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Welcome to my request thread.

So glad you could make it.

Please permit me to tell you about myself as a roleplayer, and what I expect from my potential writing partners:

1. Please be active.

2. Be couteous.

3. No one-liners; Iask for at least a three paragraph minimum.

4. I am ditch friendly.

5. Please be at least 21+ in age.

6. If you have many triggers or limits, then I'm not for you.

7. I can write M/F or M/M stories.

8. For character images / face claims, I prefer them to be anime, hentai, or digital.

9. I do like to use NSFW images to help explain my kinks.

10. All In-Characters must be at least 18 in age.

11. You can ask me about limits / kinks over private mmessages.

12. I enjoy friendly OOC banter and plotting with my partners.

13. I only roleplay over private messages.

14. The kinkier we can go, the better.

15. I can write as either the dominat / top role, or submissive / bottom role.


Looking forward to roleplaying!
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