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Name: Call me Anna :P
Age: 26
Gender: Female
S.O: Straight
Rel. Status: Single, not looking
Location: Somewhere in NYC
Occupation: Homeless Services Case Manager
Personality: I'm very chill and easygoing. If you like to have fun and keep the drama for RP only, we'll get along well.
Anything else you would like to know, please ask :3

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He was giving her a lot to think about. She could actually run when she got to America, she didn't know where she would run to but surely she could figure it out. "Being a nurse isn't such a bad idea, or maybe I could become a teacher," she shrugged. "I don't think I that I will be able to fall in love with a stranger on this boat within days Mathieu, that would surely be impossible." She said with a playful laugh. "I'll think of something, marrying Dimitri is just not an option."

Anna looked up at Mathieu as he spoke and could not help but smile. She found his words about the ocean to be very poetic, he was such an interesting and handsome man. "I agree, it is very beautiful. The ocean does have a way of making one feel so relaxed, I could sit here and stare at it all day." she smiled and nodded. "You know, Mathieu...You suggested that I have breakfast with you and your sister in second class. Does that offer still stand?"
Anna watched as he smoked his cigarette. She wasn't a smoker at all but she was beyond stressed out. "I think I'll take that cigarette actually," Anna said, waiting for Mathieu to light it. Once he did, she would cross her legs and lean back in the bench, taking a drag on the cigarette, blowing her cares away.

"Tell my mother I do not wish to marry an heir? She'd probably throw me over that railing herself. And I cannot plead to my father because he is dead. The money he left us is running out and this engagement will be the only thing to grant my mother the opportunity to continue living this lavish lifestyle. Sir fiance..." she would say with distastefulness. "His inheritance is dependent on a wife and unfortunately for me, my mother and his mother are best friends, I have no choice in this," she said, shaking her head. "I wouldn't mind saying goodbye to this life of luxury if it meant marrying for love," Anna sighed, taking another drag.

She would listen to Mathieu speak and frowned, her stomach feeling uneasy. "Oh my God...You must think that I am some spoiled, rich brat," she said, looking up at Mathieu as she flipped her hair that was blowing in the wind from in front of her face. "Here I am complaining about an arranged marriage and you are literally running for your life," she said in shock.

"You know...They called this the ship of dreams, but it is starting to seem more and more like a nightmare," she said, shaking her head.
She felt someone's hand on her back and was suddenly pulled from her depressing thoughts. She looked over her shoulder and gasped, "Oh Mathieu..." she said softly. She had never been so happy to see someone, a friendly face who did not know of her horrible engagement.

Anna would lean forward and wrap her arms around him, hugging him gently as she cried on his shoulder. She would pull away several moments later as she wiped her tears on the back of her hands. "I'm so sorry Mathieu...When I said I hoped to see you again, I didn't mean like this." She said softly.

Anna would take a seat on a nearby bench, sniffing a little, she didn't want her nose to be runny. "You're right. I shouldn't be crying, I'm on the most beautiful ship in the world." She said with a soft laugh. She wasn't sure if she should tell Mathieu everything, she wasn't sure how he would take it or if he'd ever talk to her again.

Anna also didn't want to lie so she told the truth, "Unfortunately, I have just found out my mother has arranged for me to marry a very horrible man. But she is okay with it be cause he is rich." She said, trying to hold back more tears.

That morning Anna woke up and took a long bath, keeping her hair dry and wrapped in a towel. She kept replaying her encounter with Dimitri last night and it made her feel sick. Anna couldn't think of anything worst then being married to that man.

After her bath, Anna dried off and moisturized her body before putting on her under garments, followed by her corset and a sky blue hobble skirt that hugged her hips just right. She wore a cream lace and white satin ruffle blouse, cream ankle boots on her feet. Once she was finished getting dressed, she would do her make up, only wearing a thin layer of eye liner and blood red lipstick.

Anna wanted to go and have breakfast with the others, but she knew Dimitri would be there. Instead she went and knocked on her mother's door, catching her mother just before she exited for breakfast. "I must speak with you," she'd tell her mother as she stepped into her room. As soon as she closed the door, Anna started to tell her mother of how Dimitri had lost his temper with her.

"Oh sweet Anna...He will soon be your husband. You two will be happy, and you will forget all of this ever happened. Just do what he says, he is right, you shouldn't be off doing God knows what without him..." Her mother would reply.

Shock was an understatement. Anna would stare blankly at her mother, as if she had just slapped her. Without another word, Anna exited the room headed straight for the stairs leading outside of the ship. She needed fresh air, she could barely breathe. Everything seemed to be going wrong in that moment. She couldn't marry him, she had to think of something, she'd rather die than marry him.

Tears ran down her face as Anna waled across the deck to the bow, gripping the railing tightly as she cried. She didn't notice if anyone was there with her, she just stared into the deep blue sea thinking of how easy it would be to end her life now that her future looked so grey.
Anna set her empty glass on the bar top and waved at Mathieu, "It was great meeting you Sir Mathieu...hopefully it won't be our last encounter." Anna would smile and curtsy to him before going off with Lucille. They went upstairs, both a little buzzed as they laughed and talked with such excitement about the party while on their way to first class.

Anna and Lucille parted, hugging each other tightly before Lucille went right and Anna went left at the grand steps leading outside of the steps. Anna unlocked the door to her cabin which was actually next door to her mother's. Her room was dark and as she closed the door behind her she would turn on the lamp. As she turned she was shocked to see Dimitri, sitting on the edge of her bed.

Anna gasped, jumping back against the door. "My God, Dimitri you scared me." She said, placing her right hand against her chest, over her heart. It was creepy to find her fiance, a man she didn't even love, waiting for her in her dark cabin.

"Where were you?" Was his only response.
Anna smiled although she was very nervous and annoyed that he was asking of her whereabouts. "I was with Lucille...Dimitri, how did you get in my room?"
"Where at with Lucille?" He asked as he stood.
Anna could no longer hide her annoyance, "Dimitri, I do not appreciate your questioning me. You are not my father or mother."

In that instant, Dimitri stepped in front of Anna and grabbed her shoulders tightly while shaking her, "Listen to me, you are my soon to be wife...You are mine! I will not have this behavior from you at all! If I do not know where you are at all times, we will have a problem," and with that he released her, pushing her down to the floor beside her bed before exiting her room and slamming the door closed behind him.

Anna was in shock, she curled up on the floor beside her bed and began to cry. She tried to undo her corset, her hands shaking horribly. Once she finally undid the corset, she pulled herself up onto her bed, picking up her white cotton night gown from the mattress and putting it on. She then laid down, reaching over to the lamp beside her bed and turning it off.

That night, she would cry herself to sleep.

As Anna danced with the gentleman, she was able to fully let go and just be herself. None of the people knew who she was except for Lucille. Anna didn't have to worry here about engagements or protecting her family name. No one here was watching her to see if she would make a mistake, she felt so free of her burdens for this one night. Of course if her mother found out, she'd probably be locked in her room for the rest of the voyage.

As the songs changed, Anna clapped along with everyone else. She watched as a fine, Frenchman appeared and asked to cut in. Her initial partner looked to her as if to ask if it was okay and Anna smiled and nodded, "Thank you." It had been a while since a man had even considered her opinion. When the music started again, she resumed dancing with her new partner. Taking his hands, she smiled as they made their way around the floor, spinning and dipping. He was a great dancer, leading her and having no problem with the fast pace of the song. After a few more dances, Anna was indeed tired, she could use a refresher.

"Oh please, after such fine dancing you can call me Anna," she said with a gentle laugh as she offered her his hand to shake or kiss, however Frenchmen preferred. She would then look through the crowd as they approached the bar, seeing Lucille still on the dance floor with a handsome, blonde male, possibly the guy she had met while boarding. Anna didn't really care about that at the moment, Lucille was more than capable of handling herself, Anna was more interested in spending the short time she had left at the party getting to know her handsome partner, his accent just making him more intriguing.

Anna had already had a beer so she smiled and replied, "A wine would be great, thank you." Realizing that she had no coins because this was a surprise, she blushed a bit. "I do not have any coins, I will be in your debt, kind sir," she smiled, accepting the wine glass from the bartender. Anna took a rather large swallow of the sweet drink when he asked if she was from first class, "Is it that obvious?" she asked with a short laugh, eyeing his watch. "How interesting, I've never met a watchman before," she nodded, taking another sip of her drink.

Anna didn't want to tell him the real reason for her being on the ship, "No, I am not starting over in America, although I wish I could, I am not that privileged," she smiled. She really appreciated his humor, and laughed at his last comment, "With all the greed and conceit, I'm surprised that there is even any wine left on this ship," she said, shaking her head and finishing her drink.

Anna was having such a good time, she didn't even notice Lucille as she made her way over to the two. "Excuse me sir, I am sorry, but the lady and I must return to our cabins," she said, with a bow to Mathieu. Anna frowned as Lucille wrapped her arm around Anna, she really didn't want the night to end, but she knew it was best to leave now before her mother or fiance grew curious of her whereabouts.
Anna and Lucille walked into the lounge shared by second and third class, watching the other guests dancing and socializing. The music was already cheering Anna up. She would turn to Lucy and ask, "Where is the handsome man you met while boarding?" Lucy looked around the full room and shrugged, "Maybe he is not here yet." Almost immediately Anna pulled Lucille over to the right side of the room to the bar. Both ladies picked up beer mugs and started to swallow the bitter liquid inside.

The girls did stand out a bit, their clothing was luxurious, and less dull than the clothes of the other girls. Even in the dimmed lighting of the lounge, the beading of their dresses sparkled and caught one's eyes. First class inhabitants basically had free reign of the ship, it was the second and third class who couldn't even be caught dead on the first class section of the boat.

Anna didn't even care about what class was which, the people around her obviously knew how to have a much better time than those upstairs. She finished half of her beer before setting it down on the bar top and grabbing Lucille's hand to dance. The girls started to dance around among the other on the dance floor, it didn't take long before they caught the attention of lower class men who joined in to dance with them. Quickly, Anna's thoughts of her fiance and their wedding slipped her mind as she danced with a handsome young man who couldn't be much older than herself.
The Titanic had set sail several hours ago. Anna was sitting at a table in the corner of the First Class A La Carte Restaurant with her mother, Francis and fiancé, Dimitri. Anna’s long black hair fell in loose waves down her shoulders and she wore a very flattering empire waist, red silk and black lace gown. The dress fit tightly around her bust, showing off her womanly curves. An embroidered black, red and silver necklace clasped around her neck and diamond studs in her ear. On her feet, Anna wore a black, Mary Jane pump with a simple 2-inch heel.

At the table Anna could barely stomach her mother’s wedding talk. It just reminded her of how much she hated Dimitri, but she didn’t have a choice in whom she married which annoyed her to no end. Anna was very stubborn; she would look for any excuse to leave that table. She was just about to fake a stomach virus when her good friend, Lucille came over to the table stating that she needed to steal Anna away for a very important emergency.

Of course Anna’s mother and fiancé protested, but before they could do anything, Anna had jumped up and ran off with Lucille, thanking her so much for an escape. Anna didn’t even care where Lucille was taking her, until Lucille led her across the ship and to the stairs leading to the second and third class quarters.

“Lucy? Where are we going?” Anna asked.

“Don’t worry Anna,” Lucille laughed. “I met this handsome guy while boarding the ship yesterday, he said that there would be a party in the second and third class lounge. I know you are engaged, but surely a party will be better than being bored to death with your mother and that monster you call a fiancé.”

Anna would just laugh and wrap her arm around her friend’s “Say no more.”

Name: Anna Livingston
Age: 23
Reason for being on the boat: She was forced by her mother, in celebration of her engagement.
Short Bio: Anna may come from a rich family but she is very humble. At the age of 23, she would rather be having fun on the Titanic with her friends, instead of celebrating an engagement to a man she barely knows, let alone loves.

Her fiance, Dimitri Edwards, an heir of his father's multi-billion dollar Steel fortune has planned to wed Anna in New York. He is arrogant, and quite controlling, treating Anna as if she is nothing but an object. Afterall he only wishes to marry her because their mothers are great friends and she was far more beautiful than his other choices.
A familiar tale of forbidden love on the "ship of dreams."


Anna Livingston - Annarox92
Mathieu Chevalier - Apollosarcher

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