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1 mo ago
Current With one flick the seven stars shatter; the constellation of annihilation.
1 mo ago
Faith is the strongest power; if something is believed to be true, then it is true. And all truth is real. That power makes impossibilities become reality.
4 mos ago
I've been knighted, aye. But I have remained unbent; to neither house nor country. If an arm is lost, or a leg broken in the process, then so be it. I walk the free man's road now.
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1 yr ago
Nine fresh ones became two, reduced; shattered; deduced to be the work of the old. Shake and quake with freedom's gold, liberty may be old but can become cold.
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1 yr ago
Seventh woe beware, ye olden days of gold. Let silver flow, lest copper runs poor.


Sɇvɇnŧħ ŁȺmƀ, Ŧwɇłfŧħ ĦɇɍȺłđ, Nɨnɇŧħ Møøn, Fɨɍsŧ Sᵾn.

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I have adapted what I thought needing adaptation. Thank you for having taken the time @Ellri.

PS: There are no holocrons in his ownership.
@Sundered Echo Thank you.
@Bea Thank you.
Unfortunately, I do doubt it. My tardiness derailed the time and people greatly.
Updated, and putting up for pending again.
Momentarily undesignating my sheet as "Pending" whilst I correct some setting errors I apparently glossed over whilst reading everything else. That and just generally checking over things.

Darker colours, and fully black helmet. Additional armour on the right shoulder similar to this. Only longer and three-quarters-way until the opposing shoulder, with the extended portion flowing down along the arm and back in cape-like fashion to not impede movement. Instead to provide additional protection exclusively. Shoulder has an information transceiver.


How long do you usually write?
Several paragraphs
Do you enjoy writing collaborative posts for things like conversations, combat, etc.?
I find it far easier to do it in a collaborative form, and I do enjoy it.
Is grammar and depth of writing important to you?
Yes, but occasional and minor mistakes are permissible (I do them too).
Are there any writing subjects you particularly enjoy exploring?
I have no real preference, though I find combat to be something I am neither good at nor experienced enough in, and thus want to explore it further.
Is there anything you really dislike and want to avoid like the plague?
Is there something you are uncomfortable with happening to your character?
Do you have any short-term or long-term goals with this character?
Short-term goal is for Khaar to build up an impressive commando force for the Empire, comprised of exceptionally excellent Imperial Soldiers. That and advancement.

I am greatly ashamed of not informing you. I must be honest and say that the notion was not apparent in the moment.
Thankfully, in some ways, I did not recieve enough interest to actualize the roleplay on my prior estimate.
Excuse my absence, I was recently made privy to IRL information and occurences which needed my attention, it has, as of now, been settled.
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