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Hello everyone!

I'm a 27-year-old woman, looking for a partner interested in this universe. Your gender and age don't matter, as long as you are 18+ and can play characters over 20 years old (in the case of this fandom most of the canons I like are over 40).

I would be happy to double and play either gender as well. I can do FxF or MxM too, though I would prefer MxF for my side. I would also be open to doubling in a different fandom if you do this one for me.

At this point, I am open to just plain smut, or a slow burn romance. Whatever floats your boat!

I can reply every day, more than once if we are in a similar time zone (I'm at GMT+1).

Here are the pairings I'm looking for (I'd be glad to double as any OC or Canon for you):

Gustavo Fring x Female OC (want to play the OC);
Michael Erhmantraut x Female OC (platonic likely, would love to play either character);
Jesse Pinkman x Female OC (would love to play Jesse);
Jesse Pinkman x Male OC (can play either);

I use Discord for OOC too, so ask for it! If you are interested contact me here via PM.
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