, she was kinda surprised that someone would live close to it. Well, the land value might be cheaper, that's all she could think of for reasons why. The land between her people and humans was a no man's land filled with dangerous monsters that would love nothing more than to rip apart anything that could food.
"And what's the closest town?" Wren had gotten pushed off course by a large storm, a few days before, and had to find shelter before she was flying inside the storm. She wanted to find out how far off course she had gone.
After asking that she wraped the blanket that she was brought in with around her and let her wings out a little to relace them.
She looked at him with her head turned sideways and smiled, "its a lot better than what it was." She wanted him to think that the bight wasn't hurting anymore. The bite itself would probably heal in a week or so but the animal that attacked her wasn't normal, to any human that saw it it was a really big wolf but it had evolved to hunt her kind. Its saliva had potent proteins that would attack her nerve system and attempt to make their body lock up whit pain.
Some of this stuff was still in her body causing her some pain and for the most part, she could poker face it and pretended that everything was fine.
"By the way where am I?" she said as she looked around the room with her eyes.
After a moment of thought, she finally spoke and said, "thank you". Robert, although much bigger than herself, he didn't present himself as a threat which helped to put her in a relaxed state of mind. If he presented himself as more of a threat she would have slowly started to get more and more panicked as she became more aware of her surroundings.
"My name is Wren," she said secondes after, "what is yours?" Her name was uncommon and really showed how far away from home she was. The name was used more in the Kingdom of Laryrith which was over a thousand miles away from the Estate. That said she here self could have been close to her home, she was from the forbidden kingdom which might as well be on a different planet. Two worlds separated by a thin uninhabited strip of land preventing them from colliding, only the bravest from ether side dared to cross that line risking their lives in the prosses. This border is what her kind safe but for how long will it continue to do so?
She jumped back in her seat slightly when he spoke to her, her lack of awareness of what was happening around her was very apparent. Once she was aware of his presence she began to slowly watch as he moved around the room, to Robert she looked to be just dazed and confused but she was really trying to figure out in her head if he was one of her kind or a human.
When he set down the food her attention switched over to it. She could tell by the sent it was mostly broth and picked up the boul and began to sip it down while letting some of the tips of her feathers peak out subconsciously. In retrospect, she should have made him eat a little bit himself but that was not the state of mind she was in.
Moments later she had finished the broth and pulled her feather in before looking back at him. Her eyes were a light color of blue and honestly seemed a bit larger than a normal person's eyes, not by much but by enough to be a little odd. She also looked like she had a complete lack of fat anywhere on her rather thin frame. it could just be genetics or taking longe walks by the forbidden kingdom by herself for no clear reason from time to time.
That said she didn't seem like a local girl from any nearby town primarily for her complete lack of a dress unless she was a tomboy and liked to wear a shirt and pants but, even that didn't explain it, her clothes seemed to have been made to fit her so she must be from somewhere far away. So why would a girl like her travel all the way from home to be by the forbidden kingdom? she didn't look like one of those adventurers who try and go into the forbidden kingdom in search of fame and fortune only to never return. So who was she and what attacked her? If the strange appearance of what looked like white feathers coming from her back had any questions to add what was she?
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When the maid came with the broth the girl started sniffing the air and moving her head as if she was trying to find the source of the sent. She also slightly parted her eyes as she started to regain consciousness. She was completely unaware of the potential trouble she was in, her kind hid from normal humans because every interaction ended with humans freaking out and attempting to hunt them down and kill them.
In her current state, she couldn't fight off a baby let alone a full grown adult, adding to that she was in an enclosed space she was unfamiliar with, which would make her escape extremely difficult if things when south. That's if she could make it to the door to start with. Her best bet till she could escape was to hide what she was and play human.
After a minute or two she tried to push her self up off the couch and sit up to get her bearings and maybe get a bit of the food she was smelling. Well... maybe all of it if she could get it. Siting up now she was holding her hand over the bandage and using the other to support her self as she looked around half awake. She was being more driven by her stomach than her head at the monet but she was slowly coming to her senses and becoming more aware of surroundings.
The girl, although unconscious, slowly sipped the water from the bottle. Her injury on her lefty side looked to be from some kind of wolf-like animal but the bite marks seemed to be slightly larger than a normal wolf and looked to be deeper as well. Her left hand was also bruised suggesting that whatever it was she had to hit several times as hard as she could to get away from it.
If Robert were to accidentally slip his hand into one of the holes for her wings he would feel something soft and silk-like under his hand, and if he were to pick her up off the ground he would find that she was extremely light for a full-grown woman. She looked to be well feed so she couldn't be suffering from malnutrition.
It was starting to get dark so if he was going to make it back to the estate safely he needed to start thinking about how he was going to move her to the carriage without hurting her.
The girl was semiconscious and was muttering something but you couldn't make out what it was. She was holding her side tightly with a red cloth underneath her hand. She must have been attacked by something and had gotten way but by what? To make things worse for her she had walked herself to exhaustion. After going silent for a moment she managed to coherently say the word "water" before passing out.
Why was she even out hear to start with, especially so close to the forbidden kingdom? It dangerous to travel alone For women but so close to the forbidden kingdom with no clear way to defend her self was asking for trouble and she was lucky to be alive even though it was just barely. No matter the answer she needed he help, in her condition, she wouldn't last much longer on her own out here.

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