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Current I've been knighted, aye. But I have remained unbent; to neither house nor country. If an arm is lost, or a leg broken in the process, then so be it. I walk the free man's road now.
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Nine fresh ones became two, reduced; shattered; deduced to be the work of the old. Shake and quake with freedom's gold, liberty may be old but can become cold.
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Seventh woe beware, ye olden days of gold. Let silver flow, lest copper runs poor.


Sɇvɇnŧħ ŁȺmƀ, Ŧwɇłfŧħ ĦɇɍȺłđ, Nɨnɇŧħ Møøn, Fɨɍsŧ Sᵾn.

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2 more then.

I am waiting for one more person, assuming (as I am) that all of you are still interested.
@LonesomePine Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or something you want to know, just ask. I am hoping for about 6 people total.
@pugbutter From what you said, I feel both our views on magic are comparable. I will hope I handle it well.

And thanks. I really don't like dragons.
I'm not good with names either, so there're a lot of "Duke AA, King Ab, Emperor BB, Crown Prince Bc, Lord CC [...]."

Also the grand and intimidating "Placeholder12 Kingdom," of course.

Basically a lot of unexplained internal logic.
Thank you for your curiosity, and an additional note of appreciation towards Pug for their openness and direct inquiry.

RESPONSES (numbers are associated through the total)

So what kind of fantasy are we talking of? Medieval? Sci fi?

Fantasy as in the common sentiment of it. Magic and pre-modern swordplay, with a more mythic magical spin a-la LoTR. I find it the more interesting field to explore personally, even though I do like SCI-FI, but I feel a lot less people agree with my SCI-FI than they do with my Fantasy, frankly speaking. Making it a more fantasy setting also alleviates the complexities involved in modern and futuristic make-believe tactics and strategy, and also garners me a far more suitable and expansive repetoire of reference material when describing strategic and tactical progress. Amongst other aspects.

Yeah, could we see some of the setting? Even if it's just a couple of aesthetic photos you pinned to a Pinterest board, visual care is a big indicator of overall quality to me.

What levels of magic, monsters, and the supernatural will this Fantasy setting put on display?

What precautions are you taking, if any, to deter your players from minmaxing? How do you intend to assure they will prioritize good storytelling over "winning the war"?

<Snipped quote>

Finally, I don't ask because I am wary of you or your abilities in particular, but because I am wary of roleplayers in general ... this language could suggest to someone (me lol) that this RP is more of a fleeting "craving" than an idea to which you will be truly dedicated for months or even years. For my own peace of mind could I receive some assurance that I'll be in this game for the long haul once I've put the appropriate effort into being accepted with a character who meets your standards?

Thank you.

I will answer your questions in association with when, in your post, they were mentioned:

I have provided some visual stimulation in the form of arthurian knights; I am a great fan of the general plate aesthetic of the common fantasy soldier. As for some hints to the setting itself, I can note some things. I do not wish to take up my time properly presenting something if it does not end up gaining traction sadly.

But yes, the nation in question that we will be starting off in, as an Empire with numerous tributaries, and vassal states under its political sphere of influence; they have an important ally, which is currently in a state of civil war, and three notable rival powers across the landmass they all encompass within their radiae of domination. The Empire will be further presented, historically and geographically, should the roleplay hit it off, so to speak, with enough interest. I am a forward person, so if you present your interest, I will be expecting your interest.

The Military presentation is the result of 10-year-long traditions, since the first military reformation by the Empire, to both bolster its military's professionalism, and expand its capabilities, but also to awe their puppets and subjects, foreign and domestic. It is an immensely important precident, which is why two of its five foremost generals will be taking up the task of maintaining its cohesion and ensuring its success (of course the Imperial royal family will also atend. There're numerous personality clashes involved, of course, as there always is, but that is a bit of a spoiler.

Next question, and its associated answer, will be that the fantasy itself will be rather mythical in and of itself. Do not expect it to be part of common life, and instead hailed and protected as trump-cards for any force they may associate. Magicians and Wizards therefore are quite prominent social individuals in the eyes of the masses, but are bound by obligations far in excess to true ordained knights who uphold the romanticized value of knighthood and the chivalry it accompanies. Monsters? I hate dragons, abhor them with all my might, there will be no dragons. Ever (ever). Other fantastical biodiversities are nothing I plan to shy away from, though.

Third question's response: I will not be taking any immediately apparent precautions against it besides the fact that there will be no stats involved for players to directly min-max (that is to say that the stats involved are in the background, and will be managed by me). The second, probably most prominent aspect, is that I will be the narrative process by which a story progresses. If I feel an action would not lend well to the story, I may pervert its meaning through "lacking cohesion within the chain of commands," or "chaotic situations," where urgency may be presented where there otherwise might not have been any. Overall, I wish for this to be a good story, and all I ever strive for is that, no matter if I lose or if I win.

I am a hands-on GM when it comes to it, and if I feel someone needs a correction in perspective, I will take it up, and tell them what I think they would benefit to hear. I have no reservations whatsoever, which is a good and a bad thing, depending on who it is I talk to.

Last question; best question: Excellent perspective, and commendable attitude. I cannot assure you of anything, of course, aside from the fact that this is no fleeting muse. I have had periods in which my activity has dipped, but it has been due to IRL health-related issues of which I have recently learned how to properly deal with. Should I be forced, however unlikely, to leave for an extended period of time, I will either A, delegate the story to someone else to manage in my absence, or B, initiate a sandbox initiative for the story to dynamically progress without any definitive aim aside from, mayhaps, a goal.

As for the world itself, it is no muse, and is developed. I am very bad at presenting things to others, unfortunately, which is why I need time to properly reword my documents and make them more publically accessible for others to understand. This interest check is how I determine whether I should be doing that or not.

Right now, my documents include perhaps 50 pages of trivia, obscure lore, characters, and myths, all intermixed in an unorganized mess.


Hope this was a beneficial response.

You have no questions you'd like me to answer? It can be anything prudently-minded; from my research samples when evaluating battles, to just how one might expect the story to progress.

I always enjoyed entertaining questions.
I appreciate your interest.
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