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3 mos ago
Current With one flick the seven stars shatter; the constellation of annihilation.
4 mos ago
Faith is the strongest power; if something is believed to be true, then it is true. And all truth is real. That power makes impossibilities become reality.
7 mos ago
I've been knighted, aye. But I have remained unbent; to neither house nor country. If an arm is lost, or a leg broken in the process, then so be it. I walk the free man's road now.
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2 yrs ago
Nine fresh ones became two, reduced; shattered; deduced to be the work of the old. Shake and quake with freedom's gold, liberty may be old but can become cold.
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2 yrs ago
Seventh woe beware, ye olden days of gold. Let silver flow, lest copper runs poor.


Sɇvɇnŧħ ŁȺmƀ, Ŧwɇłfŧħ ĦɇɍȺłđ, Nɨnɇŧħ Møøn, Fɨɍsŧ Sᵾn.

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@Ezekiel Welcome.
The Sheets

The Sheets

The Sheets

I am interested. Though I am sith, would prefer seeing some republic on this too.
I have adapted what I thought needing adaptation. Thank you for having taken the time @Ellri.

PS: There are no holocrons in his ownership.
@Sundered Echo Thank you.
@Bea Thank you.
Unfortunately, I do doubt it. My tardiness derailed the time and people greatly.
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