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I’ve been writing fiction for about 8 years. Mostly as a hobby in my spare time, but I'm normally trying to build on my skills. I've only been roleplaying for about a year, but I enjoy the challenge it provides and working with other people to create a story. Some of my favorite genre’s have been action/adventure, fantasy, mystery, and clean romance.

More as a side note, my schedule can be an issue for me. I’m usually found at church, work, family events, or college work serving (or slaving in the case of college). With that in mind there can be times where I am just gone for three or more days. Sometimes I'm aware of this and can let you know ahead of time, however there have been many cases where it was very last second and I didn't have the time to say anything. If that does happen it's nothing that's happened here...I just got a little too busy.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to writing with you! Thanks for stopping by!
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