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4 yrs ago
Current Bored :/


Heres my YT channel:… I do a lot of Black Ops III vids, but I may start doing Minecraft videos now just for views lol.

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More Salon class?
Rupunzel as a teacher? umm... is this hair salon class?
I accidently bumped into a few people, but I never meant to hurt anyone. People were pushing me through the hallways... "Ugh High school"
He came out of the changing room with a red t-shirt, Carpenter Jeans, and Military style boots. "Oi, I guess I am having a small little get together with this girl" to me she is kinda cute... I love her accent *smiles and laughs*
fine with me
what about me?
idc, but really its up to Cherry @oWhiteDiamondo
he chuckled and yelled back 'da, that would be nice' he just thought of the game they had just played, how now he has to get better at it
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