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When the maid came with the broth the girl started sniffing the air and moving her head as if she was trying to find the source of the sent. She also slightly parted her eyes as she started to regain consciousness. She was completely unaware of the potential trouble she was in, her kind hid from normal humans because every interaction ended with humans freaking out and attempting to hunt them down and kill them.
In her current state, she couldn't fight off a baby let alone a full grown adult, adding to that she was in an enclosed space she was unfamiliar with, which would make her escape extremely difficult if things when south. That's if she could make it to the door to start with. Her best bet till she could escape was to hide what she was and play human.
After a minute or two she tried to push her self up off the couch and sit up to get her bearings and maybe get a bit of the food she was smelling. Well... maybe all of it if she could get it. Siting up now she was holding her hand over the bandage and using the other to support her self as she looked around half awake. She was being more driven by her stomach than her head at the monet but she was slowly coming to her senses and becoming more aware of surroundings.
The girl, although unconscious, slowly sipped the water from the bottle. Her injury on her lefty side looked to be from some kind of wolf-like animal but the bite marks seemed to be slightly larger than a normal wolf and looked to be deeper as well. Her left hand was also bruised suggesting that whatever it was she had to hit several times as hard as she could to get away from it.
If Robert were to accidentally slip his hand into one of the holes for her wings he would feel something soft and silk-like under his hand, and if he were to pick her up off the ground he would find that she was extremely light for a full-grown woman. She looked to be well feed so she couldn't be suffering from malnutrition.
It was starting to get dark so if he was going to make it back to the estate safely he needed to start thinking about how he was going to move her to the carriage without hurting her.
The girl was semiconscious and was muttering something but you couldn't make out what it was. She was holding her side tightly with a red cloth underneath her hand. She must have been attacked by something and had gotten way but by what? To make things worse for her she had walked herself to exhaustion. After going silent for a moment she managed to coherently say the word "water" before passing out.
Why was she even out hear to start with, especially so close to the forbidden kingdom? It dangerous to travel alone For women but so close to the forbidden kingdom with no clear way to defend her self was asking for trouble and she was lucky to be alive even though it was just barely. No matter the answer she needed he help, in her condition, she wouldn't last much longer on her own out here.

(sorry its short)
There was a place called the forbidden kingdom that was said to be the home of the people who had transformed into monsters do to the effects of some form of dark magic. Few dared to travel into the forbidden kingdom and even fewer returned to tell the tale of what they saw. Those who did told stories of monster that looked human-like and those that were monstrous versions of normal animal, some able to use magic.

The concept of magic was considered normal but human who could use it were forced to live outside of town because of the feet they could achieve if they were skilled enough and were seen as a potential threat if they were allowed to live in town.

While traveling along a road that boarded the Forbidden Kingdom you saw a young girl walking towards the road stumbling from side to side unable to stand up straight. Was she ok? A moment later you realized she was walking from the direction for the Forbidden Kingdom and her clothing was torn on her left side. She was hurt and needed help. After getting off your carriage you walked over to her to offer help to her.

After getting close to her you had an uneasy feeling, you couldn't put your finger on why she didn't feel right she just didn't feel normal. As you got even closer she collapsed to the ground and something white and feathery looking protruded from her back as she fell but closed up when she hit the ground.
You had gotten lost on your trip to the capital of kingdom , well more like got left behind on the road. Left with little more than a horse drawn cart and some supplies you set off in the direction you were heading on the road in hopes of reaching the next town.

It wasn't long before you came across another caravan traveling I the same direction, after a few days of traveling with them you turned off onto the road the lead to the city, stopping for the night you made camp, just before nightfall the wind suddenly picked up and you heard what sounded like a child screaming. The strange thing was that the scream came from the sky. How could that be? Human doesn't have wings, seconds later a loud crashing sound from the tree line followed by an ear piercing scream.

Leaving the safety of the fire you walked into the forest to find a small child female around 11 or 12 years old holding something on her back tightly and grimacing in pain while doing so. Looking above her there was a clear hole in the canopy where something had come through from above. But how was that possible? Nothing about this situation made any sense but.

When the child realized you were there she jumped back and started to make hissing sounds as if she was an animal protecting itself. As you got closer trying to calm them they opened their wings before rapidly closing them again. Whatever she was she was hurt and needed help. Was it worth it though? You were alone and didn't know what she was or if there were more like her close by.
You were part of a royal expedition team sent to explore an area as of yet unexplored. It was a simple assignment to look for resources that the royal family could use or sell, but with the chance of encountering hostel creatures, it almost always wasn't simple.
That being said after six weeks your team stumbled onto the remains of a granite quarry that looked like it hadn't been used for ten or fifteen years. It was fairly recent and concerning. Who or what was pulling a rock out of here knew what they were doing. But what was it for? Whatever the answers may have been it was marked on the map and the team moved on.
The rest of the expedition went without incident, that was until someone found a little girl hiding in a small cave. The girl was asleep until the guy screamed out for everyone to come over, which caused her to woke up in a panic. She was making hissing sounds and had open her wings in a defensive manner.
She couldn't be human although she looked human before she opened her wings.although one of her wings was slightly pulled in. Was she hurt? If so I would probably explain part of why she was there but at the same time brought up more questions like where she came from and where she was going. More importantly, why was she hurt and was whatever did it a threat to the group?
I'm not going to be picky on this rp as long as it fits the framework in a sensible manner

Name: Sky
Age: 10

Bio for this RP:
Sky is a young albedo that had gotten separated from her flock, albedo terms a traveling group, heading for a town for a festival.
Sky was separated do to a freak weather event that caused the flock to be scattered and her wing to be injured when she crashed into the ground. Separated and unable to fly she took shelter in a cave hoping for someone to find her, preferably her own kind but that's not how things turned out

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