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It took wren about an hour to come out of the washroom, it wasn't that she was that dirty it was that she had to let her wings air dry or face countless hours trying to straighten every single fether so she could start flying home when she had completely recovered. When she finally came out she had Roberts light blue shirt on and was braiding her hair.

"Sorry it took me so long I haft to let my wings air dry or face hours trying to straighten feathers and just maintaining my wings is hard enough, so if I can avoid having to do extra I will," she said before sisting on the couch and asking, "so what time are they expecting us to show up? I'm hungry." She tilts her head sideways and smiles.

"And before I forget I need to hide this where I can find it later," she sets her map in one of your desk draws and sits back down.
"We could just tell her that you found me on the side of the road and decided to help me? Just tell her what she needs to know and nothing more." Wren knew that when someone was invited to dinner, especially by rather wealthy individuals, there would be a sizable fest. "Besides as long as she doesn't try to turn me into a holiday meal we should be fine. I mean your the only one who knows I have wings and it would be incredibly rood to run off without saying anything wouldn't it?"

It was clear that she was interested in the prospect of a big meal. When her things were stolen, the food she had gone with it meaning she hadn't had much to eat until Robert brought her to the estate. "that being said I do need to wash up some before we head over, so wheres the washroom?"

"don't think about trying to get me into a dress," she says playfully
Wren looked at him a bit confused, when he told her she had been invited, no one had been able to follow her back to the house, but then again she was wearing his shirt.
Turning her attention to the map in his hands she gently took it from him and started to inspect it. "Well they scuffed it up but at least I have it back now," she said as she gently rolled it back up. "I can make no guarantees but I know a lot of the leaders on my side, thanks to my little sister, and I may be able to get them to offer something in return for helping me get this back." She walked over to the door and cracked it open a little to let in some fresh air. "The farms here remind me of the farm I grew up on, the open fields and the stillness of the air but most of all the peacefulness of it. I may work as a messenger nowadays but im still a farm girl at heart and I plan on taking over the farm when I decide to settle down. They're a nice place to raise a family don't you think?"
By the time Wren had got up, it was mid-morning and many of the workers in the estate were hard at work. About an hour after she had goten up she had grabbed on of Robert's shirts, it wasn't a good fit but it was better than the torn one she had on, she then proceeded to sneak out the door. Wren wasn't too fond of staying in a relitly small house all day especially with nothing to do.
The air around the house felt light and easy to breathe and the scenery was beautiful. She wondered down to the wheat fields and began to run her fingers across the grain, it reminded her so much of her family's farm. The calm of the air and the fields of crops just made her feel at home. As she explored furth she found the orchards, the first sh came to was filled with fresh apples ready to eat and she grabs a few. She also made sure to give the slip to anyone who tried to approach her.
By the time she made it back to Robert's house, there were rumors among the workers of a mysterious woman wondirng the grounds of the estate but no one who saw wren had a good description of her. Robert was sure to overhear the young lads talking about what they overheard themselves.

When he got back to his house wren was sure to be there to great him as if nothing had happened and that she was in the house the enter day, well except for her little collection of apples.
Wren was sound asleep by moring and was unwakable, it seemed better not to disturb her and let her rest for least the morning. with her injury, she wasn't likely to go far if anywhere for that matter, she needed her rest.
As long as Aspers or Lady Agatha didn't decide to snoop around or check on Robert for some reason or another she shouldn't be found sleeping. letting her be would also avoid any complications caused by the thief being around and recognizing her.
That being said she did describe it to you the night before and gave you the names of several towns and landmarks as well as the cartographer name, Amilia which should be written on the back if she didn't wake up to leave with you.
"Why? some of our towns are hundreds of miles some even thousands of miles. If our maps aren't accurate we could get hopelessly lost." She tough it was a dumb question at first before she thought about the fact that humans traveled primarily by road and simply had to fallow them to get somewhere. Her map had several landmarks on it to find their position on it and adjust course.
"Flying to town might be faster than that considering cruising sped for use is 100 to 150 miles per hour," she said half heartedly. "Anyway do you think this Finn is smart enough to realize what he has? If so and he has it, its gonna be harder to get back from him. Not to mention I was carrying surveys for potential stone queries but I really couldn't care less about the surveys"

"As much as I would like to go find the map now, it's dark and there is no point in getting ourselves killed trying to get it. By the way, I'm not magic guard so I don't carry around or use weapons."
"I honestly don't know how far away I wondered from where they stole it from me and it's been a few days so if they even know it's a map there probably trying to sell it by now." She was assuming that they had at least a veg idea of what it was and hoping that they didn't realize that it was a detailed map of the forbidden kingdom. She was also hoping that whoever got it didn't realize that's what it was.
The map was accurate to within ten miles of a marked location and would be easy to fallow for someone who was experienced with traveling using maps. I was a ticking time bomb and it needed to be found quickly.
"Magic won't do much to stop the pain from an ether bite," she said looking out the door. After thinking for a moment she asked, "I really don't have much of a choice on this matter... I need your help to retrieve a map for me. a few days I landed near a road and started walking to find a nice place to rest for a bit before I could, some bandits came out of the woods and robed me. I couldn't just fly away because I cant fly through tree limbs, so can you help me get it back? everything esle i had isnt worth much but that map is."
"I dont want to think about what would happen if someone of power got it and used it agenst my people."
She sat there still fearing for her life but also shocked at how calm he was. She thought he would ether been screaming or trying to kill her based on the limited interactions she had with humans and the things she had been told.
She also didn't understand what he meant he already "knew", it could either mean that he had already figured out that she wasn't one of his kind or that he knew what she was. The second option was highly unlikely, her people the albedos made sure that no one on the human side knew they existed and the few they did make contact with knew very little about them. The next problem was if it was true her map was still missing and could spell the end of her people entirely or the end of there freedom.
"What do you mean by 'knew'" she said in a sheepish tone. She then glanced at the door with the expression a child makes when they have lost their favorite toy.
Wren recognized what he was trying to sing but did not know the words herself. She decided it was better to keep her mouth shut on the matter on magic. In the forbidden kingdom Spellcaster were called upon to bless newly opened mines, harvests every year, the forging of weapons for the "magic guard", and participated in annual festivals every year.
The magic guard were a group her kind that volunteer and were trained to protect the lives of the spellcasters. The weapons that were made for them were said to be sharp and strong enough to cut straight through any normal sword. Of course, this is little more than a roomer no one has actually intently tested it.
After he put the oil on the machine Wren felt a sharp pinch on her wing and without thought, she wrapped her right wing around to her front to seed what the culprit was. Turns out it was just a simple pincher Beatle and she riped it off of her and threw it straight into the furnace. Her sudden movements also knocked the blanket, that she had around her, off. This left her wing exposed for Robert to see, her wings were mostly black with the leading edge being white with gold highlights mixed in.
When she realized what she had just done she froze still with a mortified look on her face. She really didn't know what to do, her wings were mostly black and she could be very easily be mistaken as a demon of some sort. Normally just taking to the sky would solve the problem but she was in no condition to fly or even go anywhere on foot.
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