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I'd like to point out not all of us are psychopaths, criminals and or miscreants...

But other than that it was great.
@MrDidact I want to know who is the one person he thinks is cool
I should have something up this afternoon myself.
Yes, Fox and I have it on PS4
Not sure, I haven't been able to post anything in the past 10 minutes.
We have it finished, we are just waiting for Sam to take a quick look over
@MechonRaptor and I are currently in the process of writing up a Collab, and boy oh boy it is going to be good. We are a little over half way on it.
Yes, yes I do
@MrDidact I would like to think Tiberius is doin pretty well following orders and what not, can't say the same for the rest of the team.
Post is shorter than I wanted it to be, but this would be the third time I wrote it, someone keeps shutting off my computer while I'm not home.
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