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Current Apologies to everyone, responses are todays priority
1 yr ago
Well i guess its time to start over again, responses are on the way just dealing with a fuckton of stress in all forms rn mostly emotional
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Can we get the unkillable glitch garuga back that deflected all colors of sharpness and scoffed at traps lmao, or heavenly rathalos lmao
2 yrs ago
Will respond to all rps later this evening
2 yrs ago
Doing beyond better and ready to rp again


Currently a resident of Infanus I lead a group of misfits by the name of the Obsidian Seraph. We are a bunch of Anti-heroes some of us our swords for hire but all in all we are a family. and I The Lord-of-Frozen-Flame likes to rp in my spare time and im into all sort of rps just ask no seriously I get all happy when you do it see:
I like to joke poke fun its me so lets rp and have all teh fun
Name: Eric or that guy LOL
Age: 29
Gender: Male
S.O: Straight
Location: Philly
Personality: I'm very chill and easygoing. not the greatest at writing but i assure everything is easy to understand. Anything else you would like to know, please ask :3

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nvm saw the 1x1
is this just a 1x1 or can anyone join?
so you have the character id play, lets call him Student and your character Teacher. Teacher is married but not happily so, her husband is the wham bam thank you mam type. She in some part believes its cause she put on a little weight, he expected her to stay model skinny for the rest of their days and as the time passes between them there relationship devolves because of the fact that he may or may not be seeing someone on the side. Enter Student he is of age and started school really late which offset his age with the other seniors so he has a tendency to tell people that he is about eighteen when in actuality he’s really 20 making him legal he is the brooding quiet type that likes to sit at the back of the class and draw or read instead of the actual coursework anymore but this is due in part to him being way more intelligent than the rest of the class but he figures why let that on. Teacher wasnt having the best day and when she realizes his distaste for the class she makes him stay after and from there the romance would begin.

that’s just a basic setup but id be willing to work out any details or what have you to make the plot malleable for us both such as, How will the husband react when and if he finds out, what if the teacher wants more, what if the two run away together, just random stuff.

PM me if youd like to have a go at it (I dont do FTB)

Name: Jace Issacs

Race: Spirit (Reformed)

Age: 20yrs

Backstory: I was once human born like any other, the year was 1597 and the time was all hallows eve it was a festive and at the same time a fearsome time for the smaller children for it was this time of year the legend of the Headless horseman came to life and it was told that any slain by him would be doomed to take his place. I even for the time was quite the skeptic and found myself wandering the forest more so to see even if this creature existed.

Long story short he did and I didn’t find out until my head was lopped off and I indeed took his place but as the years went on less and less people believed in my tale ultimately putting me in a state of limbo until I all but ceased to exisit. Until the one evening I felt my strength return and was given a new form from what I could only assume to be a deity whatever she was I felt compelled to serve her.
Standing up still a bit nervous from everything Chris would speak up. "Ummm...I guess ill start. My name is Christopher Holloway i guess it seems as though either option we choose it will help us to understand our abilities and while i wanna help others like myself or people in general but my abilities are often times random and i dont know how i could be of help" He says keeping his hand on the pill bottle as though it made things better just having them near.
(Sorry for the lateness)

Hearing a knock on his door Chris would open it up to see Ryland. "Yo" he'd say and Ryland would give a polite greeting before informing him of the meeting and head off to gather the presumed stragglers. Afterwards Chris would head out.

Heading to the meeting deep in thought "dammit I'll probably be the last one there and the odd man out" he thought to himself as he headed to where Ryland said the meeting would be and he would creep in as lily was mid speak he would take a seat to the back and actually feel relieved..."I'm really not the only one" he said under his breath
Meeting time ☺
"I'll stay in think I can do that especially if u really believe you can help but if you have to cut into my head I ask that if there is anyway possible that u number or dull the pain as much as possible but not put me under I tend to thrash around if I'm asleep especially if it's a nightmare." He said rubbing his scars at the back of his head.
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