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7 mos ago
Current Outlander binge... this show is so intense.
8 mos ago
Back from my small hiatus, ill be sending out replies tommorrow.
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8 mos ago
My grandmother has passed away I won't be on for a few days thanks for understanding
8 mos ago
Hey RP friends, Have some family issues going on right now. Family member fell ill quite suddenly. Posts will be slow, please bare with me. Thanks :)
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9 mos ago
*boops your nose* *boop boop*
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Still looking
STill searching for some Rp people :)

Hello there!

I am looking for some partners to develop some RP's with.

Bit about me:


Here are some sample posts of mine:

I am open to Plot Ideas, I'm more into fantasy/sc-fi ect I have a personal love and itch for a good vampire RP if you have any ideas.

If you have read all the way to here and your still interested just send me a PM and we can figure something out! :)

Banned for animal cruelty by setting a bird on fire.
bumpity bumpers
Maybe a dragon or draconic humanoid and a woman? Perhaps something like dragon x sorceress? Only if we are both 18+.

Should I PM you?

Pm me with your idea :)
Hello there fellow roleplayers. My name Is Anadstra,and I am currently seeking some 1 on 1 Role play shinnanigans. I have 10+ years of Role play experiance, So I do have a general idea of what I like/don't like. I also have alot of experiance with diffrent genres and subjects.
I like to personally write High casual to Advanced wrighting. I personally like to have detailed and expressive posts, which I hope will also be given by the partners I role play with. I will tend to right anywhere from 3 - 15 paragraphs. I would like to have people who are able to match posts. I wont be able to except anything less at a high casual to advanced level.

I am a female so i would prefer to play the female roles. I can play the opposite sex when needed with NPC's or other characters but prefer to play my main as female. I enjoy Role playing with Dom male characters, one's who can bring challenging character developement between the two characters, Ie..push eachothers buttons :)

Currently looking for these type of themes:

I currently dont have any solid ideas as to plots, I will update this as I go. For now, here are the themes I like and if you have any plot suggestions please message me :)

Vampire hunter/Vampire
Immortal instrument themed RP
Scfi based rp
experimental weapon / bounty hunter

Im pretty open to ideas, maybe PM me and we can go over some things figure out directions ect.
Please PM as I will be faster to respond then in fourm. Also i should add, I am older then 18 years old and would expcet my partnet to be the same. I prefer to RP with R rated more adult fiction style Role plays. This can be changed if you arn't comfertable.
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